Saturday, August 25, 2012

Find peace now...

Don't put off till tomorrow what you can feel today. Why wait until your lives are serene to feel the peace that resides naturally within you? Why wait until you have that home, that relationship, that job that you are creating before being happy? Why not look in the mirror and love yourselves today, even if you are not yet the person you ultimately desire to be?

Your life is happening right now dear ones. In this moment, with this very breath, you have an opportunity to feel anything you desire to feel. It has nothing to do whatsoever with your outer circumstances except for the fact that you, as human beings, find certain feelings easier to bring forth within you when your circumstances are as you wish. However, if you can find the feelings you desire within you, bringing them forth from the very heart of God, then your circumstances and your lives, by the very nature of the laws that the universe is governed by, will fall into place to match.

You want peace around you? Sit quietly, breathe and find the peace that resides within when you realize that you are an eternal being and no matter what is going on around you, you exist within the heart of God. You are loved now. You are cherished in the heavens now. You are simply experiencing and adventure on earth - every single facet of which is temporary. So if you sit in the midst of the storm, breathe and feel peace, knowing your eternal soul exists forever in a state of unending love.

The same is true for love or for abundance dear friends. Can you sit quietly and feel the abundant love of God rising up within you. Can you imagine the most beautiful sunset, the most perfect rose, the most gloriously soft touch of a breeze, all designed by the creator of the universe for your pleasure and your joy! Can you feel the abundance of love that was given to you as human beings? Can you even fathom the miracle of a single cell within your own bodies? Revel in feelings of abundance that have nothing to do with money. Acknowledge the incredible love that is all around you.

Life may not yet look as you wish it to be. You may experience chaos, perceived lack, loneliness, and illness at times. These are experiences, however, that are temporary adventures and temporary lessons. Can you move your focus away from what you do not want and place your focus instead upon that which you already have within you? Do so, dear ones, and magic awaits!