Saturday, May 31, 2014

Embrace it all

Rejoice when you find things within yourself that you think are less than perfect, less than loving, less than beautiful! Rejoice because now you have found areas in your spirit that are in need of love! No longer are they lurking in the darkness controlling you quietly and subtly. Instead they are coming to the surface saying to you, “Look at me! Love me! Transform me!”

Suppose you have said something unkind or insensitive. Perhaps you have done this unconsciously many times in your life, but suddenly you notice. You feel badly. Rather than beating yourself up, celebrate! You’ve seen something within you in need of love. Breathe deeply. Go inside of yourself. Ask the part of you that was less than kind, “What do you need? What do you really want to say?” and then wait for an answer. Every little part within you that you would judge is simply in need of love.

Suppose you have a health challenge. Again go inside and ask the parts of you that are diseased or in pain, “What do you need? What function do you serve? How are you trying to help me?” Acknowledge the service. Bless it. Thank it. Everything, and we repeat, everything, that arises within you is attempting to serve a loving purpose… no matter how strange or unbelievable that might sound.

So dear ones, this week strive to notice the things inside of yourself that you would judge. Ask these facets of yourself how they are attempting to love you, or how they are attempting to seek love. See if you can’t find kinder ways to fill those needs. And in so doing, you bring all that is dark, misunderstood, in pain, or in illusion within you to the surface, to be transformed in the light of the love.


mike said...

hello ann,you said that when you love the tumor it dissolves and i heard others said love the money to have more money. is that contradicting? im confused.please anser.

Ann said...

Hi MIke, When we love something positive it amplifies that vibration in our lives. When we love something negative, it dissolves. I'm not talking about love as in feeling "warm and fuzzy" with the negative, but more acknowledging that it serves purpose and has a loving intent beneath it all :)

mike said...

So when people watch tv and read negative things and love it it will not attract or create? love makes beautiful things even more beautiful and ugly things beautiful ?

Ann Albers said...

Hi Mike, What matters most is the energy we are putting out. So if people watch negative TV but remain impartial or send love, their energy is fine. If however, it sucks them into negativity, it is best not to watch. Truly love enhances all, or in the case of some nasty people who don't want love... it can drive them away and have them leave you alone - it seems to transform the situation for the better for the one choosing love at the very least.

mike said...

thanks for the answers Ann.
more love and light to you.