Saturday, December 21, 2013

You are a gift!

We know so many of you are so busy preparing for the holidays and yet we ask you to take a minute, sit still, and as you read this, focus upon the light in your own heart. Breathe, and as you do so, imagine that light is expanding beyond your bodies, out farther and farther until it ripples throughout the world. Imagine this light can touch the lost, the lonely, the abandoned, and overwhelmed. Imagine this light can wrap the grieving in a comforting embrace. Imagine this light that emanates from your hearts can soothe the hurting hearts, calm the angry, and bring hope to those who are on the verge of giving up. Breathe. Sit and focus upon this light inside of you and allow it to shine forth in all directions. Take a moment to feel or imagine your light illuminating not only the dark and lonely spaces within your own spirit, but also reaching out like sunlight, touching those in need with the gift of your Presence.

For indeed whether you feel the holiday spirit or not, whether you are filled with joy or crying with grief, whether you are surrounded by family and friends or whether you find yourselves in the depths of loneliness, you are this made of this very light. You were born of this very love. You are the baby in the cold manger, the star in the heavens, the light that burned from the meager oil in the temple. You are the ones that bring hope, inspiration, light, love, and truth to the world. No matter what you are feeling, thinking, or where you find yourself this holiday season, this light is your truth. Turn to it. Focus upon it. Embrace it. Share it. For what you give unto others, you give to yourselves. What you give yourselves, you share with the world.

Your presence on this earth a gift to the world.

So whether or not you are feeling the spirit of the season remember, the baby was born into the cold and the dark. The star shined over Bethlehem in the dark of nights. The lamps burned with little oil. It only takes a tiny spark of love, a tiny glimmer of hope, a random act of kindness to illuminate the darkest of times and the coldest of hearts. This dear ones, is the real spirit of the Season. Share your light. Realize you are the best present of all, and no matter what your circumstances, there is always something to give if you are willing to sit, breathe, and focus upon the very great light that lives within you, waiting to be birthed, burned brightly, and shared with a world in need.

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, We Celebrate the Season of love and we celebrate You!


pawan Hans said...

Dear Ann,

Your Story and the underlying message is one of my Christmas Gifts this year.

My heart filled up when I read the story you had shared from your past.The energy surge through your heart,the intense pain which may occur and then the rapture - I go through that many a time,especially when I am so much muddled in the wordly thoughts that the soul call arrives to bring me back to my heart.

I am from India,31 years old - with experiences & remembrances/realizations which align very much to the amazing ways the angels connect with you.I visit the spirit library every week to read the new messages/most of them which is a affirmation to what i receive long before the message is posted.

I would like to send you my heartfelt appreciation,oodles of thanks & Love for what you are ! To be a woman and to tend to the amazing grace of the feminine heart is a sacred journey.I feel my whole self being washed with love as i write to you.

May Blessed be your journey ! And remember - You are never alone !


From the Blue Ray of Light,


Ann said...

Blessings and Love to you Pramod!