Saturday, May 31, 2014

Embrace it all

Rejoice when you find things within yourself that you think are less than perfect, less than loving, less than beautiful! Rejoice because now you have found areas in your spirit that are in need of love! No longer are they lurking in the darkness controlling you quietly and subtly. Instead they are coming to the surface saying to you, “Look at me! Love me! Transform me!”

Suppose you have said something unkind or insensitive. Perhaps you have done this unconsciously many times in your life, but suddenly you notice. You feel badly. Rather than beating yourself up, celebrate! You’ve seen something within you in need of love. Breathe deeply. Go inside of yourself. Ask the part of you that was less than kind, “What do you need? What do you really want to say?” and then wait for an answer. Every little part within you that you would judge is simply in need of love.

Suppose you have a health challenge. Again go inside and ask the parts of you that are diseased or in pain, “What do you need? What function do you serve? How are you trying to help me?” Acknowledge the service. Bless it. Thank it. Everything, and we repeat, everything, that arises within you is attempting to serve a loving purpose… no matter how strange or unbelievable that might sound.

So dear ones, this week strive to notice the things inside of yourself that you would judge. Ask these facets of yourself how they are attempting to love you, or how they are attempting to seek love. See if you can’t find kinder ways to fill those needs. And in so doing, you bring all that is dark, misunderstood, in pain, or in illusion within you to the surface, to be transformed in the light of the love.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Focus on your eternal being

When you know who you really are, you can simply enjoy the rest of your life as an adventure! You are an eternal soul walking around in a temporary body, and yet your physical life receives so much attention! You believe it controls you. You fear that it will not look as you wish. You identify with your bank accounts, your bodies, your situations in life, the people around you, and yet dear ones the greatest identification you can make, is that with love. For indeed your are fashioned in the image and likeness of God, and that truth alone will transform your existence.

Are you tired of not "having enough"? Then dear ones look into your spirit and see where you are depriving yourself of your own love. Are you wanting to feel better in your body? Then look inside your heart and see where you can feel better in your soul. Are you desiring companionship? How can you be a better friend to yourself and allow others closer to the real you? Always and forever we encourage you to look at your material world as a mirror, and then to ask yourself, "What can I change inside of me first, in order to shift my outer reality?"

You are not the body. You are not the thoughts. You are not the circumstances around you. You are nothing less than a being created from the very heart of God, a being fashioned of love, created uniquely and beautifully from this love.

Embrace the fact that you are a soul. Embrace the fact that you came to learn that you are nothing less than love. Embrace the fact that at every moment in time, whether awkward or graceful, you are attempting to create a more loving reality. And from that perspective, by all means shape your outer world as you wish. Decorate your homes. Choose cars you like. Preen, primp, and take care of your bodies. Your spirit can, if you like create a wonderful adventure here while upon the earth... as long as you remember, you are spirit first, and from that reality, all else will follow.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bring your best to now

There is a time and a season for everything dear ones, and if you surrender to this you will find that everything in your life flows with grace. However so many of you feel you should be "making things happen." In reality the only thing that matters is quite simple... given the circumstances and needs in your life right now, are you doing what makes you happiest right now? Are you focusing on the most pleasant thoughts? Are you bringing the most loving attitude to the situation in which you must be? Are you moving kindly away from that which does not enliven you and kindly towards that which does? Are you being the best person you can be, right here and right now? For it is in this moment that your life is occurring. If you want a better future, embrace a better now.

Consider this example. You are driving on a road, and you are forcing yourself to take the shortest route to reach your destination. It goes through unattractive neighborhoods. You encounter a great deal of traffic, and yet you insist "I must take this route! It is the shortest path." Alternately, suppose you had taken a beautiful detour - one with gorgeous scenery and very little traffic. Suppose you had chosen in that moment of facing a fork in the road to take the more appealing path? Well, as you might guess, both will get you to your destination. The shortest one may still get you there faster. But when you arrive, what is your state of mind and heart? Are you happy? If not will reaching a destination automatically "make you happy?" We would argue, it will not. And so as you worry about paying a bill, healing from an illness, or creating that which you desire... Enjoy the journey! For life is happening now, and now, and now again all along the way to creating your dreams. You can choose to be happy now, or you can wait until later. We would encourage you to choose your joy right now.

Breath in deeply. Ask yourself, "What in this given moment, given my time, my money, and my circumstances right now, in this moment, is the most loving thing I can do for myself or another. Wait until the answer arises. It might surprise you. It might be too easy. Life is actually very simple when lived one moment at a time!

In truth, this moment is all you have. Live it well!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The greatest power is to love

It is sometimes in your greatest challenges that you find your greatest strengths. In every opportunity there is a chance to feel as if you are victim, or to embrace your inner power; to feel unloved or to bring more love to the surface; to perceive lack, or to find the true abundance. In every moment, you can embrace the greater truth of the Love that is always present, or you can turn away from it and focus on the illusion that it is gone. It is, and always will be, a choice you are given with the gift of free will.

So when you find yourself in times of challenge, ask yourself, "How can I bring more love into this situation?" Perhaps you must have compassion for yourself and reach out for help. Perhaps you can ask for prayers. Perhaps you can be kind to someone else to take your mind off your own problems. Perhaps you can sit and pray and turn to God and your angels for assistance. In changing your focus to love, even in the tiniest measure you begin to open up to the streams of grace. You begin to aim yourself towards a kinder reality. You affirm faith in what is good and true, and deny the illusions of separation.

Dear ones the greatest power of all is the power to love. The greatest strength is the ability to be light in the darkness. The greatest abundance is to find love even in times of lack. Do so, and you will begin to transform your reality into a kinder and more gentle experience of life.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Ask for help

If a dream is placed in your heart, trust that in the right time and the right way everything will unfold in perfection. It is a human tendency to want to spring into action, and this is fine if your actions are passionate, inspired, and guided, but far too often you attempt to make things happen through the sheer force of your will. You actually can make things happen this way. You can work so hard you forget the joy in life. You can tempt someone to love you until they finally do. You can force yourself to lose weight without enjoying the journey. However, dear ones, these "victories" are short-lived for they cannot be sustained. If you lose the joy in life while attempting to "succeed" eventually you will burn out. If you tempt someone until they "fall" for you eventually you will realize that they only love you when you work to "earn" their affection. If you force yourself to lose weight without joy, eventually you will slip back into your old patterns and, most likely, feel great disappointment.

So while you can make things happen and live without heaven's help, a life lived in partnership with heaven is far more beautiful, graceful, and easy. You were assigned angels before birth for exactly this purpose. You were never meant to live without assistance. So when you find a dream in your heart, ask for help. When you ask God and your angels for help, you are asking Love itself to guide you. You are entering into a dance with Love. You are diving into streams of grace. In this dance you must often be patient. You certainly must trust. You will have to act when inspiration strikes or you will lose the opportunity in the moment. If you miss one opportunity another will always be presented. Love does not give up.

Dear ones, we implore you, "Ask for help." Trust that God loves you and wants to guide you in the most loving way (which is not necessarily the fastest) to experience the fulfillment of your heart's desires. As you learn to live in partnership with heaven, you will come to understand that you are None other than Love itself, asking Love to assist. The cells ask the body for nourishment, just as the body requests cooperation from the cells. And as you ask God and your angels for help, we too are nourished and gratified by the opportunity to love and assist you.