Saturday, June 01, 2013

All of life is an opportunity to love

Never in your life is there anything that occurs without purpose. Never is there anything in your life that does not support your soul's growth, for in reality your life is created by design, whether consciously or otherwise. Your soul is seeking to know God's love. Your soul is seeking to express God's love. And every situation upon your earth is an opportunity to bring more love to the surface in your own hearts - for yourselves and for others - for indeed you are all equal in God's eyes and One in God's love.

So when you find yourself having a challenge, ask yourself, "How can I respect and honor my own spirit in this situation?" You are nothing less than the love and light of God in human form, no matter what your circumstances, thoughts, feeling, or appearances. You are nothing less than love striving to blossom into being. And this is your truth beneath every upset, every sorrow, every feeling of lack, fear, victimization, etc. The sun shines always behind the clouds, and the love that you are lies beneath the surface, waiting to be revealed. So first, ask yourself, how can I be loving to myself in this situation? How can I then, from that space of honoring my true nature, be loving to others involved?

We have said this many times. Love is not always a warm fuzzy feeling. It is an acknowledgement of the truth of your being and the being of all others. Love sometimes means walking away from behaviors that are unkind. Love sometimes means saying, "I love you but I must follow my own path." Love sometimes means setting a healthy boundary with as much kindness as you can find in your heart in that moment. Love sometimes means reaching out and offering a hand to stranger for no reason other than it is in your heart to do so, and love at other times means lovingly declining to assist a friend because God has not put it in your heart to do so. Love, dear ones is always guided. Love is always a directive from the one who created you and sustains your every breath. Love is not "making nice," "sugar coating" or doing a thousand other things that you think of as love on your planet. Love is being kind, honest, authentic, and at the same time hono ring the fact that the same light that lives within you lives within all others as well.

How would you treat yourself if you knew God lay hidden within you. How would you treat others? Every moment in your lives upon the earth gives you an opportunity to answer this question and to bring more love to the surface. How can you, in this very moment you are reading this, be kinder to yourself? How can you find a way to bring love into a difficult situation in your life? Ask God and your angels to guide you in this because we love, dear ones, to help you love and experience love more.