Saturday, July 27, 2013

Love yourself where you're at

There is within every human heart, a seed of light and a kernel of truth that is present at all times. There will be periods in your life in which this light blossoms brightly within you and periods in which you forget it is there. Nonetheless, dear ones, the light and love of God exists within you at all times. The truth of God's love exists within you, no matter what is going on at the surface of your lives.

It would be our wish that you embrace this truth and refrain from self-criticism and self-deprecation. If would be our wish that even in your most difficult hours you remind yourselves, "God is with me. God's love is in me. God's truth is in me. That is the deepest truth of my being." The rest is at the surface, illusory, temporary, and often not even as solid and real as you think.

You can turn your lives around so quickly dear ones, simply by first of all loving yourself where you are at. If you are upset, scared, sad, tired, allow that within you. Love yourself even in that space. Allow yourself expression, in private in a way that will not harm yourself or another. Allow the energy to flow. Remind yourself that no matter what is going on at the surface of our life, your mind, and your heart, you are nothing less than the love of God in human form. This love, given the chance, will emerge from the depths if you are willing to allow the energy that is present within you at the surface now, to move, to be expressed, to flow in a healthy way. Nothing can dim that light or diminish that truth. Nothing... for God is in all things. God's love exists beneath all feelings, beneath all thoughts, and beneath all circumstances. God's love dear ones, is what you are made of, and that is something you cannot change. You can only decide whether or not you will bring that love to the surface in each and every given moment. The more you do, the more quickly you will move into a kinder and gentler reality.