Saturday, October 27, 2012

Life happens, you label it

Life happens, dear ones, and you label it - good or bad, right or wrong, success or failure. In God's eyes there are only actions and reactions, choices and consequences. In God's eyes, everything no matter how unevolved is an attempt to move towards greater love. We know this is difficult to see at times in your human existence, and yet, if you can try to simply assume that everyone is attempting to seek and express love at some level of their being, then it is easier to forgive. It is easier not to react. It is easier to say, "Well they are growing and I can respect their journey." Dear ones, this is especally important now upon your earth, for everyone is being forced to grow, without exception, and many people are, in your human terms, resisting this growth and creating all sorts of chaos.

How you choose to view your life is up to you. Is something good or bad? How do you know? How can you say authoritatively, "This is horrible," when you do not have the bigger picture. God sees the infinite interactions and reactions to any given circumstance. For example, when many people leave the planet in a natural disaster, you say, "This is horrible! How can this be?" And yet from our perspective, dear ones, we are have a huge celebration - welcoming home so many souls back into the ever loving arms of God. From our perspective, we witness an outpouring of love and compassion from the world, often for the ones who have once been forgotten, who are now in the limelight. Suddenly labels such as "rich," "poor," etc. are gone and you realize you are all human beings. Compassion surges. Generosity abounds. This is the love we see coming to the surface.

Take a smaller example from everyday life. Someone snaps at you in anger. "How is this possibly a movement towards love?" you ask. Chances are likely that this individual has problems expressing themselves, or taking care of themselves. In their own, extremely unenlightened way, they are saying, "I am trying to express myself. I am trying to care about myself, albeit very awkwardly and often painfully." SO you see, there is love buried beneath it all.

Consider another example. Something you love breaks down. This is inconvenient, perhaps even expensive. Can you assume there is love beneath this? Perhaps God sees better for you and something more convenient. Perhaps God wants you to experience someone else's generosity so you can know you are loved? Perhaps you need to realize that you are abundant after all.

Dear ones, no matter how awkwardly it is expresssed there is love beneath it all. It is your perspective that determines how you experience life. Can you try to adopt a perspective that says, "I will seek the love, believe in the love, and be the love?" While we know this is difficult and can't be achieved at all times, do your best. It will make your life, and your world, a much better place.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The little deaths

As many of you approach your Halloween holiday we would like you to take a minute to celebrate the many deaths you have experienced inside of yourselves this year. We're no talking about the deaths of those you love, butt rather the deaths of those habits and patterns of thought that no longer serve you. It is cause to celebrate when these "little deaths" occur, for as you left go of that which does not serve you, you allow your true self to be birthed into greater life.

Death walks hand in hand with birth. When you die unto the physical body, you are born into a more glorious and beautiful reality. When a habit that does not serve your joy dies within you, new patterns of behavior are born which bring greater light into your life.

Let us take a very simple example. Suppose you have had a long day. You are hungry, and at long last you have the opportunity to sit down to eat your dinner. As you do so, the phone rings and you see that it is someone who calls you often to share their grievances. In this moment, you have a choice. "What will live and what will die within you?" Will the habit of jumping up the minute someone wants you to do so, live? Or will the archetypal martyr within you lay down and die in order to give birth to a more honest, loving, and guided reality? Will you resurrect guilt, pick up the phone, and allow your dinner to grow cold while your resentments heat up, or will you allow the guilt to die so a truth can be born that serves both you and this other? For in reality by you allowing the old patterns to die, you bring not only new life to yourself, but also new life to the other. In this examples the person calling may have to find a strength within themselves they did not know they had, or they may have to face their own feelings rather than dissipating them through complaints. This may seem, like a small example, but your lives are made up of thousands of such small moments, and in each moment you have a choice. In each movement you can die to the the patterns that no longer serve you and give birth to the truth. You can resurrect your old unhappy programming, or you can bring life to the light of God's love within you.

So, dears ones, celebrate the many things within you that have died this year, and ponder what has come to life within you in their place. Death has a negative connotation on your planet, but indeed in the heavens, we know that all deaths, be they death of the body, or death of an errant belief, are always and forevermore accompanied by glorious new life.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Turn the other cheek

We know you are loving beings. We know that, given an ideal world you would treat everyone with kindness, dignity, and respect. We know that this kind of treatment is what you desire from others as well. At this time on your earth while there is beautiful energy streaming in and fantastic opportunity for those willing to clear their minds and hearts and focus on creating, there is also incredible chaos for those unwilling to take charge of their minds and hearts in this fashion. Whatever is unhealed is being revealed, and thus you are seeing not only great wonder and beauty in the hearts of humanity, but also an acting out of the wounded child within many others.

As loving souls, we know you do not want to perpetuate the pain in the world, and yet so many of you are puzzled about how to deal with unkind behaviors, insensitive words or actions, and at times the poison darts of angry words that those in pain aim in your direction. our advice is simple. in the words of one of the most loving to ever walk the planet earth, "turn the other cheek." Turn away from unkindness. Look to something better. If someone aims anger or unkindness at you, walk away, remain silent, or if you can turn away from their darkness and respond with your love. There is no need to reply at all, unless you can turn to a more loving reality. All you need to say is, "I see you are hurt. I see you are angry. I see you are in pain. Let us talk later when this discussion can be rooted in love." You do not even have to say that out loud. Say it to their souls, and turn the other cheek, walk away or remain silent.

If someone behaves in an unloving or unkind manner, choose to either respond with love or don't respond at all. There is never a need to dignify unkind behavior with a response. There is never a need to "prove a point." If you feel you must make a point do so with no intention other than to express your own point of view. Trying to get an angry person to agree with you is a useless endeavor, and although most of you know this, humanity has engaged in great battles and even wars over such attempts.

So dear ones, you do not have to engage in a dance with the darkness of the world. You can exist in your light. You can turn away from that which is angry and unkind without a need to respond unless absolutely necessary. Even then, you can do so with loving firmness, much as a parent would say to a child throwing a tantrum, "I love you but you must go to your room now."

You are the lights in the world dear ones. Let your light shine!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Say yes to your heart

We are so excited for you! The energies coming into your planet are catalytic, motivating and inspiring movement in every way within every human heart. For those of you who have been willing to look within and acknowledge what you find inside of yourselves, this can be fantastic. You suddenly realize you want to travel, and so you say, "Dear God, I love you and I want to see your glory here upon the earth. Please assist me in finding a way to travel." Suddenly you begin to see advertisements that validate your desire. Suddenly you are motivated to set aside a little money here and there. Perhaps someone gives you a ticket or invites you on a trip. In this instance, you have simply acknowledged the truth within you, and like a child anticipating his or her presents during the holidays you have allowed yourself the joy of truth! God Loves you! God wants to assist you! God created the stars in the heavens and wants you to enjoy the desires planted within your own hear ts.

However, suppose you find this desire within you and say, "My goodness, I want to travel so badly. However, I don't know how. I have no money. I guess I'll never get to go." Well dear ones in that case, you are snuffing out the flames that God has lit within your own heart. You are assuming that because you don't have the answers neither does God. You are telling the universe, "I cannot have my dream," and by its very design it must echo this back to you, "Ok, as you say, you cannot have your dream."

So as the energies intensify, ask yourself, am I willing to risk admitting to myself what it is I wish to create? Am I willing to say, "YES" to the dreams God has planted within me. Am I willing to let go of control, to trust in God's love and God's timing, and to simply anticipate all the magic that can transpire when you are willing to receive God's love in your life? If so dear ones, get ready, for you are open to receive the same guidance and magic that steers the stars in the heavens, makes the seasons turn, and entices the flowers to blossom in the springtime. All of nature acknowledges the inspirations within. The rose says, "I want to bloom!" The acorn wishes to grow into an oak. The squirrels are motivated to seek and store their wares for the winter. All of the natural universe says, "YES, YES, YES!" to God's grand design and the inspirations within. You can too. You can say, "YES!" to what you find within your hearts.

And then dear ones, like a child anticipating the holidays - a child who has no sense of days or months, but simply knows that good is coming - wait for the guidance, anticipate the good, and allow your very creator to help you fulfill the dreams of your soul.

Everyone has a right to be

Breathe for a minute. Ask us to fill you with peace and balance in your lives. You can have peace in a world that is filled with chaos. You can remain calm when others are not. You can find your own sacred point of view while allowing others their own as well. The major cause of unrest on your planet among human beings is the mistaken notion that there must be agreement among you. In reality nothing could be farther from the truth. What all of you are really seeking is not agreement, but acceptance. There is a vast world of difference between the two.

Agreement means another must adopt the same perspective as you. And yet, this is not always possible dear ones. Others have walked in different shoes, as you say. They have had different experiences of life, formed different conclusions, dream different dreams. It is not always possible for two human beings to remain in their own integrity and agree with one another. However, there can always be love and acceptance.

By acceptance, we do not mean you will always feel warm and fuzzy about the behavior of another human being; nonetheless, you can say, "Ok then, this is their truth. That is their behavior. I accept that I cannot change it. It is not my job to save, fix, or educate them unless they honestly come to me for help that I am willing and guided to give it. I accept this." In the very next breath dear ones, you will then know what is your truth, what action is in integrity for you, whether or not you want to dance with this individual or not. As you learn to truly accept others as they are, and accept that their perspectives are valid for their souls' growth in this moment, you will then be free to look inside your own heart, find what is there, and accept yourself as well.

It is hard to come to a point, as a human being, where you do not require agreement. You must be very secure in your knowing that your perspectives and your actions are in integrity with your own spirit. If you waver even the slightest bit in this knowing, you will want others to validate and agree with you and you will argue your points to the death... however dear ones, you are really just trying to prove your points to yourselves in these scenarios.

God wears a coat of many colors... and each one of you is a thread weaving through eternity. Each one of you has unique and valid perspectives and guidance that serves your own soul's growth. Start living in your own truth more, and allow others their own. If someone crosses your lines, you have a right to your boundaries, but you can always set them with love and kindness.

Everyone, including you has a right to be. The natural world understands this, and as the human race begins to comprehend the very same, it is this understanding that will bring you the peace that surpasses all understanding. Be the lights in the world, dear ones. Be the ones who accept yourselves so thoroughly that you are willing to accept others as well. Agreement is not necessary to love.