Saturday, September 13, 2014

Focus on the light

Celebrate amidst the chaos on earth, amidst the darkness, pain and suffering, because this type of turmoil results from the light attempting to rise to the surface of human hearts. Every perspective wants to be acknowledged now. Everyone wants to be seen as having validity to their being. And everyone wants to be understood as a creation worth of love.

Love, dear ones is not always a 'warm fuzzy feeling.' Real love is an acknowledgment of the truth - that there is one Creator and one light that animates all beings... whether they realize it or not. Love says, "I see beyond your behaviors, your thoughts, your appearance.. deep into the essence of your being. I can love that light. I can love that spark of Divinity. I can love who you really are... whether or not you are even aware of that truth inside of yourself."

In a very practical way, Love can look at even those who hurt your feelings, who treat you unkindly, who lie, cheat, and steal, and say, "I know who you really are! I choose to focus on the spark of Divinity within you, no matter how small or how dim. I will not dignify your dark behaviors, your ill thoughts, you unkind wishes. I will engage with you in a way that is healthy for me, for I respect my own light whether you respect yours or not. I will love the truth of your being, but I will not dignify your darkness." And then dear ones you send them on their way with wishes that someday they too will see their light.

You do not have to dance with souls who do not embody kindness. You do not have to allow abusive behaviors in your life. And as you become firmly rooted and comfortable in the reality that it is healthy and wise to honor the light within yourself, you will notice that it is easier to love even your so-called "enemies." In truth, no soul is your enemy. All souls are your family. Just as in your human families we encourage you to honor the light within all, but as well to create healthy, loving boundaries that honor your own.

The world is indeed in a bit of chaos right now, but you need not dance in the darkness. You can choose with your free will to focus on all that is good, beautiful, and true. You can imagine those who have left the planet, even in the most unthinkably hard ways, happy in heaven, being received with love and celebration. You can imagine beautiful nature springing up and growing over war torn areas, or even more beautiful cities being built, because in time this is what will occur. Darkness, by its very nature, is temporary. Love is eternal.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,can i ask you about what words have power or words carries energy means? because of these, im sensitive in reading,hearing negative words. does it mean that if you read worry or heard the word worry,you will create worry or attract worry ?

by the way congrats to your new gift in stopping the storm by sending love.

Ann said...

The words that we put out of our own being are born of the energies within us. If we speak negatively it means that we are putting negative energy into the world. If we read negative words, however, it is up to us how we filter them. We can read them neutrally and be unaffected or we can read them, agree with them, drink them in and therefore take the negativity in. For example, some people read the news and remain very impartial and unaffected. Others read the news and become very worried because it triggers fears within them.

So it is not so much that a specific word has a specific energy. Instead the energy of the person speaking it imbues it with energy. A comedian could say worry, and you’d laugh. A mom could say worry and it would upset someone in the family. These are just typical examples.

If we had no fear or upsets of our own, then the negativity of others would bounce off us - whether it was spoken, written, or just felt. For example the word “worry” doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t worry too much in general. If people say they are worried about me, I feel very neutral. But there are other words that still inspire fear within me or upset so I have to watch that and look inside myself and clear myself of my own fears and upsets. In the end, the angels always say we are resposible for both the energies we put out, and the energies we drink in.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Ann,im not sensitive with neg words before,after all its just words.but after reading some channeled messages that teaches words have power,carries energy, attracting, manifesting etc. i became very sensitive and worried.they tell as if its a magical thing.
so are you saying that if you read,hear neg words or sentences,as long as you dont react from it its ok right?

Ann said...

Yes, that is right. Thankfully we ultimately have the power to manage our own energy. It is like walking in a windstorm... if we are strong, we are not blown over, but if we aren't so strong it can influence. LIkewise the energy behind words can affect us but only when we give it that power. So if someone aims anger at me through their words, I feel that energy but ultimately i get to choose whether or not I take it in or drain it right through me. I choose not to watch angry words on tv or read them when I can avoid it just because it takes a lot more work to stay neutral, just as I'd rather walk on a sunny day than in a hurricane. Ultimately, thankfully, we have the power to decide how we filter all energy coming into our lives, via words or any other channel :)

Anonymous said...

thank you very much Ann.