Saturday, July 06, 2013

Coordinating Seven billion

So many of you want to hear your guidance. "What should I do to make my dreams come true," you ask us. We would reply very simply, "Drop into your hearts. Ask your heart, "In this moment, what is it you want now dear heart?" This is your guidance. This is your next step. This is the way you gently move into a beautiful future. "How can something so simple work?" you ask us.

Most of you want a grand plan, a blueprint of actions that, if followed will get you where you want to go. We have, however, said this before and must repeat it once again. You have seven billion people on your planet, all with free will, and each one of whom has an infinite number of possible choices in each moment. Furthermore, each choice energetically affects the entirety of creation! God - the infinite love and intelligence that exists within and between all things - reads each choice made by each of those seven billion people, reads your heart and your soul's desires, and then in that very instant guides you to the most appropriate action. The amount of coordination in the Divine mind is inconceivable to the human brain. An analogy would be the the human body in which each nerve, cell, and chemical affects the entirety of the body in each instant, giving feedback, calling forth new action in a miraculous and beautiful dance of coordination.

So when you want to create something in your life, trust that in each moment you are guided. Sometimes the guidance is simple. Get a cup of coffee. Take a nap. Call an old friend. No guidance means you can do whatever you please now because God is working behind the scenes in your life, or perhaps the time for action is not yet right. Trust dear ones. Trust that the same power that coordinates the life in your own body, the intricate interactions of ecosystems, and the stars in the heavens, can and does by its very nature, lovingly guide you.