Sunday, October 27, 2013

Letting go...

In truth dear ones, you can never lose God's love, for that is all there is! Everything in creation is fashioned from this love. Everything is unique reflection of this love. In some cases, this love is obvious - as in the miracle of a setting sun, the eyes of a baby, or a situation which brings you great joy. Sometimes this love is hidden, buried beneath the surface - as in the case of a cantankerous or unloving human being, or the thorns of a rosebush, or in a difficult challenge. Nevertheless, the thorns love and protect the roses. The cantankerous individuals are thorny because they do not know a kinder way to love and protect themselves. In your challenges, you find strength.

As a human being, you are gifted with free will. You can learn to say, "Yes I know God's love is within all things, but I would rather choose to be around the people, places, and situations that resonate with me and give my heart joy! I can love all beings, but I am not required to like them. And that, dear ones, is a novel concept for many of you, because many of you learned to confuse "love" with "like." The two do not have to exist at the same time. For example you can love the thorns on a rosebush, acknowledging their right to be, and yet you do not enjoy pricking your finger! You can love an angry human being knowing there is a light in their soul attempting to surface, while in the very same breath, you can say quite honestly, "I do not like their behavior or personality. I don't choose to be around then," As we have said many times in the past, Love says, "You have a right to be." Discernment sees, "what is and is not right for me."

So now that you know you can love all beings and all things, dear ones, consider looking at your lives and like nature, decide what you should let go. What is no longer serving your heart, your joy, your passion for life? Perhaps it is stuff in your closet. Perhaps it is a job that you cannot leave just yet, but you can start the process of intending and finding a new one. Perhaps you are in a lackluster relationship and either the behaviors, beliefs, or the relationship must be released. There is not one "right" answer to any situation, but rather a range of choices. What is in your heart to keep, and what does your heart tell you to release?

When you release something that is honestly not working in your life, you make room for what is. When you let go of that which does not give you joy - be it a thing, a relationship that cannot be worked out, or a situation - you make room for what does. When you let go of a belief that is not working, you create room for more powerful manifestations. Letting go is not giving up, failing, or depriving yourself. Letting go is giving your soul room to breathe!

So as the trees release their leaves, allow yourselves to look around your life, and ask yourself, "What is it I am truly ready to release? What blesses me and what burdens me?" Be honest with yourselves, without any judgment. Your heart will guide you. Then get busy! Make room in your lives for what truly uplifts and inspires your soul.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Believe and receive

Are you praying for miracles in your lives dear ones? And if not, why not, because God wants to bless each and every one of you with more than you could possibly ask for. The creator of the universes wants to shower love and goodness upon you. But so often you pray in ways that limit – through your free will – what you "believe you can receive."

If you only pray for what you "believe you can receive" you are not only limiting what you will receive, but many times you are not being completely honest in your request. For example, you might pray, "Dear God give me relief and make my life a little easier." For some of you this is an authentic prayer. For others, you would be more honest praying, "Dear God allow me to feel your love in every aspect of my life. Take over my life. Transform it. Bless me. Guide me. Let me hear your voice in the quiet whispers in my mind and in the sweet guidance of my heart."

Then, dear ones, let go. Trust. Believe you can receive. A prayer prayed with sincerity and strong feeling is far more powerful than one simply recited. A prayer filled with love and longing and a willingness to be honestly vulnerable and trusting in God is an amazing act of creation. If you pray with no true heart an soul in a request it elicits little response from the universe. However the entire universe, including you, God, and the angels, is designed to serve authentic requests made with love!

So when you pray for you miracles, make sure you are praying for what you honestly want. Next, detach, let go, and live your life as if what you have prayed for – or better – is on the way. Have faith! You have opened the doorway to great light in your life. Imagine the best. Feel in advance, how your joy will be when your prayers are answered. Then live now, in this moment, making the best of each day, knowing that the Creator of heaven and earth loves you and is working on a beautiful answer to what your heart truly desires.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

True Giving

As you enter into this season of giving, ask yourself, "Do I give from a feeling of abundance in my life?" for in truth there are many other reasons that human beings feel the need to give to one another.

You give from a sense of duty, "They need it more than I do. They gave to me so I must give to them. They are family, friends, etc. They are in need and no one else is going to help them."

You give to one another because you hope to get something back, "If I give them xyz, then maybe they'll love me. Maybe they'll see I'm a good person and acknowledge me. Maybe they'll be nice to me. Maybe if I give to them, they'll give back to me."

You give to one another for so many reasons, but dear ones there is only one reason we see to give and that is because you feel a sense of abundance in your heart. You feel the love of God flowing through you in the form of goodness, time, energy, emotion, resources, etc., and there is within you a very clear longing and guidance to share. You feel inspired by giving. You feel good by giving. You give with no strings attached, not even expecting a "thank you." This dear ones is true giving. This is giving from the love of God deep within you. This is the type of giving that feels good, in and of itself, even if the other never acknowledges your gift. This is the kind of giving that can be done anonymously, or overtly but it doesn't matter. This is the way God gives of his love dear ones, for it is the nature of God to breathe life into creation at all times.

So as you contemplate giving anything to anyone else, ask yourself, "Would I do this if I got nothing in return? Is it a joy? Does it feel inspired? Can I give and then move on with life without expectation, trusting that I am allowing the flow of God through me and so all good things will come to me whether or not the receiver even acknowledges my gift. I give because I am abundant in my heart. If so then, dear ones, delight yourselves in the giving, and you will know the good feelings that come from sharing the truth of God's love, in any form, with another human being. We give our love freely dear ones for one simple reason, it makes us feel good. It allows us to feel God's love flowing through us. It is indeed the truth we are made of. It is your truth too.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Choose God!

It is a time of choosing upon your planet earth, and yet in truth every moment is a moment of choice. Who will be your God? Will fear be your God, or will the source and creator of all life be your God? Will you give your faith and power over to institutions, money, your place of employment, your bosses, coworkers, family, friends, spouses, and/or the multitude of others who do indeed affect your life, but need not control it? Or will you place your faith in the loving Creator's ability to dance with you even when the darkest decisions or circumstances created by others affect you?

God allowed humanity free will. The choices of others certainly affect your. If someone steals from you, temporarily you have less money. If someone lays you off, temporarily you have no job. If someone betrays you and leaves you, temporarily you are left with the sting and the pain. However, in the very next moment, you can choose. You can choose to give these souls your God given power, or you can turn to the loving Creator. You can say, "OK God, I don't like this! Someone else has hurt me, but I know you are more powerful! You can see an infinite number of possible solutions. You can see more love, more abundance, more beauty and goodness than I could ever imagine. I have been affected by someone else, but I know you love me. Guide me, protect me, supply me with my needs. I trust in your love."

Then dear ones, do your utmost to continuously remind yourself that God is God, and that while the souls of others are indeed one with this light, their personalities might be deeply disconnected. They may affect you in negative ways. But ultimately, they have no control over the outcome of your life unless you make them your God. if you place your faith, trust, and heart in the hands of the loving creator, you are already on the way to healing your life, creating an even better reality, and as you say on earth, "shaking the dust off your shoes" as you move forward.

You may be victimized, dear ones, but choose not to remain a victim.

Choose again and again and again to ask God to be your source, your supply, your guide, your friend, and above all, the dear one who is in charge of your life, your well-being, and your joy! In this reality, others can temporarily affect your lives, but they will only put their fingers in the streams of grace that flow through your life, for in truth they are powerless to disrupt its powerful and loving flow.