Saturday, December 29, 2012

A year of authenticity

Happy New Year!! You made it! 2013 is upon you and once again you are reminded of your ever present opportunity to create life anew! 2013 is a year of authenticity, a year to bring your hearts to the surface, a year to take your dreams off the shelf and admit that there is so much more in life that you are wanting to create. It is a year of lovingly speaking your truth and leaving behind the false notions that you must agree with those around you.

For in truth dear ones, God made each and every one of you special, precious, and unique. Each one of you is a priceless piece of the vast puzzle of creation. You were not all destined to think alike, act alike, worship alike, or serve in the same capacity. You were designed to be guided by nothing less than the breath of God flowing through you with each and every one of your own breaths, a brilliant and beautiful light moving amidst the great light of God's creation.

So in 2013 we ask of you one simple thing, "To thine own self be true." Honor God by honoring your own hearts. Honor God by honoring the loving guidance within you. Focus your attention on love. Make God your God, rather than money, rather than worry, rather than the fear-mongers and lost among you, for the God of love lives in you, with you, and through you.

Dear ones, life can be so much easier for you in 2013 if you remember to surrender in each and every moment to the loving truth within you, not the truth for you ten years down the road, not the truth for you six hours ago, but the truth you find within you right now, and now, and now. For what is a new year, but simply a new now. And in each moment, with each breath, you have the ability to be more of who you really are, to create life anew. It does not matter who you have been, where you have been, or who has done what to you.

What matters is only this… who do you choose to be right now?

Bless you dear ones. Our prayer for you in 2013 is that you will feel the love of God rising up within you and know this is essence of your own precious hearts.