Saturday, May 04, 2013

How much love will you allow

The question, dear ones, is never "How much God does God love you?" but rather, "How much do you love and honor yourselves?" How much love are you willing to bring love to the surface in your lives? How much do you feel you are worth? How deeply do you believe that the power that created you sees your good heart, your pure intentions, and the love attempting to surface beneath your not so pure intentions? Dear ones God - the Love that creates you and sustains you - is present in every facet of creation, in equal measure, just waiting to be allowed to come to the surface, much in the same way the potential to be an oak exists within an acorn, and the potential to bloom into a rose exists even amidst cut branches and sharp thorns. You are the ones that will decide how much of that love you will embrace and experience.

In practical terms dear ones, there will be times when you are tempted to fall into fear and be unloving to yourselves and one another. Still there will be a light inside, a spark of truth that reminds you gently and sweetly, "It feels better to love. It feels better to be kind. It feels better to believe in the truth that you are loved, cared for and guided." It is only fear that causes you to negate your own hearts and thus to negate the love of God that is trying to make itself known in your lives. You all have a right to be. To thine own self be true dear ones because your true self is loving. Your true self realizes that in every feeling and thought you have, love is attempting to surface. When you are angry, ask yourself, "What love is attempting to surface?" When you are sad, "What love is attempting to surface?" Even when you find yourselves being critical, ask, "What love is attempting to surface?"

Love is always attempting to find its way to the surface of your hearts, and therefore to flow into your lives. When you can seek, find, and acknowledge this love within yourselves, you will share it, first with yourselves and then with others. When you find your truth, you can allow others theirs as well. When you see God in your own eyes, you can thens seek the very same in the eyes of others.

Dear ones, we never see you as anything less than the love of God made manifest. We see the light beneath the surface, striving to shine through the fears, upsets, and disappointments, striving to break through the facade of fear. We see the light in you, pushing at the boundaries of your preconceived notions, working every diligently until at long last it will burst free from deep within and thus transform forever your notions of self and the way you live your lives. This love is within you, burning brightly. This love pushes you, coaxes you, guides you, and motivates you. This love, dear ones, is the truth of your being. Set it free. Allow it to surface…. and in so doing, watch your lives become nothing less than a dance of love with all of creation.