Saturday, March 30, 2013

Letting go in order to grow

While many of you celebrate the season of spring, the season of Passover, and the season of Easter, we celebrate each and every resurrection of love within you! We celebrate each and every bit of light that blossoms in your heart. We celebrate the magnificent acts of love that you think are so tiny and so insignificant each and every day. There is no such thing as a "small" act of love, dear ones. In our eyes each act of love is a glorious ray of sunshine penetrating even the darkest recesses of the human heart! In our eyes, every act of kindness is cause for celebration in the heavens! In our eyes, every time you choose to acknowledge the good within yourselves, we see and celebrate the unfolding expansion of your hearts.

Now is the perfect time to look at your life and say to yourselves,"What must die within me to give birth to the life I want to live?" Do you need to give up thoughts of lack in order to resurrect abundance? Do you want to give up statements of self-deprecation in order to resurrect love? Do you need to release the clutter in your house to bring new order and life to your life? Celebrate!

It is the season of letting go in order to grow!

The snows must recede to give birth to the flowers. The dead branches in your yards must be trimmed to resurrect your plants. Decorations from the holidays have been tidied up and put away to make room for new celebrations. Why not take advantage of the energies that always come to you at this time of year and ride the waves of release, relief, and renewal?

What habits, which thoughts, what stuff, what situations, patterns, policies, etc. must you release in order to bring new life to your life. Ask yourself this, "If I were already living the life I want, what would no longer be a part of that life." Be honest with yourselves. And then prepare to die unto your "small" selves in even the smallest of ways in order to birth new life, new love, new opportunities, and new joys!

Happy Springtime Dear ones! Happy Passover! Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The only trust you need

Today we wish to speak to you about trust. Trust, dear ones, is not something to be given blindly to others, but rather belongs to God. Do you trust that God loves you?

If you did, then you would never have to worry about whether or not you could trust others. You would instead, trust yourselves. You would trust the still small voice within you. You would trust the sensations in your physical body that say, "This agrees with me," or "This does not." You would trust that others are doing the best they can, but you would also know what behaviors and feelings support your well-being and which ones you can lovingly move away from.

We hear so many of you saying, "I don't trust anybody," or "That's my problem, I am too trusting," when in reality dear ones, God does not ask you to trust in anything other than the goodness that is within all things and the truth that is within your own hearts, minds, bodies, and souls at any given moment in time.

Let us consider a practical example. You want to enter into some sort of agreement with someone. Everyone else tells you how wonderful this individual is. Your gut feels queasy and uncomfortable. Every time you think of the proposition you get a headache or feel tired. Who do you trust here? The potential partner? The others who have raved about him or her? Or are you going to trust the God given truth within you that says, "Perhaps this arrangement is not so good for me after all." You need no justification, no reasons, no explanation. You need only trust your own feelings dear ones, to know what is right for you.

Likewise, suppose everyone around you says, "You can't make a living doing this business you like. How are you going to support yourself?" Yet in spite of these warnings, your heart sings when you think of doing what you love. You receive signs, guidance, and inspiration. Who are you gong to trust here? The fears of others, or the love within your own heart? God speaks in words of love, dear ones, even when warning you. God does not speak in terms of fear. Furthermore, can you trust that even those well meaning individuals who try to dissuade you do so, not because they want to sabotage your dreams, but because they are simply not yet in a space of trusting God themselves. They love you. They are doing their best.

If you can learn to trust that there is goodness in all things, and at the same time base your choices and actions upon trusting the signals that God has programmed within you, then you will never have to worry about whether or not you can trust others. You would blossom as surely as the wildflowers who simply need to feel the impulses from within to grow among the weeds and burst into fullness each springtime. Trust God, dear ones. Trust yourselves. The question of trusting others will no longer be relevant when you listen to the signals of the Source that wants only good for each and every one of you.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Using your free will wisely

Today we wish to speak to you on the topic of "willfulness." You will is a great gift. You can use it motivate yourself when your heart is willing but your mind is weak. You can use it to create movement in spite of life's obstacles. However, you can also use it to rebel against your hearts, much as a child can rebel against those in authority when feeling out of sorts.

The question you must ask yourself regularly is, "Am I using my will to align with my heart, or am I using my will to stubbornly resist that within me which I know to be true?" A will aligned with God, aligned with good, aligned with your own hearts is a powerful force! A will aligned with all your "shoulds," preconceived notions, and other conditioning is also a powerful force. One leads you to heaven. The other prevents you from accessing the very same.

So how do you know if you are using your will to push through obstacles, or to resist your own hearts? The answer is simple dear ones. Aligning your will with God/love/truth creates inspired action. It opens you to receive the blessings of Divine Love flowing through you and all of life. You will be energized, inspired, and even in spite of monumental efforts, you will not feel as if you are struggling. When you are using your will to resist your own hearts, you are resisting the currents of God's grace in your life. You will feel as if you are struggling. You will feel as if you are alone. Indeed dear ones, God is always with you but you can, metaphorically speaking, hold His hand or not.

Suppose you are trying to accomplish a project. You are inspired by this project. However, on a particular day nothing is flowing easily. You want to accomplish your project but, in your human terms, you feel as if you are "beating your head against the wall." In this case you can acknowledge, "Yes I'd like to get that project done, but today nothing is flowing easily. OK heart, God, truth, what do you want for me today?" You will get an answer. Perhaps the timing is off. Perhaps there are other things more important to your soul right now. When a project is not flowing easily that does not mean it is wrong or misaligned with your heart. God may just know a better timing for your efforts.

If however, in our example above, you were to continue to struggle, continue to use your willfulness to forge ahead on your project with a great deal of struggle and no joy, then dear ones, we must by our very nature, step aside and continue to whisper every so gently, "Not now. Not today."

God does want your joy. God does want your dreams to come true. God does want to assist you. But there are times when the way you wish to see something accomplished is not the best or easiest way it can be achieved. God knows this. You may not. So try to drop into your hearts and use your will to align with them, living in trust that God loves you too much to support you in anything less than the most loving path for your life. Your will is a powerful tool dear ones, given to you in the hopes you will use it to align with a loving reality for your own life.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Obedience to love

Today we are going to speak of obedience. It is a word which, for many of you, conjures up images of sitting up straight in school and having to listen to your parents, teachers, and authority figures. It is a word that often brings memories of reward or punishment, or not-so-pleasant memories of being forced to behave in ways that you felt were rigid or confining. It is a word used to describe the behaviors of those who serve in religious orders, and a word otherwise not often used in spiritual circles. And yet, dear ones, this word is ripe with rich possibility for improving your own lives.

In truth, even though you think of yourselves as "free" you are are always obeying something. Your true freedom comes in being able to choose which thoughts you will serve and which impulses you will obey. Will you, through fearful choices and limited thinking, obey the dictates of your society, your culture, and your conditioning? Or will you choose to obey the still, small voice of love that rises up within you - the voice of God that wishes to guide you to a life more amazing than anything you have ever dreamt? Will you obey love, or fear? Will you obey limitations or endless possibility? Will you obey the spontaneous, passionate, and joyful impulses that touch your hearts in a given moment, or will you over-think them until the spark is diminished and the guidance has passed? Will you, like innocent children, obey the call to joy or will you push that natural delight aside as frivolous and impractical?

Consider a very practical example. Someone you love angers you. You have a fearful desire to strike back, to say something hurtful, and yet deep down in your heart the true desire is for comfort for yourself, for understanding, for greater connection, or at a minimum a longing for peace. Your conditioning teaches you to strike back. Your heart teaches you to seek peace. Which will you choose? Likewise, say you have an impulse and a desire to study something that seems to have nothing to do with income or "usefulness" in your life? Will you listen to your heart and enjoy this activity, or will you reason it away?

God loves you no matter what. We love you no matter what. There is never any judgment in the heavens. We simply know that obeying the deeper and more loving truths in your own hearts will make you happier. You may have to overcome conditioning to do so, but learning to condition yourself to obey the truth in the depths of your hearts will bring you indescribable joy.

Dear ones, the angels live in obedience to love and it is our greatest joy to do so. We want, with all our hearts, to share with you that living in obedience to love is the greatest freedom you could ever experience in a given lifetime. It is the freedom to live beyond the confines and limitations of human thought. It is the freedom to experience the miraculous in your life.

If your choices in life are based only on what feels safe, known, and comfortable, then you begin to live inside the very tiny and confined set of possibilities that you or those around you have validated. If instead, you allow yourself to be open to new ideas, new passions, new interests, and new sparks of inspiration, then you are living a life in trust, opening up to the miraculous, and like the stars in the heavens, obeying a power that wants nothing more for you than to experience a love and a life beyond your wildest dreams. Obey the loving impulses in your own hearts dear ones, for these are inspirations from God.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Loving them through it

The last few weeks we have been discussing how you can help others by remaining in a space of love, rather than falling into the darker spaces as well. You can hold the hands of the grieving without getting sad, if you remain in a space of love. You can be attacked by angry words, without getting angry, if you remain in a space of love. And you can watch the news without despair, while remaining in a space of love. We know this is not what the majority of you were taught. We know this is not what most of you saw demonstrated as you were learning to react to life. And yet how much more beautifully powerful it would be if you knew that rather than joining misery to keep it company you can lift the willing out of their misery by the sheer grace of your love and compassion.

What makes people sad dear ones? It is of course, when life does not go the way they wished it would go. You lose a loved one. You make a mistake. You miss an opportunity. And in the aftermath of loss or regret, you might be very, very sad. In that moment you may feel as if you cannot love yourself or as if life does not love you. In that moment what you need most of all is reassurance that you are loved... that people love you and most of all, that God loves you. So when you assist the grieving, love them. Hug them. Assist them in ways that might be very practical. Don't try to fix them or save them, dear ones, Let them have their grief, for no one can steal that love from them. Even in grief dear ones, you are attempting to find love that seems lost. Love them through it.

Likewise some people get angry when life is not as they wish. Some people get angry when they do not feel they are being heard, cared for, or understood. Again, the angry need love. They do not need your anger aimed back at them, making them feel even more misunderstood and unloved. They often need someone who will simply listen to them, without judgment, someone who can say, "Yes I see why you are angry." That someone may or may not authentically be you. Perhaps you are not ready for that level of love and compassion, or perhaps they are not ready yet to receive it. Only you will know in any given situation. In some cases, it makes far more loving sense to move away from an angry soul and simply pray for them rather than choosing to remain a target. You will know what feels most loving and right in any given situation. Your heart knows. Your mind may want to fight back when anger is aimed at you but if you can drop into your heart you will see that choosing a lovin g action, first for yourself then the other, is far more powerful.

So what do you do if you are the ones who are sad or angry? Dear ones, we would say first and foremost, accept your own feelings. You want love. You want comfort. You want to be heard. Don't push the sadness or anger away, but rather dig deep and find what love is needed beneath it. Then, from a place of honesty reach out for authentic help. Reach out for a compassionate ear, for someone who is willing to hear you, comfort you, and assist you. Don't look for those who will add to your sadness, or amplify your anger, because that is not the way out of your pain. Seek out those who will love you, listen to you, and when you are ready, share a greater truth with you.

When we suggest that you don't keep misery company, we are simply asking you to realize that being in a state of love is the most powerful way to assist those in need. When you are in darker spaces, you will be much happier seeking love instead of trying to draw others into the darkness with you. When you are in the lighter space, you need to stay in a loving space to truly be of any real assistance.

We know this is not always easy. We know much of the world would rather validate its own pain rather than seek a loving solution. And yet you are the carriers of God's truth and God's light. You are seeking a way to create a better life for yourself and those around you. And so dear ones, we speak loving words of truth, touching your hearts, telling you that you CAN love even when it is not easy. You will reap rich rewards for this because as you love, so too you can feel the love of God flowing through your entire being. As you reach out when in need to receive love, you will feel God's love as well. And this is the beauty of the movement of God through the human race... when those willing to give and those willing to receive find one another and allow God to move through them.