Saturday, June 16, 2012

A deeper honesty

As we've said so many times before,e your journey here upon the earth is an exploration of love. Your desire for love causes you to seek out loving relationships and your frustrations with love upset you in the greatest ways. You want to be seen and acknowledged. You want to be understood. You want others to know your very great light. That is a natural and normal human desire. However, it is equally important that you grant others these same gifts - that you attempt to see and acknowledge others' perspectives as being perfect for the growth they are here to do; that you attempt to the best of your ability to understand one another, and when you do not, you work hard not to judge. It is important to recognize that deep within every soul, no matter how dark or troubled they appear to be, is a very great light. When you focus upon that light, you help coax it to the surface.

As always, we are not suggesting that you allow yourself to be used or abused. We are not saying you have to stay around unkind behavior. We are simply saying that within your heart, you can always seek to focus upon the light in another, even at a distance. For example, say you were in a marriage that ended very badly. You never want to see or talk to your ex again. Perhaps this is the most loving response for both of you - to stay far apart at the human level. Still, you can find it in your heart to say, however awkward or angry they appeared, they too were attempting to bring their truth to the surface. They too were attempting to grow. They too have light within them seeking to be uncovered and revealed unto the world. Perhaps they will not accomplish this in a lifetime. Perhaps they will. That is not yours to fix or control, but you can, in the deepest reaches of your heart, acknowledge both your right to be and theirs as well. And you can do so without ever having human contact with them again, for you relate at the level of your souls with everything in creation, whether physically present or not.

By all means, dear ones, seek out kind company. Honor your own feelings. It is ok to say, "They are not for me, but they have a right to be," for in this statement you acknowledge your right to discern while avoiding judgment. Everyone, dear friends, has a right to be. Everyone has a right to experience the growth they are creating for themselves. And you have a right as well... to move towards those that uplift and resonate with your souls, and with kindness to move away from those who do not. The more you acknowledge this within yourselves, the less you will need to fix or change those around you.

If everyone were simply being honest with themselves and the world around them you would all find your places among those of like mind and like heart and your world would at long last have peace... this may take eons to occur, but we in the heavens hold the vision for such a kind reality... one soul at a time.