Saturday, March 31, 2012

Believe you are loved

In every moment, in every endeavor, God is with you. In everything you do you have an opportunity to invite God's love to come to the surface in your life, to assist you, and to allow your life to flow with greater grace and ease. When you have a concern, stop and give it to God. When you are worried, stop and give your cares to God. When you don't know the next step in your lives, stop and ask God for assistance. We have said this many times, dear friends, but God moves the stars in the heavens, makes the seasons turn, and can easily assist you in every aspect of your life if only you will believe, ask, and receive.

The angels wish with all our hearts that each one of you knew how deeply and dearly you are loved. You want proof of this love. You want it to look a certain way. You will feel loved if the bank account is full and yet you insist on worry. If you could, instead know you are loved and stop worrying, then vibrationally you would be stepping into the reality of that love, into the reality of that abundance, and into the reality that all your needs will be fulfilled. God's love is not something that you must earn, but rather a reality you simply choose to tap into.

So next time you find yourself with a challenge in life, choose to believe you are loved. You are not alone. Help is just a prayer away. Choose to live your life as if you are part of the very universe itself, part of the love that created the heavens and the earth - an important part. Each of you is a precious piece of this puzzle called life. Each of you has wonderful things you wish to express here upon the earth. We in the heavens want to help you with your concerns, but by our very design, we respond to the energy you put out, rather than simply the words and wishes. So align your energy with a belief that you are loved, and soon that will become your reality.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Be open to God's plans

In every moment of your lives, the presence of God’s love is coordinating the actions of each and every soul on your planet. Can you imagine that if everyone listened to their hearts in every moment, you would be in a dance that was so beautifully orchestrated it would take your breath away. Relationships would shift and you would all find yourselves in communities of those of like mind and like heart. Everyone would find their own piece in the beautiful puzzle of life. All needs would be met, as would be guided to give, and some guided to receive in turn. The flow of God’s love would be unobstructed and would increase in vibration until there would be no distinction between heaven and earth.

So by all means, make your plans and intend what it is you wish to create, but also remain open to the small movements of your heart that may seem unrelated to your dreams and goals, for in truth everything is related. Every movement in your heart, be it a desire for major change in your life, or a desire for lunch, is really a movement towards love. Each time you listen to these little whispers in your heart you are cooperating with the love that synchronizes all of creation. God moves the stars in the heavens and like the human brain seeks to coordinate all aspects of the human body at any given time, the Divine presence seeks to coordinate all aspects of the human race at any given time. Like nervous signals sent to the cells, firing constantly with new awareness of the body's needs, so too angels are sent out to guide every human being at every moment, in a great and beautiful dance of love.

So listen to the whispers in your heart, and join the dance of creation as it unfolds, one moment at a time.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Your security rests in God

Your earth is abuzz with anticipation. She is growing too, getting ready for change, and she loves you very much. Understand when she goes through transitions so do many souls who are ready for the next phase of their journey. So when you see events on the news, instead of saying, "Oh my goodness, this is horrible, what is this world coming to," know that although we understand change is extremely challenging for those left behind, there is a great celebration in the heavens as we welcome home the souls who have graduated from their lifetimes here upon your planet earth. So although this is not coming immediately, dear ones, can you ready yourselves for change - not by worrying and falling into fear, but rather by trusting God, knowing that all is in right order, and that everyone upon your planet will be exactly where they should be at the time.

The best way to ready yourself for change is to live in the moment, for that is where God's guidance and the whispers of your angels are heard most clearly. If you live in fear of the future - be it fear of an earth change, fear of the stock market, fear of losing your job, your spouse, or your house, then dear ones you miss the moment! You miss the guidance that can help you prevent such circumstances and you unconsciously begin to seek out the very path that you fear.

Can you change your fear to excitement? For in reality, they are one in the same, just opposite sides of the very same coin. Suppose you fear you will lose your job. Instead, can you say, "Oh I'm so excited! There are changes on the horizon and I feel them. I trust I will end up perfectly where I am supposed to be and since God love me so much, I don't have to worry! If I am supposed to look for a new job, I will have the urge, and if is not necessary, I needn't do a thing." Suppose you live in fear that something terrible will happen to those you love. Can you say instead, "I am so excited. I am discovering how deeply I love these people, how much I want them protected, and kept from harm and although I know if they have lessons I cannot interfere, God hear how much I love them and let my love surround them with the light of your protection. I'm so happy to know you are listening God. I trust if they must grow through pain you will give me the strength to lov e them through it." Suppose you fear for your finances. Rather than focusing on the absolute worst that might happen, can you say, "I'm so excited God! I know you love me and will take care of me and guide me how to handle these finances. I know all my needs are met if not naturally then supernaturally because you love me. I will do what I know to do, and walk in faith that the rest is handled."

Dear ones, do not fall into fear. Do not take actions based in fear. Instead take actions based on love, feelings of guidance, enthusiasm, excitement, or quiet calm. In this fashion, by focusing on faith, rather than fear, you will be guided safely to the shores of love.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gratitude ripples outward

As so many of you celebrate the return of springtime, we celebrate the return of new life in your hearts. For indeed the light is rising up within you. That light is what you are made of and it seeks expression in all things. How can you add more love to your lives today? Can you bless the computer which allows you to read this message? Can you give thanks for electricity as you turn on your lights? Can you appreciate the simple gift of running water? For indeed, dear friends, these are gifts and blessings that many in your world do not share. You are lucky to be able to take them for granted, and yet we in the heavens encourage you to take nothing for granted.

The food upon your table has traveled many miles for most of you. As you eat a simple salad made from ingredients at your local grocery store, there are hundreds to thousands of individuals to whom you can give thanks. The seeds that grew your vegetables were harvested and stored. The farmers tilled the soil, planted, watered, fertilized, picked, cleaned, and shipped. The food was packaged and displayed in your grocery store. The store managers, merchandisers, clerks, and baggers were there for you. The knives you cut the salad with were manufactured of woods and steels from many different countries. Again there were those that fashioned them, packaged them shipped them, sold them, and helped you find them. And if your salad comes from your own garden, with the lettuce torn by your own hands you can still give thanks for the seeds, the rain, the sun, and the beauty of your own two hands.

You are all connected to one another dear ones. You are all connected to all of life. A volcano spewing ash in a country half way around the world may seed the clouds that made the rain that watered your lettuce. A person centuries ago may have cultivated the first plant that is an ancestor of the heirloom tomatoes you just ate. You can not escape your interdependency with all of life. No man is an island, as you like to say. We say you are all interconnected in the ocean of God's love.

And so dear ones, your actions ripple out to all of life as well. You eat the salad and you provide a living for those who brought it to your table. Or you till the soil in your own back yard and tickle the heart of mother earth. You don't even breathe in isolation for the air you inhale has passed through the waters and the trees, and the breath you exhale is recycled unto the very same. You share the atmosphere in which you live with seven billion other human beings and every living thing. From our viewpoint in the heavens, we marvel that you could ever feel alone.

So as the energy of love strives to rise up from within you share blessings of appreciation for the simplest things in your life. Instead of focusing upon what you do not yet have, focus on the blessings you do. An abundant heart is one that can see the good in all things. And when your heart is filled with this love and appreciation, it will expand and the universe will be able to fill your cup to the brim with even more.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Everyone's perspective has a right to be

Open your heart to receive this very great energy coming into your planet earth right now and stop worrying about what your neighbors are doing. It is human nature to compare and contrast yourself to others but in reality, God made each one of you unique and beautiful. Each one of you has unique perspectives, different gifts, talents, and points of view. So much time and energy is wasted in humanity trying to "get" others to agree with you. If we had our way in the heavens, each of you would simply express your perspectives with love and then release any need for agreement whatsoever. In doing so you would sort yourselves out so easily. You would quickly realize which souls are in harmony with your spirit and which ones are not. You would find your places with those of like mind and like heart and allow others to do the same.

You were never meant to "fit in" in the sense of being like everyone else. You were only meant to "fit in" as a puzzle piece fits into a puzzle. Imagine dear ones, that every human being allowed themselves to be who they really were, and to speak lovingly what they really meant in any given moment. Soon each of you would comprise a beautiful puzzle of humanity, touching those lives that fit your own and moving away from those that don't.

Suppose you are having a disagreement with someone. That is fine with us! You were not all designed to agree. But what if you were able to disagree with love, to simply say, "This is what I'd believe and its fine if you don't agree with me." Then, you would see by their answer whether or not they fit more clearly in your own life at this moment

At the deepest levels dear friends, you want to give and receive love. At the deepest levels, you know you do not need agreement but rather you want to feel as if you have a right to be, exactly as you are. And you do dear ones! If someone does not agree with you or will not do what you want, bless them and release them from the expectations. If you have to, ask God for other help. Move away from the situation if necessary. Allow others a right to be, but also dear ones, give this very beautiful gift of love to yourselves.