Saturday, April 26, 2014

Miracles happen when you trust

When you trust your heart and trust life, absolute miracles can be accomplished. The impossible suddenly becomes possible. Seemingly daunting tasks flow with grace and ease. In fact, you are designed to express the love of the creator as it flow through you. To the degree you are willing, you can allow this love to take over and create your lives, accomplish your projects and find solutions where you think there are none. With God all things are possible.

So when you embark on an inspired project, whether it be cleaning out a closet, eating healthier, trying new hobbies, taking a class, or staring a new business or relationship, trust that although you may not know how to make things work, God does. Although you might not know the next step, love always does. Although you may not know the exact outcome, you can trust that it will be exactly what your soul needs to learn and grow.

So when inspiration motivates you to walk down a new path, take that first step, and then the next, and the very next, and so on, until you are no longer inspired. For it is through joy, inspiration, and passion that God's love beckons you to grow. A flower is not inspired to blossom through pain, but rather by the warmth and light of the sun. So too you are coaxed to grow through that light and love of inspiration and joy.

Dear ones we love you. We speak to your hearts by gently and lovingly reminding you what it is that God wants... not from you, but for you.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

You are never stuck

In all things you have choice, and while you might not see the choices in front of you so clearly, they are nonetheless there. Even if you see no options in the external world, you always have the ability to choose how you will respond to life. You have the ability to choose how you will respond to other human beings. And you have the ability to choose how you will respond to you very own thoughts and feelings. So in essence you are never ever trapped in a "bad" situation because you can choose to respond with love. And in so doing, you change your vibration and therefore what you will attract in the very next moment. It only takes a second of stepping into a more loving space to change your entire future.

So when you feel stuck, ask yourself, "How can I bring more love into this situation." "What thoughts, words, or deeds most lovingly reflect the truth in my own heart right here and right now?" And then, for your own sake, and in truth for the sake of those around you, think, speak or act in these loving ways. Choose always to honor your own beautiful spirit first; knowing that in doing so, you honor God's guidance within you. And in doing that, you honor the souls around you as well although you might have to disappoint their human egos.

It is rarely your outer actions that have the most impact in your lives, but rather the amount of love with which you live each moment.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Say Yes!

God, as you know is the creative force in the universe. God is always breathing life into your heart. In each and every moment desires are planted and can, if you are willing, be brought to the surface. At times these are what you label "small" desires: "I want a drink of water." "I'd like to have a grace-filled day." At other times, these are "large" desires: I want a house, a relationship, a new path in front of me." In any case the energy is the same. A desire is born inside of you. The minute you acknowledge it you unleash a mighty force into the universe to which the entire universe must respond. If only you knew how beautiful, loving, and powerful you really are...

So don't sabotage your dreams and desires with doubt. When inspiration arrives in your heart, say "Yes." Take action. Know you will have the energy, the time, and the resources you need to make this dream come true... all in the right time and the right way. God coordinates universes. God is universes. This same creative principle can and will certainly operate in your life... unless you dim its light with your doubts. Can you have your dreams? Dear ones, only you can answer that question. We recommend you cast doubt away and say, "Yes, yes, yes!" "My dreams can come true. I believe! I receive!" As you align your entire being with your dreams, the universe aligns as well. Allow yourself to receive all that you desire, for you are the ones controlling the amount of ever present love that flows into your own lives.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

We guide you into your heart

You are the creators of your own existence dear ones, and by that we mean that you have been gifted with free will. You can make your choices in accordance with your heart in each moment, and therefore receive the gifts that God wishes to pour into your lives, or you can make your choices according to your conditioning and programming, in which case you will live the life that your conditioning and programming has set you up to live.

In either case, we love you. In either case, we will support whatever aspects of your choices are in alignment with your heart. We will not get in the way of your other choices, nor can we prevent them because God gifted each and every one of you with freedom of choice. However, dear ones, always and forever, we will attempt to guide you deeper into your own hearts so you can be in alignment with the love and divine will for your life. In that space, choices are clear, action is inspired, and assistance can easily be provided more easily.

When your choices are in alignment with your heart, it is as if you are in a sailboat and we can become the wind that fills your sails, easily assisting you towards your goals. When your choices are not in alignment with your heart, we must respectfully step back. You can row the boat in this case. You can buy a motor, but ease and grace will not always come so quickly. In these cases, God is gently whispering, "I am here. All you have to do is be silent. Be honest with yourself in this moment. Seek and you shall find." Seek the truth within yourself. Admit it to yourself. Acknowledge it. Commit to it. Then dear ones, we can assist you in large measure.

We are here to help you find your own hearts, to help you own the Divine light within you, and to assist you in creating the life that your soul very much wants you to have. We assure you this life is far better than anything the mind can conceive. The creator of universes loves you and whispers within you. Be silent. What does your heart want, right now, in this instant. Acknowledge it. Take action if you know what to do. And if not, surrender to asking for assistance. We are waiting with open hearts.