Wednesday, April 10, 2013

God loves you. Ask for help.

Dear ones, God loves you. God steers the stars in the heavens and coordinates the entire dance of life. God and your angels want to assist you. You, however, have free will. You can try to solve life's challenges on your own, or you can ask for our assistance. You can allow a closed mind to deem solutions impossible, or you can open your heart and make room for miracles. You can do your part by bringing love into every situation in your life, thus allowing us to do our work, or you can create a cloud of negativity around you that interferes with our ability to assist. We must honor your free will and we must honor the energy that you are putting out.

When you do not know what to do next, try not to stress, strain, or worry. Pray. Trust that God and your angels hear you and will answer your prayers in the most perfect timing to the degree that you will allow. Use your free will to surrender then to what is in front of you and to bring as much love as you possibly can into the given situation, starting with kindness towards yourself and all others involved. This allows you to create a vibration in which it is very easy for us to assist you. In a vibration of love, transformations and miracles are possible. If you insist on remaining in fear, worry, or desperation, we cannot by our very design support those vibrations. We can and must, by our very design, support love.

So, dear ones, next time you find yourself with a challenge, don't try to solve it all by yourselves. You are never "bugging" God or your angels by praying. You are delighting us when you reach out for love. Pray with the expectation that your prayers are being heard. Live and love as if your prayers are being heard. We love you. We are designed to support every bit of love you are trying to create or share in your lives. We hear you and we never ignore you, but we must by our very design, honor only the loving energy you emit with your own free will. Do your part. Pray for assistance. Trust. And know that your willingness to love is the fertile soil for God's miraculous solutions to your life's challenges.