Saturday, January 12, 2013

Believe you are loved...

Take heart dear ones, it is indeed a new year, and a time of spiritual renewal for those who have chosen to stay here upon the planet earth. It is a time when your growth is going to be just a little bit easier if you choose to align your minds and hearts with God, with love, with truth. For in truth dear ones, that is what you are all seeking. You are all wanting to feel more of God's love in your life. This is where you originated and this is you final destination. Why not include this love in every moment here in your journey upon the earth.

When things do not look as you wish, choose to believe you are loved. When people do not act as you wish, choose to be loving to yourself first, and from there to them as well. When circumstances are not yet as you wish, choose to believe that if you hold steadfast to your visions and dreams and the truth of God's love, then they will come about in perfect alignment with the entire universe.

For in truth, dear friends you are on the earth because you forgot that God's love is a constant. When you are not experiencing a loving reality, connect back to the truth of God's love. Pray to be aligned with God's will in your life, and then trust the urgings that arise in your hearts. We have said this time and again, in so many ways, and yet you cannot hear this enough - God loves you. God guides you. God is there with you, in you, and expressing through you at every moment in your life, to the degree you are willing to let love be your guide.

So this year, no matter what others choose, no matter the world circumstances, no matter what others say is possible, say to yourself, "I believe in God's love. I believe in God's wisdom. I have these inside of me and these are the eternal qualities I wish to bring to the surface in my life." For in so doing, you transform your reality and one by one, your world.