Saturday, May 25, 2013

Compassion is love

As so many of you watch the recent natural disasters we want to remind you that the greatest way you could ever assist those who are suffering or in pain is to love them. This love can come in many forms. You can pray for the individuals affected. You can, if you are guided, contribute to the organizations and individuals offering relief. You can sit in a chair, and ask God to show you one individual who needs extra love and then imagine wrapping them in the embrace of your own loving soul. You can send letters when efforts to receive that kind of love are available. If you are in the area you can volunteer your time or services. Of if you are not guided to assist in these ways you can simply pour love into your own life, knowing that the greater number of individuals who choose to live in love and peace, the greater the peace on your entire planet.

There are so many ways to love and assist those in need, but the one thing we ask you to strive to avoid is "feeling bad for" those who have been affected, for in truth "feeling bad" or "feeling pity" has never uplifted a single soul on your planet earth. And although it is very human to do so, strive to change these feelings to feelings of compassion, for compassion is love. Pity says, "Poor you! This should not be! I am glad I am not you right now!" Pity is an energy of judgment, although subtle, and rarely intended.

Compassion, on the other hand says, "Although we are at different places in our journey, I trust there is a greater reason for this, even when I do not understand what this is. I am going to love you through your pain. I will offer you a hand up, rather than sinking in the depths of despair with you I will be a beacon of hope and inspiration for you, for we have all known loss. We have all known confusion. We have all known the fear of not knowing how life is going to work. My heart is your heart and I love you." Compassion is an energy of acceptance, trust, and unconditional love. A compassionate heart knows that there is a higher order to all things, even those that seem incomprehensible and hurtful, and can offer comfort to those in need. For out of every natural disaster, the most amazing acts of human love and kindness arise. Communities bond. The world comes together and sets aside greed, borders, barriers, boundaries, religious, cultural, and ethnic differenc es and realizes you are One human race with the same hearts, the same needs, the same concerns, and in the end, the same Love.

Beautiful hearts, we love you so very much. We know the pain you witness in others tugs and pulls on your hearts. But the sun does not dim to make you comfortable in your struggles. Rather it remains bright, supporting and guiding you, offering the promise of a new day even in the darkness.

Please know that your hearts are only being asked to open more widely, to share from the wealth of love within. And if you are one of those angels affected by the recent events, know that God walks inside and beside you, in the form of so many both in the heavens and on the earth that honor and acknowledge your willingness to uplift the human spirit even in times of your own need.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Add more you to your life

Your lives, dear ones, were never meant to be a dance of survival, but rather a dance of expression in which you allow your light to shine brightly and therefore fit into the great puzzle of life here upon your planet earth. Each of you has certain gifts and talents that can be used at any time in your life, no matter what job you find yourself in, or even if you find yourself without a job.

It is an act of self love to express these gifts and talents. Maybe you are a good listener. Perhaps you give good advice. You might be a healer, an artist, a recycle, a bicycler, an athlete, a leader, a speaker, a writer, a mother, father, lover of life, traveler, etc. The list goes on! Take time to think about the things that people have complimented you on during you lives. Take time to think about what gives your heart joy. And then, dear ones, no more excuses! Start to do the things that give you joy. Start to explore the areas of interest in your life, if only in the smallest measure. Perhaps you are a mother with little time on your hands and yet you long to be an artist. Do art with your children! Perhaps you are a man searching for a job to feed your family but you care about the environment. Volunteer to clean up an area once a month. It is in doing the things you love that you create a vibration that says to the universe, "I am worthy of my own time! I have something to contribute. I have something that gives me joy!" In this joyous space you send out a beacon and the universe, by its very design will send more joy back to you!

Dear ones, do not deprive yourselves... of yourselves! Put more YOU into your lives. Put more joy into your lives, if only in the smallest measure. If you are a giver but can't afford to give, find people who can and match them with receivers. Or leave a penny in the grocery store and bless it. Someone in need of a sign of God's love may have hope inspired from that single selfless gift. It is not the quantity of your actions that counts, but rather the degree of authenticity with which they are achieved, for that is where you send an energy out to the world, and for that you receive the honest echo.

Dear ones, we love you! YOU. The real you. The authentic, wonderful, beautiful, cherished, and treasured you. Put more YOU in your lives this week and see how things begin to change!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Do not wait for the world

Love dear ones is ever present in all things. It is never a question of asking, "How much am I loved?" but rather dear ones, a question of asking, "How much do I love? How much can I embody love? How much love can I find for God, for myself, and then naturally for others?" We are not talking about the warm feelings of romance, but rather an acknowledgment of the goodness within all things.

You feel worthy of love when others love, and yet you are always worthy of love. You feel empowered by the validation of others, and yet God always validates your being. You feel that you have a place on this earth when others acknowledge your right to be, and yet with or without that, you have a right to be.

Dear ones, your value, your worth, and your ability to contribute to humanity in even the quietest of ways is always seen, loved, and acknowledged by the creator. Can you see it? Can you acknowledge it? Can you say yes I am good, worthy of love, and have contributions to make whether or not anyone else ever loves me, gives me this validation, or acknowledges my right to be?

Do not wait for the world to acknowledge you to shine your light! Shine your light and then the world will see who you really are. Do not wait for the world and others to love you. Embody love, and then they will love you in great measure. Do not wait for the world to validate you or your perspectives. They are valid in God's eyes and if you share them with love others of like mind will find you.

Bring God's love to the surface from deep within your being and give yourselves those things you want from others, for in so doing, you will become both a beacon and a magnet to which others of like mind are naturally drawn. Dear ones, you cannot be alone if you abide in God's love, and in that space, we reassure, many others will wish to keep you company as well!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

How much love will you allow

The question, dear ones, is never "How much God does God love you?" but rather, "How much do you love and honor yourselves?" How much love are you willing to bring love to the surface in your lives? How much do you feel you are worth? How deeply do you believe that the power that created you sees your good heart, your pure intentions, and the love attempting to surface beneath your not so pure intentions? Dear ones God - the Love that creates you and sustains you - is present in every facet of creation, in equal measure, just waiting to be allowed to come to the surface, much in the same way the potential to be an oak exists within an acorn, and the potential to bloom into a rose exists even amidst cut branches and sharp thorns. You are the ones that will decide how much of that love you will embrace and experience.

In practical terms dear ones, there will be times when you are tempted to fall into fear and be unloving to yourselves and one another. Still there will be a light inside, a spark of truth that reminds you gently and sweetly, "It feels better to love. It feels better to be kind. It feels better to believe in the truth that you are loved, cared for and guided." It is only fear that causes you to negate your own hearts and thus to negate the love of God that is trying to make itself known in your lives. You all have a right to be. To thine own self be true dear ones because your true self is loving. Your true self realizes that in every feeling and thought you have, love is attempting to surface. When you are angry, ask yourself, "What love is attempting to surface?" When you are sad, "What love is attempting to surface?" Even when you find yourselves being critical, ask, "What love is attempting to surface?"

Love is always attempting to find its way to the surface of your hearts, and therefore to flow into your lives. When you can seek, find, and acknowledge this love within yourselves, you will share it, first with yourselves and then with others. When you find your truth, you can allow others theirs as well. When you see God in your own eyes, you can thens seek the very same in the eyes of others.

Dear ones, we never see you as anything less than the love of God made manifest. We see the light beneath the surface, striving to shine through the fears, upsets, and disappointments, striving to break through the facade of fear. We see the light in you, pushing at the boundaries of your preconceived notions, working every diligently until at long last it will burst free from deep within and thus transform forever your notions of self and the way you live your lives. This love is within you, burning brightly. This love pushes you, coaxes you, guides you, and motivates you. This love, dear ones, is the truth of your being. Set it free. Allow it to surface…. and in so doing, watch your lives become nothing less than a dance of love with all of creation.