Saturday, August 31, 2013

Miracles from the heart

It is an incredible time upon your planet earth and ripe with opportunity. The energy is there to assist you, transport you into greater realities in your human and spiritual lives, and to help you recreate any circumstances which are no longer satisfying your spirit. And yet, dear ones you cannot control this energy. You must allow for it to assist you. You must believe in its loving Presence, You must focus your sights on the realities you wish to embody and remove your attention from the troubling circumstances of your lives except to handle them in a practical sense.

Miracles can happen if you can do this. Healing can occur. Relationships can transform. Hearts can be opened one again. You cannot change one another, but you can ask for your own heart to be opened, healed and transformed. Right now if you are willing, take a deep breath. Focus on the area in the center of your chest. Imagine the light there. Imagine that this light is welling up within you, growing brighter. Allow it, of its own accord to grow within you. Don't try to make anything happen. Just focus upon it. Feel or imagine its warmth.

In this space, think of a situation you want to transform and quickly switch your thoughts to the desired outcome. Focus on your heart and the light within it once again and as you keep a tiny portion of your attention in your heart, focus now upon the desired outcome. If it is healing, imagine yourself healthy. If it is a relationship focus on what that might feel like. It if is financial security, imagine that you never have to worry about money again. Go into the feeling of both your heart, and the desired outcome. Do this until you truly feel your heart expand, your joy rise up, and a knowing that you are indeed now in the stream of consciousness that will carry you into that new reality.

In this fashion dear ones, you can allow God to assist you in recreating your entire life, with only joyful effort on your part. You can allow yourself to find and tune into the energies of the future you desire, and thus follow that stream of energy right into the physical manifestation. Every possible stream of consciousness exists in the universe. You will experience the ones you tune into either consciously or otherwise. Why not take the time each day to focus upon those streams that give you joy!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Love the diversity

Your earth is a place of great and beautiful diversity. You were never meant to be the same. You were never meant to all be in agreement. You were never meant to force your opinions upon one another, nor were you intended to conform to the desires of one another. Instead, each of one you, like a beautiful facet of the gem of God's love is intended to be a special, precious, and unique creation. Each one of you has your preferred way of being, your preferred way of looking, your preferred way of communicating, and your preferred way of flowing through life.

Some of you like to think ahead, and some of you, in your terms prefer to "wing it." This was so even before you touched upon the earth! As souls, some of you made intricate plans about your life and lessons, while others chose to come to the earth as simply a grand and glorious adventure! Some of you care deeply about who you would meet and marry, while others of you decided to figure it out as you went through your life. Some of you feel comfortable with predictable structure, while others crave freedom. Some of you like one political party, others stand by the opposite. If given the choice, some of you would eat the apple, and some of you the orange. And this is, dear ones, just fine, indeed perfect, beautiful, and breathtaking, in God's eyes, for it is through you that God comes to know the vastness of its own Love and Being.

So when you encounter another different from yourself, rather than arguing and trying to force your views upon them, explore! You are in new territory. You are like a baby looking at its own fingers and toes, wiggling them, trying to see what each one does and how it operates. You are looking at a different aspect of the love of God made manifest! Instead of trying to force this other person to match your views of reality, simply stare at them in wonder and fascination. Why do they think the way they do? Why do they feel as they do? A magical thing happens dear ones as you allow others to be. Suddenly they are more inclined to allow you to be as well. And it not, move away, for you too have a right to think and feel exactly as you do, as well. A finger would not strive to be a toe, nor a toe a finger, because both are needed to operate the body! All of you are needed in this beautiful puzzle of life, and no matter how diverse your opinions or beliefs, there is not a human being upon the planet that is outside the great and beautiful puzzle of God's love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much... exactly as you are!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

No guilt, just lessons

There is a dis-ease that runs rampant in the human race called "guilt." In our minds, guilt is only a natural response when you have done something consciously and maliciously which you know will hurt one another. Even in that case, guilt is designed to be a fleeting emotion – a reminder that there are kinder ways to behave that support the whole of humanity.

Sadly however, many of you feel guilt at the slightest hint of what you would consider to be a "mistake." You feel guilty for asking for "too much." You feel guilty when you say no to someone else's requests. You feel guilty if you accidentally step on someone's toes, literally or metaphorically speaking. The list of perceived sins goes on and on, and yet dear ones, there are no "mistakes" in the eyes of God, only opportunities to learn and grow.

So when you begin to feel guilty, remind yourself, this behavior was learned. This behavior was taught to you to make others feel better. A dog does not truly feel any guilt whatsoever for digging up the garden or eating things they aren't supposed to touch. Instead your dogs learn that if they look "guilty" their human caretakers will calm down more quickly, have sympathy o them, and be more loving once again.

Many of you have also learned that if you entertain guilt, you will be in less trouble. When you were younger, many of you learned that over-apologizing, or hanging your head in shame would mitigate an upset parent or a minimize a punishment. You learned that feeling guilty calmed the people who were upset with you. And so, even in your hearts, guilt is a learned behavior, except as we have mentioned in the rare occasion when it does arise naturally and for good reason.

So next time you feel guilty, stop. Tell yourself it is no sin to be human. Tell yourself that the only thing God requires of you in this moment is to learn. Guilt rarely serves a purpose. Instead dear ones, learn from your behaviors. Be compassionate to yourselves when you make a perceived "mistake." You are a beautiful bright soul, without question. However, you must learn as well to make peace with and embrace your humanity in order to transform it.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Realign anytime

At any point in time you can choose to realign your spirit with God and therefore to change your entire existence. God does not look back. The energy streaming from the Creator is not interested in what you did yesterday, or even thirty seconds ago... unless you choose to carry that energy into the present moment.

Instead, the entire universe is designed to respond to only the energy that you are expressing, both consciously and unconsciously, in this very moment. So when things are not going as you wish, take a moment and breathe. Ask your angels to help you once again align your energy and your life with your spirit. Ask for help in knowing what is truly in your hears, what is truly a priority to your soul right here, and right now. The minute you allow us to assist you we can. And although we can assist you in your external life, it is far more powerful to ask for us to assist you in aligning your energy once again with God and your own spirit, for in that state, all problems will naturally be resolved.

In very practical terms, you may be trying to get a lot of things done when in fact everything in you is desiring time in silence. You may be pushing for a job, a relationship, or some other project, when your heart is saying, "let go." You may be trying to change someone else, when your heart is saying, "I'm tired of trying to change them. I want to fix my own life." We will help you find these simple truths if you ask. We will help you see the value in honoring your own soul. We will help you, in your words, "get back on track."

Dear ones, always and forevermore we will tell you that aligning with the energies of your own heart is an act of aligning with God's grace. This simple shift is far more powerfully able to change your life and your circumstances than any amount of effort you might expend in the human world.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

A natural flow to live

There is time on this earth within each lifetime for everything your soul needs to do in order to feel loved, healthy, happy, and abundant, and while you might not think so, we ask you to examine whether your actions are guided by the head or the heart.

So often dear ones, you fill your days with things you have to do in order to get what you want. You forget to listen to your hearts, to trust God, and to realize that the Creator wants for you a more loving life than one you might even imagine asking. So when when your "to-do" lists appear impossible to do, drop into your heart and ask yourself, "What is my heart's desire right now. Therefore, what is my highest priority right now? God, what do you recommend right now?" You will get an answer. It may seem simple, unrelated to anything you felt you should do, and yet dear ones, trust. Start this exercise, if you like, on days when your tasks do not feel so very important to you. Experiment and see how your days progress.

There is a natural flow to life that is intended for all. You need only tap into that flow to have your days, and your tasks, be lived with greater grace and ease.