Saturday, September 22, 2012

Time to shine... on everyone.

Today we wish to speak to you on the topic of justice. There is and always will be justice built into the design of God's creation. And while you may not always see the balancing of the scales so to speak, we assure you it is there, for what you do to one another, truly you do unto yourselves. So when you feel wronged by someone, by all means it is fine, if you wish to seek restitution at the human level, but we ask you to ask yourselves, "Am I doing this simply because it is my truth and what I must do to remain in integrity with myself, or am I trying to prove a point?" If you are simply trying to prove a point, we urge you to walk away. If however, it is in integrity with my own spirit to seek restitution, then by all means do do, however, do so with love.

"How is that possible," we hear so many of you saying, "to love someone who has wronged me?" We are not saying you must like their actions. We are not saying you must permit behaviors that are unacceptable. We are simply saying that when someone has wronged you, they are by the very nature of their actions, a wounded soul in need of love and prayers. So if you take someone to court, pray for them. If someone has wronged you pray that God uplift their soul, and also dear ones, includes yourselves, and pray that you may be detached from their behavior and allowed to move forward in your life knowing God, who designed and orchestrates the universe, can help heal any inequity and can uplift and inspire your soul once again as well.

It is a time on earth when many who are not aware that life is a spiritual journey are acting up and acting out, so to speak. It is a time for those of you who are more aware to set firm and clear boundaries, but also to do so with love. Pray for those whose behaviors are unenlightened for it is they who need light the most. In doing so, you will be standing in a higher truth. You will be living in the world but not of it. Miraculously, if you cultivate these habits you will not let the darkness of the world or those around you penetrate your hearts, because you will be living in a loving reality, regardless of what those around you choose. Pray for assistance... we love these prayers and are honored to help you discover the greater depths of love that are available within every human heart.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Point yourself where you want to go

As you move through a time on your planet earth when everything is in motion, it is very important to be gentle with yourselves and with others. Everything is arising from the depths within you. Your hopes, your dreams, you frustrations, areas of your life that require movement... truly dear ones there is no more hiding from yourselves any longer. It is time to sit still and take the time to be honest with yourselves about what you want to release, and what you want to create. You do not need to know how to transform your life, you only have to admit to yourselves when you want the movement.

Like a surfer pointing his board, and waiting ever so patiently, your thoughts, your moments of honesty with self, point you in the direction of your future. Like that surfer, you wait for the waves of God's love to carry you. If you move before you feel guided you miss the wave. If you wait until after you are guided, you will have to paddle to keep up. If however, you simply point your thoughts in the directions of your hearts desires, focusing on the glorious possibilities for your lives, then dear ones when you receive the urge to do something, call someone, explore something new, just like that surfer, you will get in motion at the perfect time to allow God to carry you forward.

It is not a time on your planet earth to push yourselves when you are not so inclined, and it is not a time to tarry when the urges hit you. Indeed you are in a beautiful dance with God and the ever increasing waves of love. Just like a wave on the beach however, these waves can carry you, or they can tumble you. So dear ones, listen to your hearts. Stop trying to control every aspect of yourl ives, and trust that you are loved more deeply and dearly than you can possibly imagne.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Releasing past patterns

There is upon your earth at this time a great deal of movement both within your planet and within human hearts. There is great release of pressure that has been building up within. As a result many of you are experiencing feelings coming to the surface that you thought you had already dealt with. Many of you are experiencing physical symptoms that result from bottled-up emotional energy. Many of you at e experiencing life changes you didn't consciously ask for and yet dear ones, your souls are always in charge.

It is a wonderful time to get rid of the old junk you are carrying around both internally and externally because it is a time when your souls are seeking forward motion and you don't want to e burdened by the shackles of your past. Are you still holding on to upsets, grudges, unforgiveness, sadness, etc. from your past? Ask us for help because we love you and will gladly help move these old energies out of your system. We will gladly help you live in a greater and more loving truth. We will be honored to help you see that unforgiveness is a perceived way of protecting yourself from pain... that in reality simply holds you in a painful past. We will help you see that output sadness is only love and that you love yourselves enough to create better. We will help you understand that your frustrations, angers, and upsets are simply pointing to areas in your life where you need to take greater responsibility for your energy and or own well being.

We never judge you for being human. Earth is the toughest school in the universe. Instead we love you and we will help you find the love that you wish to bring to the surface. We will assist you in releasing what no longer serves you. Ask us to help you find and release the love within your beautiful hearts into your own lives and therefore into the world. It is time to let go of old patterns of thought that no longer work. It is time to release stuff that no longer serves you. You want to move forward in your lives but to do so you must pull up anchor, so to speak, and let go of what feels safe, familiar, and yet never really comfortable. Keep only those thoughts and things that bring light an inspiration into your lives, for those reflect your deeper truths.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Dealing with what is

There will always be things in your life that don't go as planned. There will always be unforeseen circumstances, people who don't act as you expect and things that don't work as you expected them to do. In life it is important not to remain stubbornly fixed upon the way life is “supposed” to look but rather to be willing to deal with the way life is. So much time is wasted on your planet in wishful thinking. Instead that time and energy can be applied creatively to say, "Ok, Here I am. Now what is the best course of action given the way things are?" The more you learn to embrace reality in front of you, the quicker you will move into the reality you want.

Consider the captain of a sailing vessel. In his ideal world the seas would calm and there would be a smooth breeze to fill his sails. However, say a storm blows in, or the wind calms. The captain will get nowhere if he sits insisting, "The seas are supposed to be calm! The wind is supposed to be steady!" Far better to say, "The winds have become strong. How do I bring my best to this situation until I can sail into the harbor or out of the storm?" Alternately, if the wind has died down better to say, "Well, nothing is happening here. Do I wish to relax or do I wish to paddle?"

So too in your life, the "storms" give you opportunity to bring or best self into your life, to apply more faith, more trust, more efforts, and more honesty in your life. The still spots give you opportunity to relax, to sit and ponder what you wish to create, or to decide to get going and make something happen. There is no right answer dear ones, only an honest answer.

So in these times of incredible change and growth, do your best to stop judging what is in front of you and instead decide how to honestly deal with it. Do you want to stay in your circumstances or move away? How can you bring your best into any given situation even if your best is to be kind to yourself when you do not feel you are bringing your best. In this fashion, you will free up tremendous amounts of energy to move your lives forward into calmer waters.