Saturday, December 28, 2013

Creating 2014

As the year draws to a close, we know you have a tendency to look back and say, "Oh it was a good year!" or "It was a hard year! I'm glad its over." As human beings you give yourselves permission to dream anew at the turning of the clock on midnight, December 31st. But in reality dear ones, you can dream new dreams, and create new realities with every breath you take, in every given moment of time.

In every moment, you are creating a New You. So regardless of what 2013 has brought into your life, take a moment at midnight on December 31st and focus on the spark of light that glows so brightly within your own heart. Imagine at that instant, the light in everyone's heart on earth is glowing brightly, expanding, connecting and uniting you all in one beautiful bright and brilliant sea of light. Imagine that you can see yourself this time next year, and feel the joy of having all your dreams come true. It is magical from our perspective to see into human hearts at midnight on December 31st. Much of the world is hopeful. Much of the world is allowing themselves to dream their dreams. Many in the world are taking the time to do something meaningful for themselves, whether it be standing in a crowd toasting the new year, or staying quietly at home in prayer. There is SO much positive energy in this instant, not because it is the end of an arbitrary marker on the calender, in a scheme of eternal "nows" but rather because humanity chooses to give this moment significance. Humanity chooses to celebrate, chooses to dream, chooses to live in a positive way. So join your hearts in that wonderful vibration of hope, joy, and celebration and allow it to amplify your own light.

What do you want to create in 2014? Write a letter to God, much as many of you used to write letters to Santa Claus... "Dear God, in 2014, I would dearly love your help. Take away my need to control life and help me trust you. Help me feel your love, share your love, and BE your love. Here are my dreams God. Make them come true. Guide me and let me know what to do and when to do it. And if you have better dreams for me, I gratefully accept your gifts and your grace." And then dear ones, list your dreams, great and small, all of them, no matter how long it takes. And when you are done, as you read your letter out loud to God, take time as you read each dream, to imagine you have already received it. What does it feel like. Stop and give thanks. Go on to the next. Repeat this reading/feeling as many times as you like in the years to come, for in truth, this is a powerful prayer, not just to ask, but to tune into that which you seek.

We love you! We celebrate your Presence upon the earth every moment of our eternal existence. Nonetheless, you are human, so we wish you a Very Happy and Blessed New Year, and a New You fashioned according to your heart's dearest desires.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

You are a gift!

We know so many of you are so busy preparing for the holidays and yet we ask you to take a minute, sit still, and as you read this, focus upon the light in your own heart. Breathe, and as you do so, imagine that light is expanding beyond your bodies, out farther and farther until it ripples throughout the world. Imagine this light can touch the lost, the lonely, the abandoned, and overwhelmed. Imagine this light can wrap the grieving in a comforting embrace. Imagine this light that emanates from your hearts can soothe the hurting hearts, calm the angry, and bring hope to those who are on the verge of giving up. Breathe. Sit and focus upon this light inside of you and allow it to shine forth in all directions. Take a moment to feel or imagine your light illuminating not only the dark and lonely spaces within your own spirit, but also reaching out like sunlight, touching those in need with the gift of your Presence.

For indeed whether you feel the holiday spirit or not, whether you are filled with joy or crying with grief, whether you are surrounded by family and friends or whether you find yourselves in the depths of loneliness, you are this made of this very light. You were born of this very love. You are the baby in the cold manger, the star in the heavens, the light that burned from the meager oil in the temple. You are the ones that bring hope, inspiration, light, love, and truth to the world. No matter what you are feeling, thinking, or where you find yourself this holiday season, this light is your truth. Turn to it. Focus upon it. Embrace it. Share it. For what you give unto others, you give to yourselves. What you give yourselves, you share with the world.

Your presence on this earth a gift to the world.

So whether or not you are feeling the spirit of the season remember, the baby was born into the cold and the dark. The star shined over Bethlehem in the dark of nights. The lamps burned with little oil. It only takes a tiny spark of love, a tiny glimmer of hope, a random act of kindness to illuminate the darkest of times and the coldest of hearts. This dear ones, is the real spirit of the Season. Share your light. Realize you are the best present of all, and no matter what your circumstances, there is always something to give if you are willing to sit, breathe, and focus upon the very great light that lives within you, waiting to be birthed, burned brightly, and shared with a world in need.

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, We Celebrate the Season of love and we celebrate You!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Don't compare

While this might not seem like a holiday topic, today we wish to speak to you about the tendency to compare yourselves to others. You see dear ones, we do see so many of you upon the earth at this time wishing you had what others have, feeling as if you have fallen short of the mark somehow because you can't buy all the presents you want, you don't yet enjoy the lifestyle you desire, haven't yet found the means to live in your dream home, or you don't know how to meet man/woman of your wildest dreams... and yet others do have these things.

When you find yourself coveting what others have, remember dear ones, you can have these things too. You can use the tendency to compare as an indicator that there is something you wish to create. You wish to create more abundance. You wish to create greater love. You want to live in a home that elevates your spirit. You want to sooth the world's pains, loneliness, and ills. These are all good things! These are authentic desires. But stop there, because a jealous heart or one that compares is a heart that feels lack, unworthiness, despair and a sense of resignation. A heart filled with truth says, "Oh look at that. I am feeling jealousy. I am comparing myself with others. It is time to acknowledge my heart. It is time to create!" Stop asking why others have what you do not, and simply start creating!

Thank those who have what you do not. If they have achieved their situations in integrity, in a good way, imagine you are in their shoes. What would it feel like? Celebrate! They are showing you the way. Focus on that feeling every day. In truth you want a feeling. You think it comes from a situation or thing, but in truth you can find that feeling just by imagining you have the situation or thing you want already. Your external reality will mirror your inner one. Fill your inner reality with the life you want now, and then watch it manifest in the external world. Spend time affirming, imagining, basking in bliss in an imaginary reality where you already have what you want. The feelings you seek are there all the time. Give into them, and soon your reality will begin to shift. The universe responds always to love.

So when you find yourself saying, "Oh I wish I had what they have," in a way that is jealous, longing, or in any way not powerful, stop. Like a child asking Santa for a present, say the very same thing in a whole different and powerful way. "Dear God, I am making a wish for what that other person has. I feel a desire in my heart. I know I am worthy of it. Please bring this to me in the right time and the right way." And then dear ones, like a child waiting for their presents, know this Presence hears you and is going to work in your life, as long as you, like a child, Believe.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Look for good

In this busy holiday season allow yourself to take time and experience the wonder of being alive. During the holiday season there is very great love present on this planet, emanating not only from the heavens, as it is at all times, but more importantly from the depths of human hearts.

During the holidays there is a desire to look at the small things with gratitude, such as a tiny gift that you know a loved one will appreciate, a tiny kindness show to a stranger, a tiny coin tossed in the bucket for a charitable cause. These" tiny" wonders all spring forth from the One greater love that wishes to rise up within all of you. During the holidays, there is a desire to open your hearts and share your gifts, talents, love, and resources with one another. It is a season in which people realize how much they have already. It is a seasons that inspires hearts that are charitable and souls that are kind. It is a time to stop, pause, look around, and realize that your world is filled with goodness. There will always be those who are lost in confusion and chaos, and yet if you look, there is also so much good in the hearts of mankind - so much beauty, so much kindness, and so much love, just longing for the smallest of reasons to surface.

You are all angels walking among angels. Some of you realize it. Some of you don't. In time you will embrace the totality of the goodness that exists not only within the hearts of others but also within your very own. Take time. Stop. Look around and witness the love coming to the surface, and where you do not yet see it, contribute love, for it is the very nature and essence of God to both give and receive. Happy Holy Holidays dear ones. We celebrate with you during this season of love and good will.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Give thanks for it all

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, whether you have recently celebrated the holiday or not, for in truth we give thanks for you every day of our eternal existence! You are all so very brave to incarnate upon your planet Earth, for Earth is one of the toughest schools in the universe - rich with both potential for understanding the diversity and beauty of God's love in so many different forms, and yet also challenging beyond measure because of the very same.

You can find God more easily dear ones when you practice finding gratitude for all things, all beings, and indeed all situations in your life. You can experience love more easily if, for example, when you are presented with something less than loving you can say, "Thank you God for showing me ways in which I did not love myself in the past and thus drew this situation into my life! Now I choose love. Now I choose to walk away from painful experiences. Now I choose better. Bless the unevolved and unenlightened ones. Thank you for helping me grow into greater light."

Can you be thankful for what is good in your life, even when some things are not there yet? Can you give thanks even for the trials, knowing you have learned? Can you look back upon everything in your life and find something to be thankful for? If you can, dear ones, you are embracing truth. You are embracing love. You are embracing the fact that the sun shines behind all clouds, and God's love is ever-present guiding you in each moment to a kinder and more loving life.

Give thanks dear ones. Live in gratitude. Seek out the things you can be thankful for now. Every second that you focus upon love is an investment in a more beautiful and kind reality in your future!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sunlight and dust

Celebrate! There is great light coming into your planet now. The veils between the heavens and earth are thinner, there is great opportunity for manifestation, healing, and stepping into an even deeper awareness of who you really are. And yet, with great light always comes a great stirring up of the darkness that has been dormant for quite some time.

Think of it this way. Imagine you have moved into a very large and lovely old home. In this house, there is a room in your home that has been sealed off for decades. The windows and curtains have been closed. The contents are shrouded in darkness and the dust and cobwebs have gathered. The air is stagnant and unmoving. Suddenly, you open that door that has been shut for so long. You fling open the windows, draw back the curtains and allow fresh air and light to stream in. Suddenly there is a great influx of light, but along with it, a stirring up of the dust, cobwebs, and stale air. As the new comes in, the old must go, and for a short time, you may cough, sneeze, and even say to yourself, "My goodness! What a mess!" However, when the dust settles, the light streams into the room and you have an opportunity to clean out the old, this room is filled with new life, new hope, and perhaps even new decor that better suits the life you are living now.

This is exactly what is going on now upon your earth, in your lives, and in your very consciousness. The light was always there. The dark was always there. However right now, great light is penetrating the darkness, stirring everything up. Thus you see monumental storms upon your planet, in your lives, and in your hearts. You see people suddenly acting out in ways that seem unthinkable. You feel, at times, an incredible sense of urgency to get things done. And yet, dear ones, our advice to you would be to relax, focus on the small simple pleasures of life, and let the dust settle! Allow the challenges in life simply to be dealt with - without drama, without wondering what you have done "wrong" (for indeed there is no wrong in our book, just lessons), and without adding to the chaos.

Choose, using the beautiful gift of your free will, to say, "My goodness things are stirred up! People are stirred up! A great light must be rising up in the world and in my life. I will choose to be kind and loving to myself, and to the best of my ability, to others as well. I will choose to turn away from drama, and to embrace peace. I will handle the things that require attention in my life, knowing that I have done nothing wrong, and that at any moment I can turn my attention to the light and away from the darkness."

Let the dust settle dear ones, and celebrate the influx of beautiful light, even amidst the storms, the chaos, and the trials you are experiencing. You are, after all, made of this very same light.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Life is, you interpret

Life just “is” and you get to choose how you experience and label it. You get to label life as “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong,” “desirable” or “deplorable.” Through the way you choose to interpret the simple facts of life, you get to create a happy or a sad experience of reality.

Most of your labels were programmed into you in early childhood. You can choose to change them. What if, for example, every time you spilled the milk, your parents said to you, “Oh how pretty! Look at all that white liquid running all over! I wonder if we can mop it up quickly! Here let us see who can clean this up faster! Ready, set, go!” What if every time you made a so-called mistake, those around you said, “Congratulations! You made a mistake! You have taken a risk! You are learning! We are so proud of you!” What if everytime someone was angry at you, those around said to you, “Oh I’m so sorry that this person is hurting so much that they had to take their anger out on you. Let us join our hands and hearts and pray that they feel better soon.” We offer these suggestions, dear ones, to help you see that most of your interpretations of life were given to you in childhood. Now, you as adults, get to choose whether or not they make you happy.

Next time something upsets you, ask yourself, “What are the facts of the situation? Can I choose an interpretation that makes me feel better? Can I choose to label this situation in such a way that it empowers me, rather than steals my God given right to feel love in this moment? Can I look at my normal conditioning and decide if that is what I want to keep... or would I rather create a different interpretation of reality?”

The sun rises every morning. You get to choose if that is a positive experience or not. “Oh look, that horrible blinding light is coming through my windows shining into my eye and waking me up,” or “Oh how beautiful that warm sun feels on my face, bringing life, awakening my spirit into this new day, a brand new chance to create a brand new reality.”

A loving interpretation of reality, dear ones, is the best interpretation of all.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Each moment is new

Each moment of your life is new, precious, and unique. It can never be recreated exactly the same way. In each moment, you get a chance to say, "Who am I now? What do I want to bring into this moment? Do I want to bring my past into my present? Do I want to create a new experience? Do I want to see what unfolds?" You get to choose, dear ones, what you bring into each special, precious, and unique "now."

If your past was painful you can make a choice right now to focus on something better. You can say, "Yes, I remember how much something hurt me, but in this moment, no one is hurting me now. No one is in charge of my reality now except for me! Now I choose to take my attention and turn it away from the pain. I choose to love myself and be kind to myself. I choose to do something nice for myself. I choose to focus on something that uplifts my soul. I choose to focus on perhaps uplifting another's soul. I choose to focus on anything I possibly can, however small, that is loving and kind." And in this fashion, dear ones you build spiritual muscle. You practice turning away from habitual and ingrained memories and thoughts that do not make you feel good... now. You learn that you and you alone get to choose who and what is carried with you into each moment. You remember, that you are a NEW YOU with each and every breath you take.

Likewise, even your most positive memories cannot be recreated, but rather can be made once again, anew. When you fall in love with a person, do not expect them to be the same tomorrow. Look at them as if you see them for the first time, as if you love them for the first time. When you fall in love you look for the best in another. What if you could look for the best in each other, all beings, every day? Likewise, say you enjoy an event, a celebration, or a ritual such as eating your breakfast and drinking your coffee. See if you can recreate this experience anew every time you enjoy it by bringing the full focus of your love and attention into the present. Do not expect things or people to be the same... bring your best self to them, and then they may be even better!

Dear ones, each moment, each breath, is a gift. We know how difficult it is to overcome the human tendency to carry the past into the future, however, with practice, you can lean to create each moment, fresh and new, bringing only the love you wish to see into the present, and therefore, also into the future.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Letting go...

In truth dear ones, you can never lose God's love, for that is all there is! Everything in creation is fashioned from this love. Everything is unique reflection of this love. In some cases, this love is obvious - as in the miracle of a setting sun, the eyes of a baby, or a situation which brings you great joy. Sometimes this love is hidden, buried beneath the surface - as in the case of a cantankerous or unloving human being, or the thorns of a rosebush, or in a difficult challenge. Nevertheless, the thorns love and protect the roses. The cantankerous individuals are thorny because they do not know a kinder way to love and protect themselves. In your challenges, you find strength.

As a human being, you are gifted with free will. You can learn to say, "Yes I know God's love is within all things, but I would rather choose to be around the people, places, and situations that resonate with me and give my heart joy! I can love all beings, but I am not required to like them. And that, dear ones, is a novel concept for many of you, because many of you learned to confuse "love" with "like." The two do not have to exist at the same time. For example you can love the thorns on a rosebush, acknowledging their right to be, and yet you do not enjoy pricking your finger! You can love an angry human being knowing there is a light in their soul attempting to surface, while in the very same breath, you can say quite honestly, "I do not like their behavior or personality. I don't choose to be around then," As we have said many times in the past, Love says, "You have a right to be." Discernment sees, "what is and is not right for me."

So now that you know you can love all beings and all things, dear ones, consider looking at your lives and like nature, decide what you should let go. What is no longer serving your heart, your joy, your passion for life? Perhaps it is stuff in your closet. Perhaps it is a job that you cannot leave just yet, but you can start the process of intending and finding a new one. Perhaps you are in a lackluster relationship and either the behaviors, beliefs, or the relationship must be released. There is not one "right" answer to any situation, but rather a range of choices. What is in your heart to keep, and what does your heart tell you to release?

When you release something that is honestly not working in your life, you make room for what is. When you let go of that which does not give you joy - be it a thing, a relationship that cannot be worked out, or a situation - you make room for what does. When you let go of a belief that is not working, you create room for more powerful manifestations. Letting go is not giving up, failing, or depriving yourself. Letting go is giving your soul room to breathe!

So as the trees release their leaves, allow yourselves to look around your life, and ask yourself, "What is it I am truly ready to release? What blesses me and what burdens me?" Be honest with yourselves, without any judgment. Your heart will guide you. Then get busy! Make room in your lives for what truly uplifts and inspires your soul.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Believe and receive

Are you praying for miracles in your lives dear ones? And if not, why not, because God wants to bless each and every one of you with more than you could possibly ask for. The creator of the universes wants to shower love and goodness upon you. But so often you pray in ways that limit – through your free will – what you "believe you can receive."

If you only pray for what you "believe you can receive" you are not only limiting what you will receive, but many times you are not being completely honest in your request. For example, you might pray, "Dear God give me relief and make my life a little easier." For some of you this is an authentic prayer. For others, you would be more honest praying, "Dear God allow me to feel your love in every aspect of my life. Take over my life. Transform it. Bless me. Guide me. Let me hear your voice in the quiet whispers in my mind and in the sweet guidance of my heart."

Then, dear ones, let go. Trust. Believe you can receive. A prayer prayed with sincerity and strong feeling is far more powerful than one simply recited. A prayer filled with love and longing and a willingness to be honestly vulnerable and trusting in God is an amazing act of creation. If you pray with no true heart an soul in a request it elicits little response from the universe. However the entire universe, including you, God, and the angels, is designed to serve authentic requests made with love!

So when you pray for you miracles, make sure you are praying for what you honestly want. Next, detach, let go, and live your life as if what you have prayed for – or better – is on the way. Have faith! You have opened the doorway to great light in your life. Imagine the best. Feel in advance, how your joy will be when your prayers are answered. Then live now, in this moment, making the best of each day, knowing that the Creator of heaven and earth loves you and is working on a beautiful answer to what your heart truly desires.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

True Giving

As you enter into this season of giving, ask yourself, "Do I give from a feeling of abundance in my life?" for in truth there are many other reasons that human beings feel the need to give to one another.

You give from a sense of duty, "They need it more than I do. They gave to me so I must give to them. They are family, friends, etc. They are in need and no one else is going to help them."

You give to one another because you hope to get something back, "If I give them xyz, then maybe they'll love me. Maybe they'll see I'm a good person and acknowledge me. Maybe they'll be nice to me. Maybe if I give to them, they'll give back to me."

You give to one another for so many reasons, but dear ones there is only one reason we see to give and that is because you feel a sense of abundance in your heart. You feel the love of God flowing through you in the form of goodness, time, energy, emotion, resources, etc., and there is within you a very clear longing and guidance to share. You feel inspired by giving. You feel good by giving. You give with no strings attached, not even expecting a "thank you." This dear ones is true giving. This is giving from the love of God deep within you. This is the type of giving that feels good, in and of itself, even if the other never acknowledges your gift. This is the kind of giving that can be done anonymously, or overtly but it doesn't matter. This is the way God gives of his love dear ones, for it is the nature of God to breathe life into creation at all times.

So as you contemplate giving anything to anyone else, ask yourself, "Would I do this if I got nothing in return? Is it a joy? Does it feel inspired? Can I give and then move on with life without expectation, trusting that I am allowing the flow of God through me and so all good things will come to me whether or not the receiver even acknowledges my gift. I give because I am abundant in my heart. If so then, dear ones, delight yourselves in the giving, and you will know the good feelings that come from sharing the truth of God's love, in any form, with another human being. We give our love freely dear ones for one simple reason, it makes us feel good. It allows us to feel God's love flowing through us. It is indeed the truth we are made of. It is your truth too.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Choose God!

It is a time of choosing upon your planet earth, and yet in truth every moment is a moment of choice. Who will be your God? Will fear be your God, or will the source and creator of all life be your God? Will you give your faith and power over to institutions, money, your place of employment, your bosses, coworkers, family, friends, spouses, and/or the multitude of others who do indeed affect your life, but need not control it? Or will you place your faith in the loving Creator's ability to dance with you even when the darkest decisions or circumstances created by others affect you?

God allowed humanity free will. The choices of others certainly affect your. If someone steals from you, temporarily you have less money. If someone lays you off, temporarily you have no job. If someone betrays you and leaves you, temporarily you are left with the sting and the pain. However, in the very next moment, you can choose. You can choose to give these souls your God given power, or you can turn to the loving Creator. You can say, "OK God, I don't like this! Someone else has hurt me, but I know you are more powerful! You can see an infinite number of possible solutions. You can see more love, more abundance, more beauty and goodness than I could ever imagine. I have been affected by someone else, but I know you love me. Guide me, protect me, supply me with my needs. I trust in your love."

Then dear ones, do your utmost to continuously remind yourself that God is God, and that while the souls of others are indeed one with this light, their personalities might be deeply disconnected. They may affect you in negative ways. But ultimately, they have no control over the outcome of your life unless you make them your God. if you place your faith, trust, and heart in the hands of the loving creator, you are already on the way to healing your life, creating an even better reality, and as you say on earth, "shaking the dust off your shoes" as you move forward.

You may be victimized, dear ones, but choose not to remain a victim.

Choose again and again and again to ask God to be your source, your supply, your guide, your friend, and above all, the dear one who is in charge of your life, your well-being, and your joy! In this reality, others can temporarily affect your lives, but they will only put their fingers in the streams of grace that flow through your life, for in truth they are powerless to disrupt its powerful and loving flow.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Now is all you have

We would pray that each and everyone one of you could stop analyzing whether or not you "should" want what you want in life. Can you simply say to yourself, "This is what I desire. I don't know why. I don't know if it is best for me or not, but I want to explore this creation of mine. I want to see where it leads me."

Humanity spends too much time, in our opinion, trying to look ahead to the future, rather than living life right here and now. If you have a desire to do something, then start taking steps in that direction. If you have a desire to explore a relationship that is mutual, by all means do so. Stop asking, "Will this make me happy? Will this be in my highest good?" for in truth dear friends, you get to choose how to make yourselves happy. If you were truly able to embrace each moment, then you would know, in that moment, what makes you happy or not. You would dance with life, rather than trying to arrange it. You would dance with other human beings as they are, rather than trying to get them to conform to your expectations. You would learn that you can move towards something or move away, very much as the animals do, depending on whether it inspires you in the moment, or not.

You have choice in every moment dear ones. You fear that if you make a choice now, you are stuck with it, but in reality, you have a new choice in the very next moment. So live your lives rather than over thinking them. Live them now, and now, and now again. Dance with what is in front of you now. Trust your hearts in this moment now. Do what feels most joyful and inspiring to you now. For now, dear ones, is all you ever truly have.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Every heart wants acknowledgment

Without exception every human heart seeks to be seen, acknowledged, and loved. Every heart wants the world to soothe its pains, see its goodness, and celebrate its expressions. Every act of kindness and every seeming act of "random" violence stems from the heart's desire to be seen.

Those who wreak havoc in your world and in your lives are crying out in desperation. "See my pain. Acknowledge my wounded heart." Those who express their viewpoints strongly are saying, "Please acknowledge that I have something of value to contribute to this world." Those who argue with you are saying, "Please tell me my opinion has value." And likewise, beneath every conflict, beneath every sad story is a heart seeking validation, acknowledgment and love.

So when you see the sad stories on your news, or when you run into the cantankerous individuals in your own lives, instead of thinking to yourself, "They're awful! I can't stand them!" try instead to say, "I'd rather not be around them, but let me send them love. Let me acknowledge their pain if only silently in my own heart. Let me send the energy of compassion towards them." As always, we are never suggesting you should stay around abusive or unkind behaviors, but we are saying that the souls who commit these acts are in need of love, prayers, and compassion... at least in the depths of your own hearts.

Do your best to avoid falling into the world's need to hate, judge, and label the wounded souls. Instead say to yourself, "The are made of the very same light that I am. They just forgot. I will pray for their upliftment. I will pray they remember who they are. I will pray that someday they will come to know this beautiful love inside of their own hearts so they no longer feel a need a dim it in others." And then dear ones, go about your happy day, knowing that you have planted seeds of love and kindness in the depths of someone else's pain. You are the lights in this world, and we are so very grateful for each and every one of you.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Change is natural

It is the nature of the universe to expand. Change is inevitable and although you will all go through very natural periods of dormancy, there will also be phases of your life when it is time to release the old in order to make room for the new.

This can be as simple as getting rid of old clothes to get ones that please you more. It can be releasing a home you no longer enjoy in favor of one that provides more financial flexibility and freedom. It can mean giving up an old way of thinking to allow greater happiness. Whenever you are wanting to create something new it is natural that you will find you must release something either inside or outside of yourself to make room for this.

So ask yourselves when you consider that which you want to bring into your life, "What would I have to give up? Would I have to give up old thought patterns? Would I have to compromise anything? Would I have to change my life in any way? Is there any resistance inside of me to this change?" For if there is resistance, you may not yet be ready for your creations to come into being. All of your being must be aligned with that which you want to create.

Change is natural dear ones. Sometimes you do give up old comfortable thoughts and things in order to have a greater joy. And yet like a child releasing the old toys he or she no longer plays with, there is likely to be a bit of nostalgia and perhaps even a bit of resistance. Everything in your lives, however, is born of the energy of God. It simply changes form.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Endless choices

Take a deep breath. As you breathe in you breathe in the energy of all possibility in your life. Breathe out. Release limiting notions of what you can be, achieve, or have in your life. For with God all things are possible.

It is easy to feel trapped by life circumstances, but in all cases dear ones you, you have choice. You have the power to choose thoughts that are loving and positive, or thoughts that are conditioned and often negative. You have the power to perceive life as a a journey of opportunity for expanding love, or as a dance of survival. You have the choice to view people and situations in your life as obstacles, or opportunities for transformation.

So next time you say to yourself, "Oh I have to..." try saying to yourself, "I choose to..." For example you say, sometimes with a heavy heart, "I have to go to this job to pay the bills." Sigh. And yet how much more powerful to say, "I choose to go to this job to pay the bills. It is the most loving choice I can make given my present circumstances. However I have choice. I have opportunity! I can pray and look for a new job. I can eliminate some of my financial burdens. I can give up everything and live in a tent on the beach!" We hear you now. "No I can't do that." Well dear ones, with all due respect, we remind you, yes you can! You have endless choices, possibilities, and opportunities!

We would like to offer you a little game that you could play with yourself or one another. Next time you say, "I have to..." with a heavy heart, get creative. Write down all the other possible choices! "I could..." Make them outlandish, silly, amusing, and sometimes you will find even inspiring. Brainstorm with friends. Allow yourself to add to your list. Soon you will see that the only thing holding you bound is your own thoughts, your own sense of duty, your own definitions of responsibility. Out of this exercise you may see that you ARE making the most loving choice right now but that there are other possibilities. You may see that you are choosing out of habit and you may want to make changes. You may see that you have been your own personal dictator! Dear ones, allow yourselves, at least in your thinking to be free! Allow yourselves to consider other options, other possibilities. For never in truth are you truly trapped in any situation! Your so uls are and eternally will be, free.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Miracles from the heart

It is an incredible time upon your planet earth and ripe with opportunity. The energy is there to assist you, transport you into greater realities in your human and spiritual lives, and to help you recreate any circumstances which are no longer satisfying your spirit. And yet, dear ones you cannot control this energy. You must allow for it to assist you. You must believe in its loving Presence, You must focus your sights on the realities you wish to embody and remove your attention from the troubling circumstances of your lives except to handle them in a practical sense.

Miracles can happen if you can do this. Healing can occur. Relationships can transform. Hearts can be opened one again. You cannot change one another, but you can ask for your own heart to be opened, healed and transformed. Right now if you are willing, take a deep breath. Focus on the area in the center of your chest. Imagine the light there. Imagine that this light is welling up within you, growing brighter. Allow it, of its own accord to grow within you. Don't try to make anything happen. Just focus upon it. Feel or imagine its warmth.

In this space, think of a situation you want to transform and quickly switch your thoughts to the desired outcome. Focus on your heart and the light within it once again and as you keep a tiny portion of your attention in your heart, focus now upon the desired outcome. If it is healing, imagine yourself healthy. If it is a relationship focus on what that might feel like. It if is financial security, imagine that you never have to worry about money again. Go into the feeling of both your heart, and the desired outcome. Do this until you truly feel your heart expand, your joy rise up, and a knowing that you are indeed now in the stream of consciousness that will carry you into that new reality.

In this fashion dear ones, you can allow God to assist you in recreating your entire life, with only joyful effort on your part. You can allow yourself to find and tune into the energies of the future you desire, and thus follow that stream of energy right into the physical manifestation. Every possible stream of consciousness exists in the universe. You will experience the ones you tune into either consciously or otherwise. Why not take the time each day to focus upon those streams that give you joy!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Love the diversity

Your earth is a place of great and beautiful diversity. You were never meant to be the same. You were never meant to all be in agreement. You were never meant to force your opinions upon one another, nor were you intended to conform to the desires of one another. Instead, each of one you, like a beautiful facet of the gem of God's love is intended to be a special, precious, and unique creation. Each one of you has your preferred way of being, your preferred way of looking, your preferred way of communicating, and your preferred way of flowing through life.

Some of you like to think ahead, and some of you, in your terms prefer to "wing it." This was so even before you touched upon the earth! As souls, some of you made intricate plans about your life and lessons, while others chose to come to the earth as simply a grand and glorious adventure! Some of you care deeply about who you would meet and marry, while others of you decided to figure it out as you went through your life. Some of you feel comfortable with predictable structure, while others crave freedom. Some of you like one political party, others stand by the opposite. If given the choice, some of you would eat the apple, and some of you the orange. And this is, dear ones, just fine, indeed perfect, beautiful, and breathtaking, in God's eyes, for it is through you that God comes to know the vastness of its own Love and Being.

So when you encounter another different from yourself, rather than arguing and trying to force your views upon them, explore! You are in new territory. You are like a baby looking at its own fingers and toes, wiggling them, trying to see what each one does and how it operates. You are looking at a different aspect of the love of God made manifest! Instead of trying to force this other person to match your views of reality, simply stare at them in wonder and fascination. Why do they think the way they do? Why do they feel as they do? A magical thing happens dear ones as you allow others to be. Suddenly they are more inclined to allow you to be as well. And it not, move away, for you too have a right to think and feel exactly as you do, as well. A finger would not strive to be a toe, nor a toe a finger, because both are needed to operate the body! All of you are needed in this beautiful puzzle of life, and no matter how diverse your opinions or beliefs, there is not a human being upon the planet that is outside the great and beautiful puzzle of God's love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much... exactly as you are!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

No guilt, just lessons

There is a dis-ease that runs rampant in the human race called "guilt." In our minds, guilt is only a natural response when you have done something consciously and maliciously which you know will hurt one another. Even in that case, guilt is designed to be a fleeting emotion – a reminder that there are kinder ways to behave that support the whole of humanity.

Sadly however, many of you feel guilt at the slightest hint of what you would consider to be a "mistake." You feel guilty for asking for "too much." You feel guilty when you say no to someone else's requests. You feel guilty if you accidentally step on someone's toes, literally or metaphorically speaking. The list of perceived sins goes on and on, and yet dear ones, there are no "mistakes" in the eyes of God, only opportunities to learn and grow.

So when you begin to feel guilty, remind yourself, this behavior was learned. This behavior was taught to you to make others feel better. A dog does not truly feel any guilt whatsoever for digging up the garden or eating things they aren't supposed to touch. Instead your dogs learn that if they look "guilty" their human caretakers will calm down more quickly, have sympathy o them, and be more loving once again.

Many of you have also learned that if you entertain guilt, you will be in less trouble. When you were younger, many of you learned that over-apologizing, or hanging your head in shame would mitigate an upset parent or a minimize a punishment. You learned that feeling guilty calmed the people who were upset with you. And so, even in your hearts, guilt is a learned behavior, except as we have mentioned in the rare occasion when it does arise naturally and for good reason.

So next time you feel guilty, stop. Tell yourself it is no sin to be human. Tell yourself that the only thing God requires of you in this moment is to learn. Guilt rarely serves a purpose. Instead dear ones, learn from your behaviors. Be compassionate to yourselves when you make a perceived "mistake." You are a beautiful bright soul, without question. However, you must learn as well to make peace with and embrace your humanity in order to transform it.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Realign anytime

At any point in time you can choose to realign your spirit with God and therefore to change your entire existence. God does not look back. The energy streaming from the Creator is not interested in what you did yesterday, or even thirty seconds ago... unless you choose to carry that energy into the present moment.

Instead, the entire universe is designed to respond to only the energy that you are expressing, both consciously and unconsciously, in this very moment. So when things are not going as you wish, take a moment and breathe. Ask your angels to help you once again align your energy and your life with your spirit. Ask for help in knowing what is truly in your hears, what is truly a priority to your soul right here, and right now. The minute you allow us to assist you we can. And although we can assist you in your external life, it is far more powerful to ask for us to assist you in aligning your energy once again with God and your own spirit, for in that state, all problems will naturally be resolved.

In very practical terms, you may be trying to get a lot of things done when in fact everything in you is desiring time in silence. You may be pushing for a job, a relationship, or some other project, when your heart is saying, "let go." You may be trying to change someone else, when your heart is saying, "I'm tired of trying to change them. I want to fix my own life." We will help you find these simple truths if you ask. We will help you see the value in honoring your own soul. We will help you, in your words, "get back on track."

Dear ones, always and forevermore we will tell you that aligning with the energies of your own heart is an act of aligning with God's grace. This simple shift is far more powerfully able to change your life and your circumstances than any amount of effort you might expend in the human world.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

A natural flow to live

There is time on this earth within each lifetime for everything your soul needs to do in order to feel loved, healthy, happy, and abundant, and while you might not think so, we ask you to examine whether your actions are guided by the head or the heart.

So often dear ones, you fill your days with things you have to do in order to get what you want. You forget to listen to your hearts, to trust God, and to realize that the Creator wants for you a more loving life than one you might even imagine asking. So when when your "to-do" lists appear impossible to do, drop into your heart and ask yourself, "What is my heart's desire right now. Therefore, what is my highest priority right now? God, what do you recommend right now?" You will get an answer. It may seem simple, unrelated to anything you felt you should do, and yet dear ones, trust. Start this exercise, if you like, on days when your tasks do not feel so very important to you. Experiment and see how your days progress.

There is a natural flow to life that is intended for all. You need only tap into that flow to have your days, and your tasks, be lived with greater grace and ease.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Love yourself where you're at

There is within every human heart, a seed of light and a kernel of truth that is present at all times. There will be periods in your life in which this light blossoms brightly within you and periods in which you forget it is there. Nonetheless, dear ones, the light and love of God exists within you at all times. The truth of God's love exists within you, no matter what is going on at the surface of your lives.

It would be our wish that you embrace this truth and refrain from self-criticism and self-deprecation. If would be our wish that even in your most difficult hours you remind yourselves, "God is with me. God's love is in me. God's truth is in me. That is the deepest truth of my being." The rest is at the surface, illusory, temporary, and often not even as solid and real as you think.

You can turn your lives around so quickly dear ones, simply by first of all loving yourself where you are at. If you are upset, scared, sad, tired, allow that within you. Love yourself even in that space. Allow yourself expression, in private in a way that will not harm yourself or another. Allow the energy to flow. Remind yourself that no matter what is going on at the surface of our life, your mind, and your heart, you are nothing less than the love of God in human form. This love, given the chance, will emerge from the depths if you are willing to allow the energy that is present within you at the surface now, to move, to be expressed, to flow in a healthy way. Nothing can dim that light or diminish that truth. Nothing... for God is in all things. God's love exists beneath all feelings, beneath all thoughts, and beneath all circumstances. God's love dear ones, is what you are made of, and that is something you cannot change. You can only decide whether or not you will bring that love to the surface in each and every given moment. The more you do, the more quickly you will move into a kinder and gentler reality.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Create from love, not fear

Take your time as you are considering options for your future. Unless everything in you says, "Yes! This is a direction I want to take," try to avoid creating from a sense of urgency, for urgency is born of fear, not love. You want to create all your dreams because you are in love with them, not because you need them to pacify your fears.

Allow God to help you clarify your intentions. Higher power knows why you came to earth, what you wish to learn, and who/what will serve your spirit in the best fashion. Maybe that person you want to be in relationship with isn't so perfect for you after all. Maybe the job you are longing for isn't what it seems to be. Maybe you are not yet ready to fully enjoy something you are asking for. God in infinite wisdom always wants the most loving outcome for your life.

So when your manifestations are taking a long time to come into your life, ask yourself a few questions, "Is this what I really want, or simply something I think I must create to get what I really want?" "Am I in alignment with this dream?" "Do I truly have faith that I can have it?" "Is there anything I know to do right here and right now, that I am resisting." In answering these questions you will fine tune your energy and in the process refine your ability to manifest your dreams.

For example, so many of you want a a relationship. In all honesty many of you want one to avoid loneliness or to add more interest to life. So, dear ones, what you really want are feelings of being connected and passionate in your life. Are you in alignment with that right now? If not what can you do right now to add more connections and interest to your life?

Likewise many of you want more money in the bank? Why? For some of you it is to feel secure. Ask to feel secure now. For some of you it is because you want to be more generous. Start to be more generous with your heart, your words, and your talents now. For some of you it is because there is something you wish to have the money for. Intend that instead. The soul does not ever get excited about money but it can get excited about the experiences you wish to have with it, if they are truly coming from your heart.

Enjoy your life now. Enjoy this moment. You do not need anything outside of yourself to feel loved, to feel secure, to feel inspired. You have everything you need within. As you tap into what you have inside of yourself, there will you find the energy that is in alignment with your dreams. There you will find the wisdom and guidance to take the very next step. There you will find that you have what you have been seeking all along. The rest is just a joyful out picturing of the very same.

We wish for you an experience of how deeply and dearly you are loved, both from the inside out, and in every aspect of your lives.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Acknowledge your dreams

Rejoice! It is a time of great change upon your planet earth and while everybody seems all stirred up, we in the heavens do not consider that a bad thing. For in reality you are being given an opportunity now in your lives, and hearts, to create change. As always, this change must begin from the inside out.

You will no longer be able ignore the truth in your own hearts. You will notice areas in your life where you were "settling" and no longer wish to "settle." You will see clearly what relationships, situations, and thought patterns truly serve your spirit and which do not. You will feel the stirrings and longings of dreams long forgotten. As always, when truth comes to the surface, be gentle with yourselves. When you look at the difference between that which you long for and that which you have created try not to fall into despair, feelings of victimization, or a sense of inadequacy.

Instead our advice to you is, Rejoice! You have found greater truth within you. You want change. You are once again feeling your hearts, acknowledging your dreams, and being more deeply honest with yourselves. Now the universe can begin to work on your behalf because you are allowing your energy to shine forth without the filters of what you think you should want, who you think you should be, and whether or not you know how to achieve that which you dream of accomplishing. Dear ones, what you do not know, God does. What you cannot achieve on your own, God can assist you with. What you have not yet been able to manifest in your life, God can.

So the very first step when you see these long forgotten dreams, or now unacceptable situations is to acknowledge your heart. "Yes I want this. No I do not. I desire change. I desire assistance in moving myself forward into a kinder and more passionate reality." The very next step is to ask yourself honestly, "Is there anything, in this moment, that feels like the very next step?" If so, do it. If not wait until you receive further guidance. Be vigilant of your own heart for that is where God speaks to you. Be honest about your own feelings. Be patient and faithful, knowing that once you have initiated change simply through your joyful intent and expectation, the universe has been set into motion.

Dear ones, this is not a time for feeling that you have fallen short of the mark, made mistakes, or done anything wrong. It is a time to celebrate that you are seeing more of what is inside of you, more of the Divine light that wishes to surface in your life, and more of what your hearts truly desire. Rejoice! Acknowledge your hearts and then in the very next breath resolve to believe that the very same creator who planted these dreams in your heart will help you to achieve them.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Coordinating Seven billion

So many of you want to hear your guidance. "What should I do to make my dreams come true," you ask us. We would reply very simply, "Drop into your hearts. Ask your heart, "In this moment, what is it you want now dear heart?" This is your guidance. This is your next step. This is the way you gently move into a beautiful future. "How can something so simple work?" you ask us.

Most of you want a grand plan, a blueprint of actions that, if followed will get you where you want to go. We have, however, said this before and must repeat it once again. You have seven billion people on your planet, all with free will, and each one of whom has an infinite number of possible choices in each moment. Furthermore, each choice energetically affects the entirety of creation! God - the infinite love and intelligence that exists within and between all things - reads each choice made by each of those seven billion people, reads your heart and your soul's desires, and then in that very instant guides you to the most appropriate action. The amount of coordination in the Divine mind is inconceivable to the human brain. An analogy would be the the human body in which each nerve, cell, and chemical affects the entirety of the body in each instant, giving feedback, calling forth new action in a miraculous and beautiful dance of coordination.

So when you want to create something in your life, trust that in each moment you are guided. Sometimes the guidance is simple. Get a cup of coffee. Take a nap. Call an old friend. No guidance means you can do whatever you please now because God is working behind the scenes in your life, or perhaps the time for action is not yet right. Trust dear ones. Trust that the same power that coordinates the life in your own body, the intricate interactions of ecosystems, and the stars in the heavens, can and does by its very nature, lovingly guide you.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Don't try to fit life...

Each one of you is a unique, precious, and beautiful soul! Each one of you was designed by the creator to have a unique and beautiful place in creation. Each one of you has your own special light and each one of you matters. So, dear ones, don't compare yourselves with one another. Share your true selves with the world. If someone asks how you are doing, don't say, "Fine," if you are not. How can God send you help if you are not honest with the world. Far better to say, "Well I have a few challenges now," and trust that if the person in front of you is destined to help, they will ask for more information. If they are not, the conversation will move to other topics.

If someone asks what is important to you, tell them the truth. If someone asks your opinion, be honest. Answer from the heart. In this fashion you will attract those of like mind and heart, and gently you will move away from those who do not resonate with you.

It is a wonder to us that humanity finds disagreements so terrifying. We find differences of opinion to be fascinating, because in them we learn more about the many faces and facets of God. If you can disagree with love you can learn. If you can listen to another's perspective and seek to understand, even if not to agree, you can learn. If however, you are in need of agreement to validate your own convictions, perhaps you are not so convinced that your beliefs are right for you, after all!

Likewise, if you find yourself around someone who cannot disagree with love, you can still stand lovingly stand in your own truth while allowing them theirs. They will either leave, push you away, or in the best case, soften up and drop into their hearts. If everyone was honest in this manner, you would sort yourselves out easily into groups of like mind and like heart. There would be no need to argue, impose one's will upon another, or subject one's will to another. One puzzle piece would not say to another, "You must fit me," or "I must fit you!" Instead each piece of a puzzle must be moved around, saying to the next one, "Do you fit me as I am? Do I fit you as you are?" In such a fashion human beings would also find their place in the vast and beautiful web of creation.

Next time there is a disagreement, allow for it. Honor your truth and let the other honor their own. Trust that if you move away from someone who does not fit your life, or whose life you do not fit, you are one step closer to the people with whom you will connect easily and joyfully.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

You want love

Life does not have to be difficult. In reality, you simply want to be happy. You want to feel the Love that exists within all of creation. You want to express the qualities of your soul and share your gifts and talents with others. You want to be seen, acknowledged, and appreciated for the Love that you truly are.

Your soul knows exactly how to create heaven on earth for it knows that heaven is not a place, or a collection of things, but rather a natural state of being in which you feel connected to God, your own heart, and all of creation. “In” heaven, you experience your uniqueness while at the same time your know and experience your unity with the love that lies beneath all of creation. You are loved, cared for, and guided.

Everything you seek upon the earth is something you perceive will give you this feeling of being loved. In reality you already are loved! If you want a new car, having one feels like love. If you want a relationship it is because you want to feel and share love. If you want more money it is because you want to do things that feel like love, share things that feel like love, or have a feeling of security, which feels like love.

Here is the good news dear ones! You do not have to wait for your things, your situations, or your acknowledgment from the world to feel love. You have that love inside of yourself. You can give it to yourself. You can drop into your heart at any given moment in time and ask yourself, “How can I bring more love to the surface in my life right now, given the resources I have right now?” You will get an answer. Sometimes the answer is so simple it seems insignificant, and yet any act of love for self or another IS love, dear ones. And love is a vibration that you all seek.

The more you bring love to the surface, internally first, then in your own life, then in the lives of others, the more it will be reflected back to you in magnificent ways. The things, relationships, and situations that bring you true joy will be brought to you easily and the rest will fall away. You will learn to live in the moment, trust your own heart, and trust that there is a higher power that truly loves you. You will, one moment at a time, be finding that vibration of heaven on earth.

So right now, right after you read this sentence, ask your own heart? What can I do to bring more love to the surface in my own life, right now, given the time, energy, and resources I have… right now? Trust that. Act upon it. Be with it. Do this often, dear ones, for in your heart you will find the keys to the kingdom of heaven here on earth.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Treat your body with love

Treat your bodies with loving kindness dear ones. The energies upon the earth are indeed intense, beautiful, and conducive to change, however they can also wreak havoc upon the body if you are not honoring your soul. Many of you are, as well, clearing and cleaning old energies out of the body. You have handled the issues at the mental and emotional levels, and now they are coming up and out of the body in so many ways! Celebrate your freedom, for once an energy leaves the physical, you are done with it, once and for all. In fact when you incarnate upon the earth, your body is designed with great precision to allow for the gifts you want to share with the world, the lessons you are hoping to learn, and as well, imprints from previous lifetimes that you wish to resolve. Your soul, as always is the driving force which either heals or allows the body to remain in a challenged state of being.

Listen to your bodies. Cultivate a relationship with them as you would with a lover. Treat them with tender, loving care. Stop criticizing them and love them, as you like to say, "warts and all." If something in your body is not to your liking, love it first, then with utmost kindness ask your body how you can help it change. Suppose you have tension in your muscles. Breathe deeply into them and say, "Dearest muscles, I know I am holding you tightly. Please reveal to me how you want me to relax in my life so I can relax you as well." Suppose you have a tumor growing inside of you. Say to it, "Dearest tumor, thank you for showing me what has 'eaten' at me all these years, where I have blocked or resisted the flow of life. Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. I love you. I understand you. Now you are free to go. Reveal unto me the best way to assist you in leaving my body." Then listen to your heart. Answers will be forthcom ing.

Your bodies are not your enemies. Whether you like their shape, size, coloring, or well being, dear ones, they are your friend. They are a reflection of what you wish to share and what you wish to learn. They are teaching you where you can love yourself more. They are teaching you where you have resisted opening up to the love of God/Source/Divinity, and where you have resisted loving others. They are showing you your irritations, frustrations, and fears. They love you! You love you! Whether you believe it or not, you are trying to free your spirit in every way possible in this life on earth, from all that has held you back from feeling love. Your body is not the cause of your problems dear ones. Your body is a reflection of the areas in which illusions of separation still hold you bound. Perhaps these illusions exist in the present, perhaps they were there in the past and you are still striving to release the residual effects from the body. Ask your body... "I s this a condition from my present or my past beliefs."

Also, treat your bodies well. Listen to them. Feed them what they want. Your inner child, lonely teenage self, or a variety of other emotional parts within you may crave certain foods, but ask your body first, "What do you want? What will nourish you?" for in truth when you feel wonderful in the body all parts of you will be more satisfied.

Dear ones we love you - all of you. We love your souls and we love your bodies too. They are perfect vehicles for your evolution in our eyes. Treat them kindly. Make peace with them. Write them a love letter thanking them for all you have put them through, and telling them how you plan to treat them in the future. You are beautiful, dear ones, from the depth and breadth of your soul, and every inch of your human form. Love yourself – all of you, and make peace with this body that is your home upon the earth so it can serve you in ways that feel more wonderful.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

We see the love beneath...

In the heavens we see the love is present in every human thought, word, deed, and interaction – whether this love is brought to the surface and expressed in glorious, kind, and peaceful ways or whether it is buried far beneath the surface and expressed in extremely unevolved, unconscious, and unkind manners. For in truth, love lies within all things, all thoughts, all words, all deeds, and all interactions. In every circumstance upon your earth you are attempting to bring love to the surface, sometimes gracefully and in a helpful manner, sometimes awkwardly and in a painful manner. Nonetheless the desire to find, feel, and express love can be found in every single circumstance upon your earth.

How can this be you ask? How can hurtful actions contain even a whisper of love? When you are angry, dear ones, are you not really wanting to be treated in kinder ways, or wanting someone else to learn a kinder way of being? Maybe you are throwing a tantrum because there is something or someone you love that is not presenting itself/himself/herself to you as you wish, and you don't yet trust that God can bring you love in a kinder way. You are attempting to love yourself, albeit awkwardly. How can someone else's unkind words be an act of love? Well dear ones, they are doing their best to make their feelings known although they do not yet know how to do so with kindness and clarity.

How can sadness be love you ask? If you did not love someone or something you would not be sad about it at all. How can murderers, perpetrators, and others who seem to prey upon the innocent being trying to love you ask? Well dear ones they are in pain and even their heinous actions are a cry for someone to see their pain, feel their pain, and acknowledge their pain.

We are never saying you should allow unkind behaviors into your life, however we are begging you upon the earth to look beneath the surface of human interactions and look for the love that lies beneath. In doing so, you will become as the angels. You will be the ones to have compassion for yourselves and for your fellow human beings, knowing that each one of you is striving to find, feel, and express the very same love... no matter where each of you exists in the vast spectrum of evolution.

Your human evolution, is after all, a journey back to the awareness that there is only One love, and that none of you are ever separate from it. You can feel separate. You can appear separate, but in truth you are not. The sun is always shining behind the clouds, and the One love of the creator exists equally within all of you – no matter what storms of anger or fogs of sadness, appear upon the surface. You will be able to say, "This belongs in my personal reality or it does not, and yet I can still love. I can still pray for the upliftment of those who do not know they contain love within them. I can at least acknowledge this love within me, even when I do not yet see or feel its presence being expressed."

You all want to be loved dear ones. Our wish for you is that you would know how deeply you already are. Can you fathom being looked at with tenderness and appreciation, not only in your best moments but also in what you feel are your worst. Can you imagine angels standing silently by, sending you love, even while you throw tantrums, proclaim that life is unfair, feel alone, and engage so many other human behaviors that appear to be less than loving. Even in those times, especially in those times, we are sending you love and compassion. We understand that you are trying in every moment, if only in the way a innocent child does, to reach for love. Rather than withdrawing our love when you are in difficult spaces, we send you even more. Our love is an appreciation of the beautiful, radiant truth of your being, whether you can see it or not. Our desire is that you could see yourself the way God sees you, the way we see you, the way Love sees you.

Can you imagine what your world could be like if you could give that gift to others - no matter how they are behaving? Can you imagine, when someone is behaving unkindly, being able to say to their soul, "I don't want to engage with you in this unkind dance of energies, and at the same time I know you simply don't understand yourself yet. You are nothing less than light and love of God fashioned into human form and some day, some way, in this life or another, you will come to know the truth of that being. I see it. The rest, I understand, is your attempt to see it as well."

You would transform your world dear ones even if you could do this, even every now and then.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

All of life is an opportunity to love

Never in your life is there anything that occurs without purpose. Never is there anything in your life that does not support your soul's growth, for in reality your life is created by design, whether consciously or otherwise. Your soul is seeking to know God's love. Your soul is seeking to express God's love. And every situation upon your earth is an opportunity to bring more love to the surface in your own hearts - for yourselves and for others - for indeed you are all equal in God's eyes and One in God's love.

So when you find yourself having a challenge, ask yourself, "How can I respect and honor my own spirit in this situation?" You are nothing less than the love and light of God in human form, no matter what your circumstances, thoughts, feeling, or appearances. You are nothing less than love striving to blossom into being. And this is your truth beneath every upset, every sorrow, every feeling of lack, fear, victimization, etc. The sun shines always behind the clouds, and the love that you are lies beneath the surface, waiting to be revealed. So first, ask yourself, how can I be loving to myself in this situation? How can I then, from that space of honoring my true nature, be loving to others involved?

We have said this many times. Love is not always a warm fuzzy feeling. It is an acknowledgement of the truth of your being and the being of all others. Love sometimes means walking away from behaviors that are unkind. Love sometimes means saying, "I love you but I must follow my own path." Love sometimes means setting a healthy boundary with as much kindness as you can find in your heart in that moment. Love sometimes means reaching out and offering a hand to stranger for no reason other than it is in your heart to do so, and love at other times means lovingly declining to assist a friend because God has not put it in your heart to do so. Love, dear ones is always guided. Love is always a directive from the one who created you and sustains your every breath. Love is not "making nice," "sugar coating" or doing a thousand other things that you think of as love on your planet. Love is being kind, honest, authentic, and at the same time hono ring the fact that the same light that lives within you lives within all others as well.

How would you treat yourself if you knew God lay hidden within you. How would you treat others? Every moment in your lives upon the earth gives you an opportunity to answer this question and to bring more love to the surface. How can you, in this very moment you are reading this, be kinder to yourself? How can you find a way to bring love into a difficult situation in your life? Ask God and your angels to guide you in this because we love, dear ones, to help you love and experience love more.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Compassion is love

As so many of you watch the recent natural disasters we want to remind you that the greatest way you could ever assist those who are suffering or in pain is to love them. This love can come in many forms. You can pray for the individuals affected. You can, if you are guided, contribute to the organizations and individuals offering relief. You can sit in a chair, and ask God to show you one individual who needs extra love and then imagine wrapping them in the embrace of your own loving soul. You can send letters when efforts to receive that kind of love are available. If you are in the area you can volunteer your time or services. Of if you are not guided to assist in these ways you can simply pour love into your own life, knowing that the greater number of individuals who choose to live in love and peace, the greater the peace on your entire planet.

There are so many ways to love and assist those in need, but the one thing we ask you to strive to avoid is "feeling bad for" those who have been affected, for in truth "feeling bad" or "feeling pity" has never uplifted a single soul on your planet earth. And although it is very human to do so, strive to change these feelings to feelings of compassion, for compassion is love. Pity says, "Poor you! This should not be! I am glad I am not you right now!" Pity is an energy of judgment, although subtle, and rarely intended.

Compassion, on the other hand says, "Although we are at different places in our journey, I trust there is a greater reason for this, even when I do not understand what this is. I am going to love you through your pain. I will offer you a hand up, rather than sinking in the depths of despair with you I will be a beacon of hope and inspiration for you, for we have all known loss. We have all known confusion. We have all known the fear of not knowing how life is going to work. My heart is your heart and I love you." Compassion is an energy of acceptance, trust, and unconditional love. A compassionate heart knows that there is a higher order to all things, even those that seem incomprehensible and hurtful, and can offer comfort to those in need. For out of every natural disaster, the most amazing acts of human love and kindness arise. Communities bond. The world comes together and sets aside greed, borders, barriers, boundaries, religious, cultural, and ethnic differenc es and realizes you are One human race with the same hearts, the same needs, the same concerns, and in the end, the same Love.

Beautiful hearts, we love you so very much. We know the pain you witness in others tugs and pulls on your hearts. But the sun does not dim to make you comfortable in your struggles. Rather it remains bright, supporting and guiding you, offering the promise of a new day even in the darkness.

Please know that your hearts are only being asked to open more widely, to share from the wealth of love within. And if you are one of those angels affected by the recent events, know that God walks inside and beside you, in the form of so many both in the heavens and on the earth that honor and acknowledge your willingness to uplift the human spirit even in times of your own need.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Add more you to your life

Your lives, dear ones, were never meant to be a dance of survival, but rather a dance of expression in which you allow your light to shine brightly and therefore fit into the great puzzle of life here upon your planet earth. Each of you has certain gifts and talents that can be used at any time in your life, no matter what job you find yourself in, or even if you find yourself without a job.

It is an act of self love to express these gifts and talents. Maybe you are a good listener. Perhaps you give good advice. You might be a healer, an artist, a recycle, a bicycler, an athlete, a leader, a speaker, a writer, a mother, father, lover of life, traveler, etc. The list goes on! Take time to think about the things that people have complimented you on during you lives. Take time to think about what gives your heart joy. And then, dear ones, no more excuses! Start to do the things that give you joy. Start to explore the areas of interest in your life, if only in the smallest measure. Perhaps you are a mother with little time on your hands and yet you long to be an artist. Do art with your children! Perhaps you are a man searching for a job to feed your family but you care about the environment. Volunteer to clean up an area once a month. It is in doing the things you love that you create a vibration that says to the universe, "I am worthy of my own time! I have something to contribute. I have something that gives me joy!" In this joyous space you send out a beacon and the universe, by its very design will send more joy back to you!

Dear ones, do not deprive yourselves... of yourselves! Put more YOU into your lives. Put more joy into your lives, if only in the smallest measure. If you are a giver but can't afford to give, find people who can and match them with receivers. Or leave a penny in the grocery store and bless it. Someone in need of a sign of God's love may have hope inspired from that single selfless gift. It is not the quantity of your actions that counts, but rather the degree of authenticity with which they are achieved, for that is where you send an energy out to the world, and for that you receive the honest echo.

Dear ones, we love you! YOU. The real you. The authentic, wonderful, beautiful, cherished, and treasured you. Put more YOU in your lives this week and see how things begin to change!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Do not wait for the world

Love dear ones is ever present in all things. It is never a question of asking, "How much am I loved?" but rather dear ones, a question of asking, "How much do I love? How much can I embody love? How much love can I find for God, for myself, and then naturally for others?" We are not talking about the warm feelings of romance, but rather an acknowledgment of the goodness within all things.

You feel worthy of love when others love, and yet you are always worthy of love. You feel empowered by the validation of others, and yet God always validates your being. You feel that you have a place on this earth when others acknowledge your right to be, and yet with or without that, you have a right to be.

Dear ones, your value, your worth, and your ability to contribute to humanity in even the quietest of ways is always seen, loved, and acknowledged by the creator. Can you see it? Can you acknowledge it? Can you say yes I am good, worthy of love, and have contributions to make whether or not anyone else ever loves me, gives me this validation, or acknowledges my right to be?

Do not wait for the world to acknowledge you to shine your light! Shine your light and then the world will see who you really are. Do not wait for the world and others to love you. Embody love, and then they will love you in great measure. Do not wait for the world to validate you or your perspectives. They are valid in God's eyes and if you share them with love others of like mind will find you.

Bring God's love to the surface from deep within your being and give yourselves those things you want from others, for in so doing, you will become both a beacon and a magnet to which others of like mind are naturally drawn. Dear ones, you cannot be alone if you abide in God's love, and in that space, we reassure, many others will wish to keep you company as well!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

How much love will you allow

The question, dear ones, is never "How much God does God love you?" but rather, "How much do you love and honor yourselves?" How much love are you willing to bring love to the surface in your lives? How much do you feel you are worth? How deeply do you believe that the power that created you sees your good heart, your pure intentions, and the love attempting to surface beneath your not so pure intentions? Dear ones God - the Love that creates you and sustains you - is present in every facet of creation, in equal measure, just waiting to be allowed to come to the surface, much in the same way the potential to be an oak exists within an acorn, and the potential to bloom into a rose exists even amidst cut branches and sharp thorns. You are the ones that will decide how much of that love you will embrace and experience.

In practical terms dear ones, there will be times when you are tempted to fall into fear and be unloving to yourselves and one another. Still there will be a light inside, a spark of truth that reminds you gently and sweetly, "It feels better to love. It feels better to be kind. It feels better to believe in the truth that you are loved, cared for and guided." It is only fear that causes you to negate your own hearts and thus to negate the love of God that is trying to make itself known in your lives. You all have a right to be. To thine own self be true dear ones because your true self is loving. Your true self realizes that in every feeling and thought you have, love is attempting to surface. When you are angry, ask yourself, "What love is attempting to surface?" When you are sad, "What love is attempting to surface?" Even when you find yourselves being critical, ask, "What love is attempting to surface?"

Love is always attempting to find its way to the surface of your hearts, and therefore to flow into your lives. When you can seek, find, and acknowledge this love within yourselves, you will share it, first with yourselves and then with others. When you find your truth, you can allow others theirs as well. When you see God in your own eyes, you can thens seek the very same in the eyes of others.

Dear ones, we never see you as anything less than the love of God made manifest. We see the light beneath the surface, striving to shine through the fears, upsets, and disappointments, striving to break through the facade of fear. We see the light in you, pushing at the boundaries of your preconceived notions, working every diligently until at long last it will burst free from deep within and thus transform forever your notions of self and the way you live your lives. This love is within you, burning brightly. This love pushes you, coaxes you, guides you, and motivates you. This love, dear ones, is the truth of your being. Set it free. Allow it to surface…. and in so doing, watch your lives become nothing less than a dance of love with all of creation.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The future is a function of now

Stop looking backwards in your lives dear ones. Stop looking at what you could have done, should have done, or what might have been. Stop chastising yourselves for opportunities missed, time wasted, or words either spoken or unspoken. The past is over. You live now. In this moment you have glorious opportunity to bring love to the surface in your lives and thus create magical futures.

Your life is not destined to be the sum total of your past thoughts, words, and deeds, but rather simply a consequence of the energy you choose to embrace now… and now… and now. God does not keep score. The universe does not hold you to account. Only you do this. Can you choose to set yourself free of the past? Can you choose to say, "What is done is done, and today is a new day. Now is a new moment. In this second in time, I can recreate my entire life simply by choosing to love myself, to surrender to where I am at, to look to the future with loving expectation, and then to trust God?" Dear ones, this is truth! This is God's glorious love. This is God's presence breathing in you now, beckoning you to return to Love, reminding you that your future is not born of your past, but rather of your present.

So right now, make a decision. Every time you try to look back to the past, simply look at what you have learned and choose the most loving thoughts, words, and deeds that you can choose right now, even if that is simply to love yourself in a painful or upset moment, or to simply to say, "The best I can do now is to have compassion for myself."

We will say it once again… Your future is not a function of your past, but rather a function of your present – the energy you bring to the surface right here and right now. Choose to bring love to the surface, in even the simplest of ways right here and right now, and you will change the course of your entire existence.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The universe responds to love

We have said this so many times and we will say it as long as we have voices to speak through, God loves you, dear ones, more than you can possibly imagine. God wants to assist you in your lives. And yet God has granted you, upon the earth, free will. The entire universe, by its nature, must respond to the loving vibrations you put out. Aspects of the universe will respond to other vibrations as well. We, the angels, only respond to love. It is in our very design.

The universe is not designed to respond solely to your words or your thoughts, rather it responds to the energy beneath them. This is why you can pray with all sincerity, "God I need help. I need the bills paid. I need to be healed," and see nothing happening, because beneath your words perhaps is an energy that says, "I have lack. I have ill health." Instead dear ones do what it takes to get your energy aligned with your words and your prayers. This is why visualization often works. In visualization you align your imagination with that which gives you joy. And when you find that vibration within you, you are by your very energetic nature, calling it back unto you. When you do anything it takes to feel abundant - smelling the roses, sharing of your gifts with another, etc. - then you are by your very energetic nature, calling abundance unto you.

God is not a parent who gives into your fearful pleas. God instead says, I will support your love, your joy, your growth into an awareness of who you are. I will support truth and only truth, and truth dear ones, is that you are abundant. You are well. You are pure. You are holy. You are loved. Can you find ways to feel those truths in your life, thereby creating them in ever expanding ways? We think you can! You can feel love by being loving. You can feel abundant by being generous. Any frequency you tap into in any way will bring more of that into your life. If you are only "giving to get", that is not from abundance, but rather from lack. If however you give from a loving, and abundant heart, you cannot help but attract those qualities back into your life.

You are creative, brilliant, and beautiful in our eyes. We are constantly whispering to you, "This path feels better. This path feels more loving. This path feels more authentic." We try to guide you in joyful ways. Sometimes you insist on painful lessons... but in time, love will rise up within you and remind you that in the eyes of God, you ARE loved, and you are perfect as you are - even as you grow into a greater understanding of the truth of your being.

And if by some chance you find yourself in fear, anger, or the darker spaces, dear ones, love yourselves. Be compassionate with yourselves. We can and do repsond to this love and amplify even the tiniest amount of love in miraculous ways.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

God loves you. Ask for help.

Dear ones, God loves you. God steers the stars in the heavens and coordinates the entire dance of life. God and your angels want to assist you. You, however, have free will. You can try to solve life's challenges on your own, or you can ask for our assistance. You can allow a closed mind to deem solutions impossible, or you can open your heart and make room for miracles. You can do your part by bringing love into every situation in your life, thus allowing us to do our work, or you can create a cloud of negativity around you that interferes with our ability to assist. We must honor your free will and we must honor the energy that you are putting out.

When you do not know what to do next, try not to stress, strain, or worry. Pray. Trust that God and your angels hear you and will answer your prayers in the most perfect timing to the degree that you will allow. Use your free will to surrender then to what is in front of you and to bring as much love as you possibly can into the given situation, starting with kindness towards yourself and all others involved. This allows you to create a vibration in which it is very easy for us to assist you. In a vibration of love, transformations and miracles are possible. If you insist on remaining in fear, worry, or desperation, we cannot by our very design support those vibrations. We can and must, by our very design, support love.

So, dear ones, next time you find yourself with a challenge, don't try to solve it all by yourselves. You are never "bugging" God or your angels by praying. You are delighting us when you reach out for love. Pray with the expectation that your prayers are being heard. Live and love as if your prayers are being heard. We love you. We are designed to support every bit of love you are trying to create or share in your lives. We hear you and we never ignore you, but we must by our very design, honor only the loving energy you emit with your own free will. Do your part. Pray for assistance. Trust. And know that your willingness to love is the fertile soil for God's miraculous solutions to your life's challenges.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Release yourself from the bondage of expectations

By all means set your intentions for life, but then release yourself from the bondage of expectations. Acknowledge your hearts desires, then in the same breath let go of how you expect they will come about. Let go of how you expect yourself to be. Let go of who you expect others to be. Embrace who you are in each moment and who others are in each moment. Embrace life in each moment.

As you learn to release your expectations you free your spirit. You stop wasting precious time and energy complaining, looking for a validation of how things should be, or comparing life to your expectations. Instead you learn to dance with life. You learn to embrace each moment as it is, and then in the very next breath decide if it is or isn't consistent with your desired intentions. Because you are present you are able to simply say, "What do I do next? What do I say next. How can I love myself, the others, and life in this moment?"

For example, many of you expect to be treated kindly. You expect yourselves to be kind. You expect that if you are a good person you get rewarded and if you are bad you get punished. However, dear ones you live in a world with seven billion people, all of whom have free will, and all of whom are at varying degrees of their spiritual evolution. To hold others, or even yourselves to expectations of perfection is to set yourselves up for upset. Far better to say, "I intend to be kind but when I am not, I will at least be kind to myself until I get back on track." Instead of saying, "I expect others to be kind to me," say, "I intend to keep company only with those who are kind or with those whose unkindnesses I can avoid taking personally. I may not get to choose who crosses my path, but I can choose the company I will keep ." Instead of saying, "I have been good and I expect my reward," say to yourself, "I am good because it is my nature to be good, and I intend to have good things come to me as well."

There is a fine line between intending/creating, and expecting. Expectation hopes for an energy. Intention directs energy. Expectation wishes for calm waters and complains in the storm. Intention steers the ship around the storm, knowing it is already destined for calm.

See if you can live an entire day with no expectations of yourself or life. Say to yourself, "This is my intention for today. I will accept whatever comes across my path, and in the very next moment I will decide what to do to create a reality consistent with my intentions. I will not waste time complaining about life, others, or myself. I will simply say, "I am who I am. Others are who they are. Life is what it is. What's next?" Your intentions will be the compass that steers your choices. See how your life unfolds more powerfully, with less wasted energy, and with more joy when you let go of the bondage of expectations. As your saying goes, "Life happens." Will you accept it and move forward, or will you remain chained to the expectations you once held for it, with your mind moving in circles? Free yourselves dear ones! You hold the key.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Letting go in order to grow

While many of you celebrate the season of spring, the season of Passover, and the season of Easter, we celebrate each and every resurrection of love within you! We celebrate each and every bit of light that blossoms in your heart. We celebrate the magnificent acts of love that you think are so tiny and so insignificant each and every day. There is no such thing as a "small" act of love, dear ones. In our eyes each act of love is a glorious ray of sunshine penetrating even the darkest recesses of the human heart! In our eyes, every act of kindness is cause for celebration in the heavens! In our eyes, every time you choose to acknowledge the good within yourselves, we see and celebrate the unfolding expansion of your hearts.

Now is the perfect time to look at your life and say to yourselves,"What must die within me to give birth to the life I want to live?" Do you need to give up thoughts of lack in order to resurrect abundance? Do you want to give up statements of self-deprecation in order to resurrect love? Do you need to release the clutter in your house to bring new order and life to your life? Celebrate!

It is the season of letting go in order to grow!

The snows must recede to give birth to the flowers. The dead branches in your yards must be trimmed to resurrect your plants. Decorations from the holidays have been tidied up and put away to make room for new celebrations. Why not take advantage of the energies that always come to you at this time of year and ride the waves of release, relief, and renewal?

What habits, which thoughts, what stuff, what situations, patterns, policies, etc. must you release in order to bring new life to your life. Ask yourself this, "If I were already living the life I want, what would no longer be a part of that life." Be honest with yourselves. And then prepare to die unto your "small" selves in even the smallest of ways in order to birth new life, new love, new opportunities, and new joys!

Happy Springtime Dear ones! Happy Passover! Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The only trust you need

Today we wish to speak to you about trust. Trust, dear ones, is not something to be given blindly to others, but rather belongs to God. Do you trust that God loves you?

If you did, then you would never have to worry about whether or not you could trust others. You would instead, trust yourselves. You would trust the still small voice within you. You would trust the sensations in your physical body that say, "This agrees with me," or "This does not." You would trust that others are doing the best they can, but you would also know what behaviors and feelings support your well-being and which ones you can lovingly move away from.

We hear so many of you saying, "I don't trust anybody," or "That's my problem, I am too trusting," when in reality dear ones, God does not ask you to trust in anything other than the goodness that is within all things and the truth that is within your own hearts, minds, bodies, and souls at any given moment in time.

Let us consider a practical example. You want to enter into some sort of agreement with someone. Everyone else tells you how wonderful this individual is. Your gut feels queasy and uncomfortable. Every time you think of the proposition you get a headache or feel tired. Who do you trust here? The potential partner? The others who have raved about him or her? Or are you going to trust the God given truth within you that says, "Perhaps this arrangement is not so good for me after all." You need no justification, no reasons, no explanation. You need only trust your own feelings dear ones, to know what is right for you.

Likewise, suppose everyone around you says, "You can't make a living doing this business you like. How are you going to support yourself?" Yet in spite of these warnings, your heart sings when you think of doing what you love. You receive signs, guidance, and inspiration. Who are you gong to trust here? The fears of others, or the love within your own heart? God speaks in words of love, dear ones, even when warning you. God does not speak in terms of fear. Furthermore, can you trust that even those well meaning individuals who try to dissuade you do so, not because they want to sabotage your dreams, but because they are simply not yet in a space of trusting God themselves. They love you. They are doing their best.

If you can learn to trust that there is goodness in all things, and at the same time base your choices and actions upon trusting the signals that God has programmed within you, then you will never have to worry about whether or not you can trust others. You would blossom as surely as the wildflowers who simply need to feel the impulses from within to grow among the weeds and burst into fullness each springtime. Trust God, dear ones. Trust yourselves. The question of trusting others will no longer be relevant when you listen to the signals of the Source that wants only good for each and every one of you.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Using your free will wisely

Today we wish to speak to you on the topic of "willfulness." You will is a great gift. You can use it motivate yourself when your heart is willing but your mind is weak. You can use it to create movement in spite of life's obstacles. However, you can also use it to rebel against your hearts, much as a child can rebel against those in authority when feeling out of sorts.

The question you must ask yourself regularly is, "Am I using my will to align with my heart, or am I using my will to stubbornly resist that within me which I know to be true?" A will aligned with God, aligned with good, aligned with your own hearts is a powerful force! A will aligned with all your "shoulds," preconceived notions, and other conditioning is also a powerful force. One leads you to heaven. The other prevents you from accessing the very same.

So how do you know if you are using your will to push through obstacles, or to resist your own hearts? The answer is simple dear ones. Aligning your will with God/love/truth creates inspired action. It opens you to receive the blessings of Divine Love flowing through you and all of life. You will be energized, inspired, and even in spite of monumental efforts, you will not feel as if you are struggling. When you are using your will to resist your own hearts, you are resisting the currents of God's grace in your life. You will feel as if you are struggling. You will feel as if you are alone. Indeed dear ones, God is always with you but you can, metaphorically speaking, hold His hand or not.

Suppose you are trying to accomplish a project. You are inspired by this project. However, on a particular day nothing is flowing easily. You want to accomplish your project but, in your human terms, you feel as if you are "beating your head against the wall." In this case you can acknowledge, "Yes I'd like to get that project done, but today nothing is flowing easily. OK heart, God, truth, what do you want for me today?" You will get an answer. Perhaps the timing is off. Perhaps there are other things more important to your soul right now. When a project is not flowing easily that does not mean it is wrong or misaligned with your heart. God may just know a better timing for your efforts.

If however, in our example above, you were to continue to struggle, continue to use your willfulness to forge ahead on your project with a great deal of struggle and no joy, then dear ones, we must by our very nature, step aside and continue to whisper every so gently, "Not now. Not today."

God does want your joy. God does want your dreams to come true. God does want to assist you. But there are times when the way you wish to see something accomplished is not the best or easiest way it can be achieved. God knows this. You may not. So try to drop into your hearts and use your will to align with them, living in trust that God loves you too much to support you in anything less than the most loving path for your life. Your will is a powerful tool dear ones, given to you in the hopes you will use it to align with a loving reality for your own life.