Saturday, July 28, 2012

We are always with you

God dear ones, loves you. We love you. We want to assist you in creating beautiful lives, filled with grace, but we cannot by our very design interfere with your lessons here upon the earth. And so dear friends, when you find yourself in trying times, instead of asking, "God why are you doing this to me? Angels where are you?" better to ask yourself, "Where am I?" "Where have I been missing in my own life?" "Where am I not listening to my heart?" "What inner knowings have I ignored?" Try not to think your way through the answers dear ones, but rather feel your way through them. For the heart is the central point of existence, and it is the flow of love through your life that will dictate all other circumstances.

When your money is low, ask yourself, "Am I feeling poor, or do I feel the abundance of God?" If you can look around with gratitude and feel the abundance all around you, give thanks for it, and know that you are indeed already rich in many ways, then you will find your circumstances improving.

When things do not yet look as you wish, ask yourself, "Am I feeling abandoned by God because I have not gotten my way yet?" Or can you instead, say, "God must be up to very good things in my life." "I am convinced that this love that created the universe has heard my prayers and as I learn and grow, all will be brought to me that supports my true joy, in divine timing."

When you do not feel well, do you say, "Ok, I am resigned to be sick and tired here? God fix me!" Or rather are you willing to stop, and say, "What has been unwell in my mind and heart?" Do you need to reach out for comfort, for care, for assistance?

Dear ones you can find the love of God in each and every situation no matter how challenging. You can drop into your heart and feel the messages your soul wants you to hear. We, the angels, do not dictate or control your lives. We respond only to the desires of the soul - the very desires that God, the presence of love in the entire universe, has planted within them. We serve on God, one Love, one Spirit, and dear ones you do too, whether you realize it or not. It is in giving thanks for and cooperating with the spirit of love that your circumstances will be transformed.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Don't worry, be happy...

Why waste your time on worry dear ones? It is a learned habit that unfortunately serves no purpose but nonetheless plagues a great many of you upon your planet earth. Children don't worry. They cry and expect to be cared for. Animals don't worry, they exist in the present moment surrendering to the instincts within them and the world around them. Humanity is unique in that it is the only species that feels as if fretting about the future is actually a way to demonstrate love and responsibility. It is in truth, a way you avoid responsibility, and a rather awkward demonstration of love at that.

We've said this so many times Your world operates according to the laws of vibration. Like sonar, you send out signals and receive the honest echo back into your lives. When you worry, you are sending out fearful signals. "I am worried that I cannot pay my bills," you say, all the while commanding the universe to make it difficult to pay your bills. "I am worried about my health," you say, all the while putting out signals that you are not supporting your own vibrancy. "I am worried about my children," you say while picturing them in woeful circumstances and surrounding them with fearful energies. Dear ones, if you could see the effects of your worry, you would see that worry is a weak poison in your lives and the lives of those you worry about.

Far better to say, "God I'm having trouble paying my bills. I don't know how but You do! I have faith that you love me. If I have something to learn, teach me gently, otherwise I know you will bring me my miracles!" Far kinder to yourself to say, "I'm scared about my health. Can you comfort me, and guide me to do and crave things that are healthy for this body?" Far better to say, "I love my children God. Uplift them, keep them safe, and if by some chance they are choosing tough lessons that will be hard for me to watch, comfort me and let me know how to best support them." Dear ones, put love into the world with your prayers. Don't poison your world and the world of others with worry. We know it is a habit so many of you have learned, and like any habit, it can take awhile to change, but we have faith in you, and we love you, and we are there to assist.

Truly dear ones, "Don't worry. Be Happy." You are loved. You are eternal. And your earth is just a school for the soul. Everyone eventually will find their way back home.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Releasing Expecations

Our wish for you today is that you can release yourself from the massive expectations that you carry within you. So many of you hold yourselves to standards that are so high, they are nearly impossible to meet. In your society, so many of you strive to look like airbrushed models, behave like saints or stars, forgive as easily as Christ, and be all things to all people. Dear ones, we have only one expectation of each and every one of you, and it is very simple, that you are each doing the best you can do and being the best you can be in any given moment.

When you are not living up to your own expectations, ask yourself why on earth this would be a cause to criticize yourselves? What good will that do you? Would you criticize a child who did not live up to their goals, censuring them and telling them how worthless they must be, or would you point out all that they did already achieve? Dear ones, you must learn to be kind to yourselves. You must learn to love by starting with love and kindness for yourselves. You must question why you feel the need to beat yourself up at times, for we would argue that all self-criticisms are a learned behavior, certainly not natural to the soul. The soul doesn't say, "Look what I messed up! Look what I didn't achieve!" The soul says, "Wow, look what I learned! Look what I did accomplish!"

Can you take just one minute a day to acknowledge all that is good about yourself? This practice would change your life. It would help you realize you are an amazing soul. Perhaps you made a perfect omelet. Perhaps you smiled at the clerk in the store. Perhaps you hugged your child when you were in need of a hug yourself. Maybe you looked in the mirror and made peace with a wrinkle. Dear ones, any little victories of love are huge in the heavens. We celebrate each kind thought, word, or deed, no matter how small, for rather than what you achieve, how you look, or what you do, we focus on the love that you bring to each situation. Any loving kindness you give yourself, no matter how large or small, sends ripples out to the entire cosmos, asking the universe to give you an honest echo of that love.

Treat yourselves kindly. Release yourselves from your massive expectations. Enjoy and celebrate all the good that you are in this moment. To use, you are always and already perfect.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Connections everywhere

What you want most in your life dear ones is a feeling of connection to the light and love of God. You can find this in so many ways! You can find it in meditation as you silence your mind and connect with the love within you. You can find this connection with other souls with whom you deeply resonate. You can find it in nature, with your children, your pets, or your gardens. For the truth remains, God is in all things and if you take a moment to simply appreciate what or who is in front of you, there you will begin to see the light and love of God as well.

When you feel disconnected in some way from this love, that is when you experience pain. If you feel disconnected from another person, for example you will feel pain only as long as you choose to continue to search for God in that situation. You can instead choose to turn inward or elsewhere to find God, or if you are courageous enough to look for God even in another who is not acting as you wish, there again you will feel a connection with love.

When you feel disconnected from yourself you will also experience pain because the truth of yourself is God's light rising up within you. When you feel you "are not yourself" or you "do not have time for yourself," take time to sit, breathe and ask the angels to help you reconnect with the light within you. Acknowledge what is good and true within you. Acknowledge all that you do well. Stop any sort of indulgence in self criticism and focus on your light. It is in the acknowledgement of what is good and true within you that you will find yourself once again.

You can find the presence of God anywhere you are willing to look for it, dear ones. You can find your connection with God in so many ways. Focus upon the light in creation, the beauty, the truth, the depths of goodness within other souls. Focus on what gives you joy and inspires you. Practice gratitude for self, others, and life.

You are never ever ever disconnected from God's love. It would be impossible to do so. You can forget, but just as easily you can choose to look for it in all things, especially where you find it most easily, and in that seeking, truth will emerge once again.

Letting go

Today we wish to speak to you on the subject of "letting go." It is the nature of life itself to move forward, one moment at a time, constantly and eternally evolving. It is the nature of the apple tree to grow and blossom simply to release the apples into your willing hands. It is the nature of plants to seed, grow, mature, die, and then decay, knowing that their life force will sustain those to follow.

It is the nature of waves to crash upon the sand and then to fall back again, releasing their treasures to the playful children on the beach. Even the animals are born knowing that each day will bring new surprises and that they must adapt to their changing circumstances. It is only the human race that believes security, peace, and joy are to be found in an unchanging reality. In truth, your greatest security, your greatest peace, and your greatest joys are found when you are truly living in the present moment, guided by the very force of love that created you.

Look around your lives and your homes. Look inside your own hearts. Ask yourself, "What objects truly uplift me? What have begun to burden me?" Why do you keep that drawer filled with clutter when it annoys you every time you open it? What relationships bring mutual and natural elevation to your spirit? If you can't change the relationship, what beliefs would help you find greater peace? Which old ones need to go? If you want greater security, peace, and joy in your lives, dear ones then ask yourself, "Where am I fooling myself? Where am I saying something works in my life when it does not? What must I let go to make room for more?" This may be as simple as cleaning your closets. It may mean withdrawing from an organization, or a relationship, that has been there only out of a sense of obligation. It may mean allowing yourself to grieve a death or divorce, but then being willing to open your heart again to the love that is just around the corner.

If you live in the present moment, you will see quite clearly what belongs in your life now and what does not. If you cling to the past you will be missing joys in the present. If you cling to a desired future a bit too tightly you will miss the guidance right now. LIfe is lived now dear ones. Let go, let go, let go of what no longer serves you, from objects to beliefs, for if you are willing, God and your angels will happily fill you back up with greater joy.