Friday, November 30, 2012

The gift of free will

As you approach the holidays remember that you, as human beings, were given one of the greatest gifts and that is the gift of free will. You can use this gift to see and create miracles in your lives and upon your earth, or you can use it to ignore all the good that is around you.

This holiday season, for example, will you choose to focus upon your abundance or your perceived lack, on what you can't give, or the thousands of gifts that are always present in your heart? Will you focus on being alone or on helping others who feel the same way? Will you focus on the delights and humor of being among your diverse and different "families" or will you choose to suffer through the gatherings?

Dear ones you have the power of free will, the amazing and miraculous gift of choice. And while you may not always be able to change your circumstances as quickly as you would like, you can always change the way you experience the reality in front of you, simply by using the beautiful gift of free will. So this holiday, and indeed for the rest of your lives, use your free will to make choices that express love, for yourself, for others, and as a result for God.

Happy holiday season dear ones.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gifts you give yourself

As you enter into the holiday season dear ones, take time to reflect upon all the gifts this year has brought to you, both with its highlights and its challenges. Have you learned more patience? Practiced more faith? Remembered more compassion? Have you gone deep within yourself and found hidden dreams, or perhaps faced situations in life with total honesty only to discover that they no longer suited you. For in this season of giving, before you enjoy the very beautiful experience of purchasing, creating, and exchanging human presents... and Presence... we want you to take some time to acknowledge the gifts you have given yourselves in all circumstances and situations in your life.

These spiritual gifts dear ones are the ones that are eternal. They will last you a lifetime and beyond. Have you given yourself the gift of feeling closer to God, closer to yourself, and closer to living the truth within you? Perhaps you have and you haven't even acknowledged it yet. Sometimes these gifts aren't wrapped in the prettiest packages. They can arise via the challenges in your life, the times in which you must dig deep within yourselves to find strength, fortitude, faith, love and so much more than you ever knew you were capable of being.

Treasure the presents you have given yourself this year. Have you learned to be kinder to yourself? More authentic? More compassionate with you? Have you learned to trust the process of living, and to believe that everything is in right order? Have you given yourself the gift of knowing that good can arise from all things? Dear ones, there is still time, indeed you have eternity to give yourself these lasting gifts. Why not start now?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Giving and receiving are a dance

For every need on your planet there is a solution. For everyone who has excess there is someone in need. Givers and receivers are matched by God so love can continue to flow unimpeded throughout the universe. So when you are in need of anything, a simple prayer will do... "Dear God, I have a need today for comfort. I have a need for this bill to be paid. I have a desire to meet someone special. I need help arriving to work on time." And then dear ones, listen to those little urges to take action when they arise, and trust that everything is in right order.

There is never a need to "stress" about how or when things will happen in your life. If you are doing your part, you can trust that they will happen in the perfect time and the perfect way. How do you do your part? We reassure you it is not by over thinking the situation but rather by sitting quietly and asking God, "Guide me... what must I do today for myself to help bring about my solution." Sometimes the guidance is nothing. Simply be at peace and enjoy your day. Sometimes you will have a thought popping in your mind, or a sudden urge to do something or go somewhere. Suddenly you feel like doing something different than you had planned. Trust this movement. Trust God's timing. Trust you are in a beautifully orchestrated dance with all of creation.

Suppose on the other hand, you are feeling very blessed right now. You are happy and full. You want to know how you can help and assist the world. Again a simple prayers will suffice. "God let me be your hands, your eyes, your mouth upon this earth. Guide me where you want me to share you love." And then very much like the receiver, wait until you are impulsed to share, Perhaps you will share a kind word, a hot meal, a bit of money. Perhaps you will share your talents. Perhaps you will sit peacefully and pray for the world. Perhaps your own joy is your gift to humanity. Trust the impulses once again.

You are not so separate from one another as you might think dear ones. You are part of a human race that God attempts to coordinate in a beautiful dance, pairing up givers and receivers, knowing each can both learn and derive joy from the encounter. It is neither better to give or receive. It is beautiful to do both if both are done with love.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bring on the love

As you move forward in an ever changing world, dear ones, remember that God lives and breathes life and love within each one of you. Here in the heavens we cannot imagine favoring one soul over another, giving one more power than another, or saying any one of you is better or worse than another. In our eyes, and in God's eyes you are all equal.You are all powerful creators. You are all made of the very same stuff. And you are all capable of the very same love whether or not you choose to bring it to the surface.

Many of you upon the planet earth have been in some of the toughest classes available in the universe. It is easy to be gracious with a warm roof over your head, so much more challenging when you are in need. And yet dear ones, look at the souls who have suffered so many losses as of late. Look at their example of reaching out to neighbors in need. Look at the woman who has nothing else to offer but a power cord dangling from her window to those who have none. Look at the ones who lost their livelihood and yet are outside cooking for their community. These people, far from remaining victims have taken charge of their souls and their lives in the only way they can - by being the loving beings that they truly are. Some of the souls in your disasters have indeed signed up for the PhD classes in spiritual evolution for if you can remain loving in dire circumstances, then dear ones, you have achieved quite a level of mastery.

So no matter what your circumstances, no matter whether or not you are happy with your situation in life, with the politics in your country, with your neighbor, your spouse, or your child, ask a simple question... "How can I bring more love into this situation now, even as I am creating better?" Ask, "How can I honor myself while also being kind to the rest of humanity?" Dear ones, God will help you find the answers, for no matter what the circumstances, God is with you at all times.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Allows us to help you

It is indeed a time of great movement and change upon your planet earth. This movement can either be terrifying or awe inspiring. It can create miracles in your life or if you resist the movements of your own heart, it can create great chaos. It is no longer possible to attempt to control your lives as tightly as you once did, for the energy of love upon your planet is increasing and the power that loves you, dear ones, is attempting to steer each and every one of you in your individual lives. All of nature works in a glorious dance, and so too, humanity is intended to do the same.

You have witnessed the winds blowing and the waters rising in your recent storm, but if you are paying attention you will also feel the winds of change blowing in your heart, and the tides of emotions rising. What humanity does not acknowledge and express, Mother Nature releases for you. Pent up emotions and whirling chaos in the human hearts give rise to swirling storms. Dear ones this is an act of love. Without such outlets, so many more of you would experience physical illness. Your dear Mother Earth loves you and she responds to you as a body must respond to the cells that comprise its totality.

So how can you embrace peace in times of chaos? Dear ones, peace comes from abiding in the lasting truth that God is in charge and if you choose to align yourselves with that love, your lives will truly be "in the world but not of it." Pray each morning. Ask God to come into your life, to guide and guard you. A very simply prayer and a few minutes of silent reception can change your life! "Dear God, take charge of my day. Here is what I would like to accomplish, but if you have better plans, make them known to me. I surrender to your love. I open my heart to receive your love." Then take a few minutes to sit, breathe, and receive our love and the love of your creator. Such a simple exercise will change your lives.

For in truth it is not the storms, nor the economy, the political leaders, or others in your life who are in charge of your happiness or well being. If you align with God, then you can trust that every circumstance around you has meaning, purpose, and value. Your lives will go more smoothly. Your interactions will be more clearly guided. Your economy will be that of God's economy.

So rather than wasting time in worry, set your intentions to align with God, to receive the love of your angels and the Creator, and to trust that your well being never has depended on external circumstances but rather the degree with which you choose to align with love. Sit, breathe, and receive our love each and every day. Take time to pray. Take time to acknowledge all that is good, true, and beautiful within you. Focus on these simple truths dear ones. Deal with the day at hand - do your work, vote with your conscience, do what you need to do, but leave the rest to the power that coordinates the stars in the heavens. For indeed everything is in right order. You are all learning what you need to learn, but the tougher lessons will pass ever so much more quickly when you embrace them with an abiding love and trust, that you - each and every one of you - are deeply and dearly loved.