Saturday, March 02, 2013

Loving them through it

The last few weeks we have been discussing how you can help others by remaining in a space of love, rather than falling into the darker spaces as well. You can hold the hands of the grieving without getting sad, if you remain in a space of love. You can be attacked by angry words, without getting angry, if you remain in a space of love. And you can watch the news without despair, while remaining in a space of love. We know this is not what the majority of you were taught. We know this is not what most of you saw demonstrated as you were learning to react to life. And yet how much more beautifully powerful it would be if you knew that rather than joining misery to keep it company you can lift the willing out of their misery by the sheer grace of your love and compassion.

What makes people sad dear ones? It is of course, when life does not go the way they wished it would go. You lose a loved one. You make a mistake. You miss an opportunity. And in the aftermath of loss or regret, you might be very, very sad. In that moment you may feel as if you cannot love yourself or as if life does not love you. In that moment what you need most of all is reassurance that you are loved... that people love you and most of all, that God loves you. So when you assist the grieving, love them. Hug them. Assist them in ways that might be very practical. Don't try to fix them or save them, dear ones, Let them have their grief, for no one can steal that love from them. Even in grief dear ones, you are attempting to find love that seems lost. Love them through it.

Likewise some people get angry when life is not as they wish. Some people get angry when they do not feel they are being heard, cared for, or understood. Again, the angry need love. They do not need your anger aimed back at them, making them feel even more misunderstood and unloved. They often need someone who will simply listen to them, without judgment, someone who can say, "Yes I see why you are angry." That someone may or may not authentically be you. Perhaps you are not ready for that level of love and compassion, or perhaps they are not ready yet to receive it. Only you will know in any given situation. In some cases, it makes far more loving sense to move away from an angry soul and simply pray for them rather than choosing to remain a target. You will know what feels most loving and right in any given situation. Your heart knows. Your mind may want to fight back when anger is aimed at you but if you can drop into your heart you will see that choosing a lovin g action, first for yourself then the other, is far more powerful.

So what do you do if you are the ones who are sad or angry? Dear ones, we would say first and foremost, accept your own feelings. You want love. You want comfort. You want to be heard. Don't push the sadness or anger away, but rather dig deep and find what love is needed beneath it. Then, from a place of honesty reach out for authentic help. Reach out for a compassionate ear, for someone who is willing to hear you, comfort you, and assist you. Don't look for those who will add to your sadness, or amplify your anger, because that is not the way out of your pain. Seek out those who will love you, listen to you, and when you are ready, share a greater truth with you.

When we suggest that you don't keep misery company, we are simply asking you to realize that being in a state of love is the most powerful way to assist those in need. When you are in darker spaces, you will be much happier seeking love instead of trying to draw others into the darkness with you. When you are in the lighter space, you need to stay in a loving space to truly be of any real assistance.

We know this is not always easy. We know much of the world would rather validate its own pain rather than seek a loving solution. And yet you are the carriers of God's truth and God's light. You are seeking a way to create a better life for yourself and those around you. And so dear ones, we speak loving words of truth, touching your hearts, telling you that you CAN love even when it is not easy. You will reap rich rewards for this because as you love, so too you can feel the love of God flowing through your entire being. As you reach out when in need to receive love, you will feel God's love as well. And this is the beauty of the movement of God through the human race... when those willing to give and those willing to receive find one another and allow God to move through them.