Saturday, November 29, 2014

We give thanks for you every day

We know many of you just celebrated your Thanksgiving holiday, but in truth every day is a day for giving thanks. With every breath you breathe, you receive into your being the precious gift of life. Whether your life is difficult or easy, beautiful or challenging, it is still precious life. It is still a gift. It is still an experience that the soul longs for, because there upon your earth, you have an opportunity to master love. Upon your earth, you can bring love even into the most difficult of spaces.You have a chance to embody the love that you are, and in so doing, illuminate the fabric of humanity.
So we in the heavens live in a state of gratitude for your courage, your fortitude, you heart, you love, your compassion, and yes even those things you call "lesser" or "negative" emotions because we know, that beneath each one is an attempt to love.

Mastering love is not about what you "do" for others. It is not about what you "do" for youself... although those things can certainly be expressions of love. Mastering love is really an adventure in allowing yourself to "be" who you are in every given moment, allowing others to "be" who they are in any given moment, and finding your way through life given those realities. It is about being deeply and compassionately honest with yourself and life, knowing you all exist in a state of perfection, even as you are becoming more. The bud is perfect as is the rose. The egg is perfect as is the chick. The seed is perfect as is the fully blossomed plant. There is perfection in all things.

So let yourself be who you are, feel what you feel, do what you wish to do, and then grant others the very same courtesy. In this reality, you create a beautifully choreographed dance of love. We give thanks for all of you.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Never without love

There is never, ever a moment when you are disconnected from Love. You cannot be. It is impossible, because you are fashioned of the very same. You are love incarnate, love taken form, given shape, and allowed free will upon your planet earth. You can choose to experience love or not, but it is always there. You can choose to align you will with love, or not, but it is always there.

The source of all healing, all solutions, of peace that surpasses all understanding is there waiting for you to acknowledge it, to call upon it to heal the ills and illusions in your lives. Love cannot leave you.

So dear ones, when you are faced with a challenge, turn to love. What is the most loving thought you can think? What is the most loving action you can take, for yourself or another? What slight shift from negativity towards embracing the positive can you find within your capacity to choose?

In each moment you have the incredible power to transform your life. Why wait? Start now. Choose love. Love is waiting for you to surrender into its embrace, where it will carry you forward on streams of grace.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Beyond the comfort zone

While we certainly would wish you a happy and comfortable journey upon the earth, there are times when there is great benefit to stepping beyond what is comfortable and "safe" in your own mind. There are times when something feels right, sounds right, looks right, but requires you to see yourself differently, to dance with life a little differently, or to open up to a different perspective.

As you say upon your earth, "If you only do what you always done, you will only get what you have always got." You are all far more capable, far more intelligent, far more resourceful, far more beautiful, and far more capable of loving than you might imagine. You have a strength in you born in the heart of God. You have a light in you born of love itself. You have access to all the information in the universe, if not directly, well then, and we laugh up here... in your modern times... through your Internet!

Allow yourselves to dream of lives beyond what you think you can have. Allow yourselves to try things you are not sure if you can accomplish. Be as little children and you will enter the kingdom of heaven there upon your earth, for a child lives only in the moment, dancing with delight and without worry about whether or not the path they embark upon will "turn out right."

We encourage you to think of one thing you would like to do but are not comfortable doing. Maybe it is going out to dinner by yourself. Maybe it is taking a trip you are afraid to take. Maybe it is speaking in front of people, cooking someone you love a meal, or taking a class you are not sure you will have any talent in whatsoever. Allow yourself in the near future to step just a tiny bit outside your comfort zone... for it is in doing this that you discover that there is so much more inside of you than you could ever have imagined.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Love is your greatest success

Within you, the love permeating the entire universe exists, waiting to be expressed. Your life here upon the earth is a series of choices as to how you will bring that love to the surface. What matters most at the end of your life is not what you have accomplished, not what you have produced, not how much money you made, nor how good you looked, but simply how you loved.

So if you lived in poverty your whole life but loved and appreciated everyone in it, we would call your life an incredible success. If you built monuments but lived without love we would give you great compassion as you realize that your life was not what you had hoped it would be before you came to earth.

While your accomplishments are certainly things to celebrate, it is the love with which you do them that is of even greater concern to your soul. So if you have to wash the dishes, wash them with love. Take time to smell the soap and feel the water upon your miraculous hands. If you have to fold the laundry, fold it with love. If you have to go to work to earn a living, do so with love and gratitude that you have work, and if you are not in a place that enlivens your soul, then lovingly begin the process of prayer and manifesting change. Even then, dear ones you can find love inside of you and bring it to the surface.

Even in the simplest tasks you can bring glorious and beautiful amounts of appreciation and love. Even in the most difficult and exhausting circumstances you can love yourself enough to call upon God and your angels for comfort and assistance. When you are sad, angry, or fearful, you can love yourself even in the darker spaces. In choosing to love, you transform your life, one moment at a time. And this dear ones, is the greatest accomplishment a soul can create upon your planet earth.

God bless you, we love you so very much.
Each and every one of you is a brilliant success in our eyes!
-- The Angels

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Love in each moment

Breathe… Next time you have the chance, look at the vast sky about you and remind yourself that you are blanketed in love. You are walking upon an earth that loves you. You are surrounded by skies that protect your beautiful planet, give you oxygen to breathe, blow away the debris, and warm you.

Listen... there are soothing sounds all around you. Inhale deeply… see if you can, like the animals distinguish various scents in nature next time you go outside. Touch something with awareness and truly feels it presence interacting with yours. Feel the smoothness of a cup of coffee or tea. Inhale the aroma. Taste it slowly and deliberately.

The world is rich with love dear ones. All around you are sights, sounds, smells, and textures waiting to give you delight. You live in a sensory paradise upon your planet earth. And while yes, we know there are many unpleasant things to focus upon, sometimes unthinkably painful things as well, we gently remind you that there is such beauty, such grace, such joy, and pleasure to be found in your home upon the earth.

You may have much more serious concerns in your life - an aging parent, a troubled child, difficulties with the bills, betrayals, etc., but even in spite of those challenges, you can embrace “stolen moments” of joy. You can say to yourself, “Well here I am in a painful or difficult situation in life, but I am still loved. The creator loves me so much that I have been gifted with an entire world filled with simple delights. Let me enjoy them as best I can.” If you have a stomach ache dear ones you would much rather drink mint tea than something that will upset it. If you have a problem in life, allow yourself to fill your soul with the things that kindly soothe you.

Embrace the love that is offered. Look for it. Notice it, and allow yourself to enjoy it. Let the warmth of the sun touch your face and feel its kiss. Allow the sounds of the birds to sing to your heart. Touch the grass or the bark of a tree, or even your drinking glass and marvel at the absolute miracle of touch.

No matter what life challenges or lessons you face, love is there, in so many diverse forms, waiting for you to receive it.