Saturday, April 27, 2013

The future is a function of now

Stop looking backwards in your lives dear ones. Stop looking at what you could have done, should have done, or what might have been. Stop chastising yourselves for opportunities missed, time wasted, or words either spoken or unspoken. The past is over. You live now. In this moment you have glorious opportunity to bring love to the surface in your lives and thus create magical futures.

Your life is not destined to be the sum total of your past thoughts, words, and deeds, but rather simply a consequence of the energy you choose to embrace now… and now… and now. God does not keep score. The universe does not hold you to account. Only you do this. Can you choose to set yourself free of the past? Can you choose to say, "What is done is done, and today is a new day. Now is a new moment. In this second in time, I can recreate my entire life simply by choosing to love myself, to surrender to where I am at, to look to the future with loving expectation, and then to trust God?" Dear ones, this is truth! This is God's glorious love. This is God's presence breathing in you now, beckoning you to return to Love, reminding you that your future is not born of your past, but rather of your present.

So right now, make a decision. Every time you try to look back to the past, simply look at what you have learned and choose the most loving thoughts, words, and deeds that you can choose right now, even if that is simply to love yourself in a painful or upset moment, or to simply to say, "The best I can do now is to have compassion for myself."

We will say it once again… Your future is not a function of your past, but rather a function of your present – the energy you bring to the surface right here and right now. Choose to bring love to the surface, in even the simplest of ways right here and right now, and you will change the course of your entire existence.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The universe responds to love

We have said this so many times and we will say it as long as we have voices to speak through, God loves you, dear ones, more than you can possibly imagine. God wants to assist you in your lives. And yet God has granted you, upon the earth, free will. The entire universe, by its nature, must respond to the loving vibrations you put out. Aspects of the universe will respond to other vibrations as well. We, the angels, only respond to love. It is in our very design.

The universe is not designed to respond solely to your words or your thoughts, rather it responds to the energy beneath them. This is why you can pray with all sincerity, "God I need help. I need the bills paid. I need to be healed," and see nothing happening, because beneath your words perhaps is an energy that says, "I have lack. I have ill health." Instead dear ones do what it takes to get your energy aligned with your words and your prayers. This is why visualization often works. In visualization you align your imagination with that which gives you joy. And when you find that vibration within you, you are by your very energetic nature, calling it back unto you. When you do anything it takes to feel abundant - smelling the roses, sharing of your gifts with another, etc. - then you are by your very energetic nature, calling abundance unto you.

God is not a parent who gives into your fearful pleas. God instead says, I will support your love, your joy, your growth into an awareness of who you are. I will support truth and only truth, and truth dear ones, is that you are abundant. You are well. You are pure. You are holy. You are loved. Can you find ways to feel those truths in your life, thereby creating them in ever expanding ways? We think you can! You can feel love by being loving. You can feel abundant by being generous. Any frequency you tap into in any way will bring more of that into your life. If you are only "giving to get", that is not from abundance, but rather from lack. If however you give from a loving, and abundant heart, you cannot help but attract those qualities back into your life.

You are creative, brilliant, and beautiful in our eyes. We are constantly whispering to you, "This path feels better. This path feels more loving. This path feels more authentic." We try to guide you in joyful ways. Sometimes you insist on painful lessons... but in time, love will rise up within you and remind you that in the eyes of God, you ARE loved, and you are perfect as you are - even as you grow into a greater understanding of the truth of your being.

And if by some chance you find yourself in fear, anger, or the darker spaces, dear ones, love yourselves. Be compassionate with yourselves. We can and do repsond to this love and amplify even the tiniest amount of love in miraculous ways.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

God loves you. Ask for help.

Dear ones, God loves you. God steers the stars in the heavens and coordinates the entire dance of life. God and your angels want to assist you. You, however, have free will. You can try to solve life's challenges on your own, or you can ask for our assistance. You can allow a closed mind to deem solutions impossible, or you can open your heart and make room for miracles. You can do your part by bringing love into every situation in your life, thus allowing us to do our work, or you can create a cloud of negativity around you that interferes with our ability to assist. We must honor your free will and we must honor the energy that you are putting out.

When you do not know what to do next, try not to stress, strain, or worry. Pray. Trust that God and your angels hear you and will answer your prayers in the most perfect timing to the degree that you will allow. Use your free will to surrender then to what is in front of you and to bring as much love as you possibly can into the given situation, starting with kindness towards yourself and all others involved. This allows you to create a vibration in which it is very easy for us to assist you. In a vibration of love, transformations and miracles are possible. If you insist on remaining in fear, worry, or desperation, we cannot by our very design support those vibrations. We can and must, by our very design, support love.

So, dear ones, next time you find yourself with a challenge, don't try to solve it all by yourselves. You are never "bugging" God or your angels by praying. You are delighting us when you reach out for love. Pray with the expectation that your prayers are being heard. Live and love as if your prayers are being heard. We love you. We are designed to support every bit of love you are trying to create or share in your lives. We hear you and we never ignore you, but we must by our very design, honor only the loving energy you emit with your own free will. Do your part. Pray for assistance. Trust. And know that your willingness to love is the fertile soil for God's miraculous solutions to your life's challenges.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Release yourself from the bondage of expectations

By all means set your intentions for life, but then release yourself from the bondage of expectations. Acknowledge your hearts desires, then in the same breath let go of how you expect they will come about. Let go of how you expect yourself to be. Let go of who you expect others to be. Embrace who you are in each moment and who others are in each moment. Embrace life in each moment.

As you learn to release your expectations you free your spirit. You stop wasting precious time and energy complaining, looking for a validation of how things should be, or comparing life to your expectations. Instead you learn to dance with life. You learn to embrace each moment as it is, and then in the very next breath decide if it is or isn't consistent with your desired intentions. Because you are present you are able to simply say, "What do I do next? What do I say next. How can I love myself, the others, and life in this moment?"

For example, many of you expect to be treated kindly. You expect yourselves to be kind. You expect that if you are a good person you get rewarded and if you are bad you get punished. However, dear ones you live in a world with seven billion people, all of whom have free will, and all of whom are at varying degrees of their spiritual evolution. To hold others, or even yourselves to expectations of perfection is to set yourselves up for upset. Far better to say, "I intend to be kind but when I am not, I will at least be kind to myself until I get back on track." Instead of saying, "I expect others to be kind to me," say, "I intend to keep company only with those who are kind or with those whose unkindnesses I can avoid taking personally. I may not get to choose who crosses my path, but I can choose the company I will keep ." Instead of saying, "I have been good and I expect my reward," say to yourself, "I am good because it is my nature to be good, and I intend to have good things come to me as well."

There is a fine line between intending/creating, and expecting. Expectation hopes for an energy. Intention directs energy. Expectation wishes for calm waters and complains in the storm. Intention steers the ship around the storm, knowing it is already destined for calm.

See if you can live an entire day with no expectations of yourself or life. Say to yourself, "This is my intention for today. I will accept whatever comes across my path, and in the very next moment I will decide what to do to create a reality consistent with my intentions. I will not waste time complaining about life, others, or myself. I will simply say, "I am who I am. Others are who they are. Life is what it is. What's next?" Your intentions will be the compass that steers your choices. See how your life unfolds more powerfully, with less wasted energy, and with more joy when you let go of the bondage of expectations. As your saying goes, "Life happens." Will you accept it and move forward, or will you remain chained to the expectations you once held for it, with your mind moving in circles? Free yourselves dear ones! You hold the key.