Saturday, May 11, 2013

Do not wait for the world

Love dear ones is ever present in all things. It is never a question of asking, "How much am I loved?" but rather dear ones, a question of asking, "How much do I love? How much can I embody love? How much love can I find for God, for myself, and then naturally for others?" We are not talking about the warm feelings of romance, but rather an acknowledgment of the goodness within all things.

You feel worthy of love when others love, and yet you are always worthy of love. You feel empowered by the validation of others, and yet God always validates your being. You feel that you have a place on this earth when others acknowledge your right to be, and yet with or without that, you have a right to be.

Dear ones, your value, your worth, and your ability to contribute to humanity in even the quietest of ways is always seen, loved, and acknowledged by the creator. Can you see it? Can you acknowledge it? Can you say yes I am good, worthy of love, and have contributions to make whether or not anyone else ever loves me, gives me this validation, or acknowledges my right to be?

Do not wait for the world to acknowledge you to shine your light! Shine your light and then the world will see who you really are. Do not wait for the world and others to love you. Embody love, and then they will love you in great measure. Do not wait for the world to validate you or your perspectives. They are valid in God's eyes and if you share them with love others of like mind will find you.

Bring God's love to the surface from deep within your being and give yourselves those things you want from others, for in so doing, you will become both a beacon and a magnet to which others of like mind are naturally drawn. Dear ones, you cannot be alone if you abide in God's love, and in that space, we reassure, many others will wish to keep you company as well!