Saturday, October 12, 2013

True Giving

As you enter into this season of giving, ask yourself, "Do I give from a feeling of abundance in my life?" for in truth there are many other reasons that human beings feel the need to give to one another.

You give from a sense of duty, "They need it more than I do. They gave to me so I must give to them. They are family, friends, etc. They are in need and no one else is going to help them."

You give to one another because you hope to get something back, "If I give them xyz, then maybe they'll love me. Maybe they'll see I'm a good person and acknowledge me. Maybe they'll be nice to me. Maybe if I give to them, they'll give back to me."

You give to one another for so many reasons, but dear ones there is only one reason we see to give and that is because you feel a sense of abundance in your heart. You feel the love of God flowing through you in the form of goodness, time, energy, emotion, resources, etc., and there is within you a very clear longing and guidance to share. You feel inspired by giving. You feel good by giving. You give with no strings attached, not even expecting a "thank you." This dear ones is true giving. This is giving from the love of God deep within you. This is the type of giving that feels good, in and of itself, even if the other never acknowledges your gift. This is the kind of giving that can be done anonymously, or overtly but it doesn't matter. This is the way God gives of his love dear ones, for it is the nature of God to breathe life into creation at all times.

So as you contemplate giving anything to anyone else, ask yourself, "Would I do this if I got nothing in return? Is it a joy? Does it feel inspired? Can I give and then move on with life without expectation, trusting that I am allowing the flow of God through me and so all good things will come to me whether or not the receiver even acknowledges my gift. I give because I am abundant in my heart. If so then, dear ones, delight yourselves in the giving, and you will know the good feelings that come from sharing the truth of God's love, in any form, with another human being. We give our love freely dear ones for one simple reason, it makes us feel good. It allows us to feel God's love flowing through us. It is indeed the truth we are made of. It is your truth too.