Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gifts you give yourself

As you enter into the holiday season dear ones, take time to reflect upon all the gifts this year has brought to you, both with its highlights and its challenges. Have you learned more patience? Practiced more faith? Remembered more compassion? Have you gone deep within yourself and found hidden dreams, or perhaps faced situations in life with total honesty only to discover that they no longer suited you. For in this season of giving, before you enjoy the very beautiful experience of purchasing, creating, and exchanging human presents... and Presence... we want you to take some time to acknowledge the gifts you have given yourselves in all circumstances and situations in your life.

These spiritual gifts dear ones are the ones that are eternal. They will last you a lifetime and beyond. Have you given yourself the gift of feeling closer to God, closer to yourself, and closer to living the truth within you? Perhaps you have and you haven't even acknowledged it yet. Sometimes these gifts aren't wrapped in the prettiest packages. They can arise via the challenges in your life, the times in which you must dig deep within yourselves to find strength, fortitude, faith, love and so much more than you ever knew you were capable of being.

Treasure the presents you have given yourself this year. Have you learned to be kinder to yourself? More authentic? More compassionate with you? Have you learned to trust the process of living, and to believe that everything is in right order? Have you given yourself the gift of knowing that good can arise from all things? Dear ones, there is still time, indeed you have eternity to give yourself these lasting gifts. Why not start now?