Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dealing with rejection

Part of your human experience, dear ones, is dealing with rejection. There are times when others will reject you and times when you will have to turn others away. There are degrees of rejection that range from having someone simply look away when you give them a smile, to having the love of your life abruptly leave for no apparent reason. There are rejections that are done kindly, such as a friend politely declining an invitation, as well as rejections accompanied by incredible cruelty.

It is sad to us in the heavens to see this topic so charged with negativity, because in reality, a rejection is simply the honest echo to or from the universe saying, "What I see does not match me." There is no such negativity in the natural universe. Male animals court the female but if she refuses them, they simply find another to impress. A tree root digs deep into the ground and when it runs up against hard soil, it simply seeks out softer ground. Water pushes up against the boulders, but eventually carves a channel around those it cannot move.

Likewise dear ones, if someone or some situation is not willing to receive your love, then move forward, around them, and allow God to bring you a more perfect match. In the eyes of the angels, "Rejection is simply Redirection."

So next time someone rejects you, smile to yourself. Say, "Ah yes, thank you! You have shown me that you are not perfect for me! You have shown me that you do not want to receive what I have to give. You do not want to give what I wish to receive. Because I trust God and know I am loved, I will bless you and continue forward, knowing the universe will find what is perfect for me. I will trust God. I will bless you and release you and in so doing, release myself from the thankless task of trying to make someone or something "Fit" my life, when in truth it does not."

And so dear ones, likewise when you must turn someone down, there is no need for justifications, excuses, or anger. You simply need to say, I'm sorry, this is not perfect for me, and on you go. If someone gets upset at you for being kindly honest, well then dear ones, that is their point of growth. Sometimes you are redirected, sometimes you redirect others.

Within a puzzle each piece is unique and fits very uniquely amidst the others. A puzzle piece does not take it personally when it has not yet met its perfect matches. It does not say, "Can you believe that horrid piece that didn't want me!" Instead dear ones, each of you, like the pieces of that puzzle, can bless those who reject you because in truth they are your guides, leading you to situations, people, and patterns of thought that give you greater and greater joy.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A deeper honesty

As we've said so many times before,e your journey here upon the earth is an exploration of love. Your desire for love causes you to seek out loving relationships and your frustrations with love upset you in the greatest ways. You want to be seen and acknowledged. You want to be understood. You want others to know your very great light. That is a natural and normal human desire. However, it is equally important that you grant others these same gifts - that you attempt to see and acknowledge others' perspectives as being perfect for the growth they are here to do; that you attempt to the best of your ability to understand one another, and when you do not, you work hard not to judge. It is important to recognize that deep within every soul, no matter how dark or troubled they appear to be, is a very great light. When you focus upon that light, you help coax it to the surface.

As always, we are not suggesting that you allow yourself to be used or abused. We are not saying you have to stay around unkind behavior. We are simply saying that within your heart, you can always seek to focus upon the light in another, even at a distance. For example, say you were in a marriage that ended very badly. You never want to see or talk to your ex again. Perhaps this is the most loving response for both of you - to stay far apart at the human level. Still, you can find it in your heart to say, however awkward or angry they appeared, they too were attempting to bring their truth to the surface. They too were attempting to grow. They too have light within them seeking to be uncovered and revealed unto the world. Perhaps they will not accomplish this in a lifetime. Perhaps they will. That is not yours to fix or control, but you can, in the deepest reaches of your heart, acknowledge both your right to be and theirs as well. And you can do so without ever having human contact with them again, for you relate at the level of your souls with everything in creation, whether physically present or not.

By all means, dear ones, seek out kind company. Honor your own feelings. It is ok to say, "They are not for me, but they have a right to be," for in this statement you acknowledge your right to discern while avoiding judgment. Everyone, dear friends, has a right to be. Everyone has a right to experience the growth they are creating for themselves. And you have a right as well... to move towards those that uplift and resonate with your souls, and with kindness to move away from those who do not. The more you acknowledge this within yourselves, the less you will need to fix or change those around you.

If everyone were simply being honest with themselves and the world around them you would all find your places among those of like mind and like heart and your world would at long last have peace... this may take eons to occur, but we in the heavens hold the vision for such a kind reality... one soul at a time.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

No mistakes in God's eyes

You can never, ever in our eyes make a "mistake." You can never do anything that separates you from God's love or ours as well. You can never do anything that is irrevocable, irreversible, or indelible because your soul is eternal. Your bodies, your material goods, indeed your lives are temporary, but your souls are eternal, constant, and always in a stream of God's love. Your "Mistakes" may affect the quality of your human life but they do not affect the quality of your soul, nor can they ever separate you from love. The more you realize this, the more your mistakes become opportunities for even greater love to enter into your hearts and flow through them.

So when you decide you have made a "mistake" ask yourself, "What do I do next? What is my desired outcome? What can I learn from this?" Then move forward dear ones, lessons learned and let go. There is never ever any reason in our book for treating yourselves with anything less than love. If a kindergartner trying to learn his or her alphabets said to you, "A, B, D, E," would you beat them up, put them down, or call them stupid? Of course, we know you wouldn't dream of this." Then why dear ones, would you ever put yourselves down, for you too are simply here on earth to learn.

Our message this week is simple, and yet profound. See if you can spend a week in which every single "mistake" is simply an opportunity to learn. Choose to love yourselves. Choose to learn. Choose to use these "mistakes" as opportunities for deepening your love for self and others. Then you will see, as we do, that there really are no such things as mistakes when you see life through the eyes of love.

Be gentle with yourself

Be gentle with yourselves. As the energy on your earth continues to intensify and the waves of light wash into your planet, they will, like large ocean waves, wash up whatever is buried in the depths of your soul. Much like cleaning out your physical closets you will find the hidden treasures, the forgotten dreams, as well as the energies you have stuffed deep within. Truly it is time on your planet to face yourselves, with courage, compassion, and great love. It is time to embrace all that is rising up from within.

Some of you will feel your soul's desires rising up very strongly. In this case, take time in quiet to ponder and allow the guidance to arise within you. How can you begin to fulfill your dreams, one step at at time. Give your soul room to breathe in your own life and take the steps necessary to go down the paths you long to travel.

Some of you will feel old pains, upsets, and fears arising from within. Rather than running from these feelings, embrace them. Pretend you are embracing a child in pain or an upset little one within you. Pretend you are comforting the scared child within. It is not longer possible to run from yourselves dear friends. There is too much light rising up within all of you and it is flushing everything to the surface.

As you go through this phenomenal and beautiful growth, celebrate! You - the real you, the loving divine soul that God created you to be - is coming to the surface. Anything less than your truth is being revealed so it can be healed. You are not going "backwards." You are going "inwards" and you are allowing yourself to learn to love all that has been within you.

Be kind to yourselves. Be gentle with yourselves. Be honest with yourselves. From that point of compassion for self you can communicate and interact with the world in a much more loving manner. 2012 my dear friends is not the end of the world at all, but rather instead a grand and glorious opportunity to release the past and recreate yourselves in wonderful and beautiful ways.