Saturday, December 29, 2012

A year of authenticity

Happy New Year!! You made it! 2013 is upon you and once again you are reminded of your ever present opportunity to create life anew! 2013 is a year of authenticity, a year to bring your hearts to the surface, a year to take your dreams off the shelf and admit that there is so much more in life that you are wanting to create. It is a year of lovingly speaking your truth and leaving behind the false notions that you must agree with those around you.

For in truth dear ones, God made each and every one of you special, precious, and unique. Each one of you is a priceless piece of the vast puzzle of creation. You were not all destined to think alike, act alike, worship alike, or serve in the same capacity. You were designed to be guided by nothing less than the breath of God flowing through you with each and every one of your own breaths, a brilliant and beautiful light moving amidst the great light of God's creation.

So in 2013 we ask of you one simple thing, "To thine own self be true." Honor God by honoring your own hearts. Honor God by honoring the loving guidance within you. Focus your attention on love. Make God your God, rather than money, rather than worry, rather than the fear-mongers and lost among you, for the God of love lives in you, with you, and through you.

Dear ones, life can be so much easier for you in 2013 if you remember to surrender in each and every moment to the loving truth within you, not the truth for you ten years down the road, not the truth for you six hours ago, but the truth you find within you right now, and now, and now. For what is a new year, but simply a new now. And in each moment, with each breath, you have the ability to be more of who you really are, to create life anew. It does not matter who you have been, where you have been, or who has done what to you.

What matters is only this… who do you choose to be right now?

Bless you dear ones. Our prayer for you in 2013 is that you will feel the love of God rising up within you and know this is essence of your own precious hearts.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A little light goes a long way

Happy Holy Holidays to each one of you! In the heavens are hearts are so touched by your outpouring of light, for just as the Christmas story goes, you are the ones bringing light into the darkness. You are the ones bringing hope to a world in need. You are the ones bringing simple reverence to situations, knowing that God lives in all the places and faces you see here upon the earth.

The recent events in your news remind you that there is such a great need for love upon your earth. When you bring this love into the darkened spaces, much like a pure child brought his light into a very dark time upon the earth, miraculous transformation and healing become possible. And while you can't reach out to every wounded soul, you can smile at a stranger, hold out a hand to assist someone, perhaps even practice a bit more tolerance and compassion there in your family holiday gatherings. You can, in your dash to get the last minute presents, remember not to lose your loving presence. In your desire to share with family and friends, don't forget to share of your own hearts. For it is and always will be the gifts of love that matter the most, and the gifts of your presence that create the greatest ripples in the sea of human consciousness.

A tiny baby born in a cold dark stable brought a love that rippled out into the world. A tiny bit of oil in a lamp burned miraculously for days. You too dear ones, can be the miraculous lights in the world, shining your love into the darker spaces, into the pains within your own heart, into the painful parts of those in need… not only at this beautiful time of year, but always. Give birth to the light within. Let it shine ever so brightly. You are, each and every one of you, a precious gift to humanity and a blessing in our eyes.

Happy Holidays dear ones. Sit with us and open your hearts to receive the gift of our love. Our wish for you is that the light of God that we, the angels feel each and every day, rise up within you and bless you now and throughout the year.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Life beyond the Mayan Calendar

This is it! This is the week so many of you have wondered about talked about, read about, written documentaries, about… December 21, 2012! "And what exactly does that date mean," you have asked us so many times? Our response with a twinkle in our eyes is, "Absolutely nothing other than what you make it." For in our eyes, December 21, 2012 is a date on a man-made calendar based on the observation of the movements of the stars in the heavens…. and dear ones, the stars have moved in cycles in the heavens since your world was created.

You can wake up on December 22, 2012 and say to yourselves, "Well that wasn't too exciting," or you can say, "Wow, we are in a period of time beyond what the ancients could see. Their calendar ended yesterday. Their predictions ended yesterday. I am no longer bound by what those who have gone before me say I must embrace. I am in charge of my own life, captain of my own ship! I can create whatever I want! In truth dear ones, you always can and always could, however, what a grand and glorious opportunity to celebrate this truth on a day when all of humanity is ready to acknowledge a new beginning. To a degree you do this on your birthdays, at your New Year's and on other special occasions, but this day, if you make it such, can create grand and glorious change for humanity! It is after all the end of a calendar that spanned 26,000 years. Can you imagine? 26000 years of predictions! 26,000 years of struggles. 26,000 years of humanity trying to live life on earth without remembering that each and every one of you are guilder and loved by God! 26,000 years of worshiping the false idols of fear, power, money, etc. Can you fathom, dear ones, your tremendous ability to collectively create a new reality if you choose to do so?

So our recommendation would be very simple. On December 21, 2012 - the last day of a human calendar created ages ago - sit and simply give thanks for all that has gone before - every pain, every hardship, every blessing, and every joy… for every experience in your life has taught you. Every experience in your life has driven you to seek greater love. Every experience has led you to this moment. And then, after you give thanks for all that has gone before, release it. See it dropping away from you as if you are shedding a coat or an old skin. Imagine yourself walking forward into a beautiful future. Resolve that from this day forward you will do your utmost to bring love into every situation in your life. Practice love and gratitude for God and creation, Love for Self, and then by virtue of the nature of reality, love for others will come easily. Ask that your personal will be aligned with the will of God, for to do so is to ask to be aligned with the most loving reality possible for your lives. Pray that humanity be aligned with God's loving will as well.

You have the power to create a wonderful new reality in this new "cycle of time" that is upon us. But remember, cycles of time are eternal. Man places markers on a calendar for you to collectively celebrate their passing. Nonetheless, each and every day of your lives, with each and every breath, you have opportunity to create a more loving reality! This is our wish for you… that the love of God rise up within you, for you and through you as you move forward into the new earth that each and every one of you, collectively, is creating.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Making room for miracles

Celebrate dear friends! It is the season of love and miracles! What miracles would you like in your life? And why, dear ones, when you know that "With God all things are possible," would you believe anything is out of reach. It is a time to remember that when you exist in a loving reality, in that love, all things are truly possible. When you embrace the fact that you have a loving creator, you can relax into your lives, knowing that if you pray a sincere prayer for yourself, or ask for assistance, then as long as you are truly open to receiving it, it will come.

Along with your miracle, the lessons to prepare you may come. The guidance to take action may come. The guidance to release certain things or situations in your life may exist in your heart. You may receive the urge to call a friend, speak up to a stranger, or make a request of someone you barely know. Dear ones, when you ask for a miracle, you are very likely to be asked to participate in creating it.

To make room for your miracles, eradicate all thoughts to the contrary, for if pray for something while all the while sending out signals that you do not believe, you negate your own prayers. To make room for your miracles, give up the need to control how your prayers will be answered. Adopt a sense of adventure. God is at work! Enjoy the unfolding journey. To make room for your miracles, take time to be kind to yourselves… this sends creation a signal that you are indeed worthy of such assistance in your own mind! And last but not least, stop resisting where you are in your life right now. You are in certain conditions to learn, to grow, and to assist you in making further choices. Where you are right now is perfect for what your soul wants to learn now. Stop saying, "This shouldn't be." Instead say, "Here I am! I am learning! I am creating more." In this fashion you embrace the now, while allowing yourself to dream of even better…. as we have said before, the acor n is perfect, but dreams of becoming an oak.

Your miracles, dear ones, are not doled out by an arbitrary God but rather are simply a matter of cause and effect when your energy and vibration are in the right space, when your mind is willing to embrace the perfection of the present and surrender a bit of control, when your heart is attuned to listen to its guidance. Suddenly, miracles are not so miraculous after all… but rather available to all who understand how the universe is designed to work!