Saturday, June 29, 2013

Don't try to fit life...

Each one of you is a unique, precious, and beautiful soul! Each one of you was designed by the creator to have a unique and beautiful place in creation. Each one of you has your own special light and each one of you matters. So, dear ones, don't compare yourselves with one another. Share your true selves with the world. If someone asks how you are doing, don't say, "Fine," if you are not. How can God send you help if you are not honest with the world. Far better to say, "Well I have a few challenges now," and trust that if the person in front of you is destined to help, they will ask for more information. If they are not, the conversation will move to other topics.

If someone asks what is important to you, tell them the truth. If someone asks your opinion, be honest. Answer from the heart. In this fashion you will attract those of like mind and heart, and gently you will move away from those who do not resonate with you.

It is a wonder to us that humanity finds disagreements so terrifying. We find differences of opinion to be fascinating, because in them we learn more about the many faces and facets of God. If you can disagree with love you can learn. If you can listen to another's perspective and seek to understand, even if not to agree, you can learn. If however, you are in need of agreement to validate your own convictions, perhaps you are not so convinced that your beliefs are right for you, after all!

Likewise, if you find yourself around someone who cannot disagree with love, you can still stand lovingly stand in your own truth while allowing them theirs. They will either leave, push you away, or in the best case, soften up and drop into their hearts. If everyone was honest in this manner, you would sort yourselves out easily into groups of like mind and like heart. There would be no need to argue, impose one's will upon another, or subject one's will to another. One puzzle piece would not say to another, "You must fit me," or "I must fit you!" Instead each piece of a puzzle must be moved around, saying to the next one, "Do you fit me as I am? Do I fit you as you are?" In such a fashion human beings would also find their place in the vast and beautiful web of creation.

Next time there is a disagreement, allow for it. Honor your truth and let the other honor their own. Trust that if you move away from someone who does not fit your life, or whose life you do not fit, you are one step closer to the people with whom you will connect easily and joyfully.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

You want love

Life does not have to be difficult. In reality, you simply want to be happy. You want to feel the Love that exists within all of creation. You want to express the qualities of your soul and share your gifts and talents with others. You want to be seen, acknowledged, and appreciated for the Love that you truly are.

Your soul knows exactly how to create heaven on earth for it knows that heaven is not a place, or a collection of things, but rather a natural state of being in which you feel connected to God, your own heart, and all of creation. “In” heaven, you experience your uniqueness while at the same time your know and experience your unity with the love that lies beneath all of creation. You are loved, cared for, and guided.

Everything you seek upon the earth is something you perceive will give you this feeling of being loved. In reality you already are loved! If you want a new car, having one feels like love. If you want a relationship it is because you want to feel and share love. If you want more money it is because you want to do things that feel like love, share things that feel like love, or have a feeling of security, which feels like love.

Here is the good news dear ones! You do not have to wait for your things, your situations, or your acknowledgment from the world to feel love. You have that love inside of yourself. You can give it to yourself. You can drop into your heart at any given moment in time and ask yourself, “How can I bring more love to the surface in my life right now, given the resources I have right now?” You will get an answer. Sometimes the answer is so simple it seems insignificant, and yet any act of love for self or another IS love, dear ones. And love is a vibration that you all seek.

The more you bring love to the surface, internally first, then in your own life, then in the lives of others, the more it will be reflected back to you in magnificent ways. The things, relationships, and situations that bring you true joy will be brought to you easily and the rest will fall away. You will learn to live in the moment, trust your own heart, and trust that there is a higher power that truly loves you. You will, one moment at a time, be finding that vibration of heaven on earth.

So right now, right after you read this sentence, ask your own heart? What can I do to bring more love to the surface in my own life, right now, given the time, energy, and resources I have… right now? Trust that. Act upon it. Be with it. Do this often, dear ones, for in your heart you will find the keys to the kingdom of heaven here on earth.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Treat your body with love

Treat your bodies with loving kindness dear ones. The energies upon the earth are indeed intense, beautiful, and conducive to change, however they can also wreak havoc upon the body if you are not honoring your soul. Many of you are, as well, clearing and cleaning old energies out of the body. You have handled the issues at the mental and emotional levels, and now they are coming up and out of the body in so many ways! Celebrate your freedom, for once an energy leaves the physical, you are done with it, once and for all. In fact when you incarnate upon the earth, your body is designed with great precision to allow for the gifts you want to share with the world, the lessons you are hoping to learn, and as well, imprints from previous lifetimes that you wish to resolve. Your soul, as always is the driving force which either heals or allows the body to remain in a challenged state of being.

Listen to your bodies. Cultivate a relationship with them as you would with a lover. Treat them with tender, loving care. Stop criticizing them and love them, as you like to say, "warts and all." If something in your body is not to your liking, love it first, then with utmost kindness ask your body how you can help it change. Suppose you have tension in your muscles. Breathe deeply into them and say, "Dearest muscles, I know I am holding you tightly. Please reveal to me how you want me to relax in my life so I can relax you as well." Suppose you have a tumor growing inside of you. Say to it, "Dearest tumor, thank you for showing me what has 'eaten' at me all these years, where I have blocked or resisted the flow of life. Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. I love you. I understand you. Now you are free to go. Reveal unto me the best way to assist you in leaving my body." Then listen to your heart. Answers will be forthcom ing.

Your bodies are not your enemies. Whether you like their shape, size, coloring, or well being, dear ones, they are your friend. They are a reflection of what you wish to share and what you wish to learn. They are teaching you where you can love yourself more. They are teaching you where you have resisted opening up to the love of God/Source/Divinity, and where you have resisted loving others. They are showing you your irritations, frustrations, and fears. They love you! You love you! Whether you believe it or not, you are trying to free your spirit in every way possible in this life on earth, from all that has held you back from feeling love. Your body is not the cause of your problems dear ones. Your body is a reflection of the areas in which illusions of separation still hold you bound. Perhaps these illusions exist in the present, perhaps they were there in the past and you are still striving to release the residual effects from the body. Ask your body... "I s this a condition from my present or my past beliefs."

Also, treat your bodies well. Listen to them. Feed them what they want. Your inner child, lonely teenage self, or a variety of other emotional parts within you may crave certain foods, but ask your body first, "What do you want? What will nourish you?" for in truth when you feel wonderful in the body all parts of you will be more satisfied.

Dear ones we love you - all of you. We love your souls and we love your bodies too. They are perfect vehicles for your evolution in our eyes. Treat them kindly. Make peace with them. Write them a love letter thanking them for all you have put them through, and telling them how you plan to treat them in the future. You are beautiful, dear ones, from the depth and breadth of your soul, and every inch of your human form. Love yourself – all of you, and make peace with this body that is your home upon the earth so it can serve you in ways that feel more wonderful.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

We see the love beneath...

In the heavens we see the love is present in every human thought, word, deed, and interaction – whether this love is brought to the surface and expressed in glorious, kind, and peaceful ways or whether it is buried far beneath the surface and expressed in extremely unevolved, unconscious, and unkind manners. For in truth, love lies within all things, all thoughts, all words, all deeds, and all interactions. In every circumstance upon your earth you are attempting to bring love to the surface, sometimes gracefully and in a helpful manner, sometimes awkwardly and in a painful manner. Nonetheless the desire to find, feel, and express love can be found in every single circumstance upon your earth.

How can this be you ask? How can hurtful actions contain even a whisper of love? When you are angry, dear ones, are you not really wanting to be treated in kinder ways, or wanting someone else to learn a kinder way of being? Maybe you are throwing a tantrum because there is something or someone you love that is not presenting itself/himself/herself to you as you wish, and you don't yet trust that God can bring you love in a kinder way. You are attempting to love yourself, albeit awkwardly. How can someone else's unkind words be an act of love? Well dear ones, they are doing their best to make their feelings known although they do not yet know how to do so with kindness and clarity.

How can sadness be love you ask? If you did not love someone or something you would not be sad about it at all. How can murderers, perpetrators, and others who seem to prey upon the innocent being trying to love you ask? Well dear ones they are in pain and even their heinous actions are a cry for someone to see their pain, feel their pain, and acknowledge their pain.

We are never saying you should allow unkind behaviors into your life, however we are begging you upon the earth to look beneath the surface of human interactions and look for the love that lies beneath. In doing so, you will become as the angels. You will be the ones to have compassion for yourselves and for your fellow human beings, knowing that each one of you is striving to find, feel, and express the very same love... no matter where each of you exists in the vast spectrum of evolution.

Your human evolution, is after all, a journey back to the awareness that there is only One love, and that none of you are ever separate from it. You can feel separate. You can appear separate, but in truth you are not. The sun is always shining behind the clouds, and the One love of the creator exists equally within all of you – no matter what storms of anger or fogs of sadness, appear upon the surface. You will be able to say, "This belongs in my personal reality or it does not, and yet I can still love. I can still pray for the upliftment of those who do not know they contain love within them. I can at least acknowledge this love within me, even when I do not yet see or feel its presence being expressed."

You all want to be loved dear ones. Our wish for you is that you would know how deeply you already are. Can you fathom being looked at with tenderness and appreciation, not only in your best moments but also in what you feel are your worst. Can you imagine angels standing silently by, sending you love, even while you throw tantrums, proclaim that life is unfair, feel alone, and engage so many other human behaviors that appear to be less than loving. Even in those times, especially in those times, we are sending you love and compassion. We understand that you are trying in every moment, if only in the way a innocent child does, to reach for love. Rather than withdrawing our love when you are in difficult spaces, we send you even more. Our love is an appreciation of the beautiful, radiant truth of your being, whether you can see it or not. Our desire is that you could see yourself the way God sees you, the way we see you, the way Love sees you.

Can you imagine what your world could be like if you could give that gift to others - no matter how they are behaving? Can you imagine, when someone is behaving unkindly, being able to say to their soul, "I don't want to engage with you in this unkind dance of energies, and at the same time I know you simply don't understand yourself yet. You are nothing less than light and love of God fashioned into human form and some day, some way, in this life or another, you will come to know the truth of that being. I see it. The rest, I understand, is your attempt to see it as well."

You would transform your world dear ones even if you could do this, even every now and then.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

All of life is an opportunity to love

Never in your life is there anything that occurs without purpose. Never is there anything in your life that does not support your soul's growth, for in reality your life is created by design, whether consciously or otherwise. Your soul is seeking to know God's love. Your soul is seeking to express God's love. And every situation upon your earth is an opportunity to bring more love to the surface in your own hearts - for yourselves and for others - for indeed you are all equal in God's eyes and One in God's love.

So when you find yourself having a challenge, ask yourself, "How can I respect and honor my own spirit in this situation?" You are nothing less than the love and light of God in human form, no matter what your circumstances, thoughts, feeling, or appearances. You are nothing less than love striving to blossom into being. And this is your truth beneath every upset, every sorrow, every feeling of lack, fear, victimization, etc. The sun shines always behind the clouds, and the love that you are lies beneath the surface, waiting to be revealed. So first, ask yourself, how can I be loving to myself in this situation? How can I then, from that space of honoring my true nature, be loving to others involved?

We have said this many times. Love is not always a warm fuzzy feeling. It is an acknowledgement of the truth of your being and the being of all others. Love sometimes means walking away from behaviors that are unkind. Love sometimes means saying, "I love you but I must follow my own path." Love sometimes means setting a healthy boundary with as much kindness as you can find in your heart in that moment. Love sometimes means reaching out and offering a hand to stranger for no reason other than it is in your heart to do so, and love at other times means lovingly declining to assist a friend because God has not put it in your heart to do so. Love, dear ones is always guided. Love is always a directive from the one who created you and sustains your every breath. Love is not "making nice," "sugar coating" or doing a thousand other things that you think of as love on your planet. Love is being kind, honest, authentic, and at the same time hono ring the fact that the same light that lives within you lives within all others as well.

How would you treat yourself if you knew God lay hidden within you. How would you treat others? Every moment in your lives upon the earth gives you an opportunity to answer this question and to bring more love to the surface. How can you, in this very moment you are reading this, be kinder to yourself? How can you find a way to bring love into a difficult situation in your life? Ask God and your angels to guide you in this because we love, dear ones, to help you love and experience love more.