Saturday, August 25, 2012


Today we want you to think about the rainbows in your life. Rainbows, dear ones, occur when the sun shines through the rain against a darkened sky. In order to see these beautiful colors that are always present but usually invisible, you need both the dark and the light.

So too in your lives, if you are willing to shine your light of your love through the rain of your tears, and in the midst of darkness, you will see even more beauty, even more light, and even more opportunity than you previously thought possible. You will create pathways where none have been seen before. You will open up to new experiences and new growth. In every "storm" within your lives, there is always opportunity for greater light.

You have choice in every circumstance dear ones. You can focus upon the dark, and feel engulfed by your challenges, or you can say, "I have the light and love of God within me. I choose to focus on what is good in my life, what is true. I choose to focus upon what I can learn here. I choose to focus upon what is good inside of me, and even what is good inside of those who are challenging around me. I believe in God's promise. I believe I will get my rainbow..."

And so dear ones, in bringing light into the dark, you become a greater light worker, a greater beacon of hope and inspiration for the world, and certainly one who becomes the sun against a darkened sky, bringing the promise of God's love and the beauty of your own personal "rainbows" back into your lives. You can transform your life by choosing to love yourself and love what you can find to love around you... no matter what.

In the storms of your life, we wish you the beauty and the promise of the rainbow.