Saturday, January 25, 2014


Today we wish to speak to you about balance. We hear so many of you saying, "I feel off balance. I want to live in balance. How do I create balance in my life?" Most of you know what it feels like to be in balance and yet so very few know how to create this state of grace.

In a balanced life you feel centered and at peace. You have been taught that in order to live a balanced life you must find time for work and play, activity and rest, time for you and time for others. However dear ones, our suggestion for living in balance is much simpler. Rather than over-thinking the issue, realize that true balance can only be found in the present moment. Ask yourself one question now, "Do I feel centered and at peace?" If not, ask yourself, "Body, mind, heart, and soul... what do I need right now?" ... right now. Not forever. Not tomorrow. Not something outside of yourself or out of your reach, but right now. To be in true balance is to be in alignment with God's love and grace, and that love and grace is available at any given moment. What is it you need right now to feel centered and at peace? Perhaps it is to breathe deeply. Perhaps you have to ask for comfort because you are worried about a situation and, like a child, you want your angels to come and give you a hug. Ask and sit still and we will gladly come and comfort you. Perhaps you are filling your days with too much activity and you are craving rest, time outdoors, time to put your feet up, time to call a friend. Honor those urges dear ones and you will find your way back into the streams of grace, in which you are always in balance.

Consider the analogy of a tight-rope walker. Balance to this individual is not something he or she can find outside of the present moment. When walking a fine line, one must be in tune with their balance in each moment. To worry about what must be done several steps ahead could be fatal. To think about what was done a minute ago would distract from the task at hand. So too, you walk a fine line, always attempting to bring yourself back into alignment with yourself - with the needs of your own body, mind, and soul.

So dear ones, strive to be present with yourself often. Ask yourself, "Am I centered and at peace?" If not, ask your body, mind, and soul, "What do I need now?" Listen. Honor the guidance, even if it seems too simple. Often you think it is going to take massive changes to live in balance, but in any given moment, it takes only one small choice. You feel off balance when you ignore your inner compass. You feel in balance when you are centered in alignment with the Divine Love flowing through you at all times.

Whether you are a person walking through life, or tight rope walker precariously balanced on a rope high up in the air, true balance is not a static state of being, but rather one that must be assessed with each passing moment.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Future is inside you now

You live in a society which demands instant gratification and yet so many times there is great value in waiting for your dreams to come true. In the process of waiting you grow. You cultivate characteristics that you will need to manage these dreams and enjoy them. You learn to find beauty and joy in the present moment. You stop giving away your power to false idols and learn that happiness comes from the inside. And when you find the right vibration and energy inside of yourself, then dear ones, you will be ready for the dreams you have requested. There are other factors involved in any creation as well. There are other people involved in many of your dreams, that must also be synchronized in their vibration.

However, at all times, the feeling you wish to achieve in the future is available to you, right here and right now.

Take a moment after you read our message. Shut your eyes and imagine you already have one of your big dreams. Allow yourself to ask, "What does my life feel like in this reality?" Bask in that feeling. Allow yourself to luxuriate in that feeling. Then, after you have allowed yourself to relax in this beautiful and blissful feeling of imagining your dreams come true, open your eyes and realize that you have found the feeling you desire inside of yourself, right here and right now! You have found the feeling that you thought you could not have until you have that relationship, that car, that sense of security, that person behaving as you wish, that money in the bank, etc. You have found that it is not the external circumstances that give you a feeling, but rather your response to them - whether they are real yet or simply imagined.

If you can't find the feeling, then ask yourself, "What is getting in my way?" Is it self worth? A lack of faith? A need for others to validate me or give me permission? Fear of hurting someone else if I realize my joy? If you cannot summon the feeling you desire in your inner world, ask God and the angels to help you remove the blockages. Breathe in light, and as you breath out, intend that any energy that blocks you from feeling what you desire be brought to the surface and released from your body, mind, and soul. Repeat this exercise every day until at long last you can imagine you already have your dream and you can feel what it is like in this reality.

Dear ones, if you could summon up these feelings as often as possible, visiting your desired reality in your inner world, and allowing yourself to feel it thoroughly, then you would begin to more quickly attract people, circumstances, and other situations in your life that match this beautiful feeling that you have summoned up, from the depths of the great All-That-Is, within yourself.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Winter believes in spring...

As with all goals, your goals and dreams for the new year can either bring you joy and a sense of expectation, or they can bring you great anxiety and stress. You can affirm with great faith that you believe and expect your dreams to come true, and take the small steps you know to take while waiting for the larger guidance, or you can look around and say, "Oh its never going to happen. I don't have the time. I don't know what to do. I may as well settle for what I have." Dear ones, all things are possible with God. However we see this all too often. Human beings would rather guarantee their disappointment than risk their success.

If you ask for what you really want in life, this means you will have to take action when guided. It means you may have to change your plans and open your mind as to how your dreams are fulfilled. It means you will have to be patient when not guided and reside in the faith that God and the universe is working on your behalf... no matter what. If you want the outer rewards in life, do the inner work. Then the outer steps you take will be steps taken in grace, in joy, in a sense of rightness and alignment with the universe.

God's love, dear ones, dwells, lives and breathes within you. Will you let it come to the surface? Will you breathe life into your dreams by dreaming them, believing in them, having faith in things unseen? If you can do this, then you will be amazed when you look back upon your life at the end of this year. You will be part of a reality in which miracles are expected in your own life, not just random events that happen for others.

Winter believes in the spring time even when there are no signs of warmth and new life. And yet the minute the sun rises high enough in the sky, this light "guides" the seeds to sprout, the trees to bud, and the birds to start building their nests... all in perfect timing.

God cares about you dear ones - each and every one of you. Believe in that. Live your life as if you knew that you were loved beyond reason, for indeed you are. Live your life as the forest does in the winter, trusting in the warmth and guidance to come, believing that just like the seasons all things will come into your life in perfect timing.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Perfection in the moment

Happy New Year! Welcome to a year filled with opportunity, if only you can embrace the perfection of each moment. Of course allow yourselves to dream, to take action, and to move towards your goals. However, when things do not look exactly as you wish them to be, don't despair, fall into frustration, or give up on your dreams! Instead, pray. "OK Dear God. I trust you. You know the deepest wishes in my heart because you placed them there. You want more for me than I could ever want for myself. I will trust that right now, there is perfection in my life."

Then dear ones, act as if everything is perfect even though you cannot see how. Believe that your life is moving perfectly towards your dreams. Have faith! The detour you are forced to take could save your life. The rest you are forced to take could be giving you much needed time to think. The frustration with not having what you want right now, might just be the delay God needs to help you clarify exactly what you DO want. Everything, and we repeat, everything has purpose. Everything has value. Everything is guiding you back along the rivers of grace into the Ocean of God's love.

Can you surrender to this year, moment by moment? Can you be kind and gentle with yourselves? Can you refuse to beat yourselves up and instead simply learn from the outcomes of your choices? Can you trust in God's love for you?

Dear ones, we wish for you a year filled with love - love of God, love of self, and love of others. We wish you the peace of knowing that everything is in perfection, and the joy of experiencing the very love from which you are born!