Saturday, December 26, 2015

With every breath...

Breathe, dear ones. In every breath your life is birthed anew. In every breath the Christ light that came into the world in the form of a little child so many years ago has an opportunity to be birthed again, within you. In every breath, a light that can never be extinguished grows within your heart, illuminating your mind, comforting your emotions, and radiating outward via your every thought, word, and deed into a world in need of love.

Within each of you exists the energy of the manger and the energy of the Christ light. Within each of you exists the energy of the lamps that burn brightly. Within each of you exists the spark of Divine Love that gives you life! Celebrate dear ones! You are the bearers of this light! You are the emissaries of this love! You are the lights upon our tree, the stars in our sky, and the precious souls who have incarnated to remember, once and forever, that you are never disconnected from this light. You are never separate from this love.

Our wish for you in the new year is that you remember that love is eternally yours. Love lives within you. Love exists in our hearts for each and every one of you. With every breath you take consciously and deeply, you draw this light unto you! You expand it within you! When you have a desire, breathe it in and allow the love for this desire to expand within you. When you have a challenge, breathe, and know you are breathing in solutions and assistance. When you care about someone and don't know what to do, breathe, knowing that as you fill yourself with love, it cannot help but spill over into the lives of those you love.

Breathe dear ones, in the new year, consciously and deeply, remembering that this Divine love is yours for the taking, yours for the giving, yours to live and love and abide within.

Happy New Year Dear ones. Happy new moments, new adventures, new opportunities to love! Happy new relationships, new gifts, new guidance. Happy new you dear angels upon the earth. We love you in each new moment! Now, and now, and now again!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

You are the gift

Happy Holidays to all of you who celebrate and Happy Holy days to all, for in truth dear ones, each day is holy. Each one of you is holy. Each one of you is an incarnation of the very same light that was born in the manger in the form of the Christ child, the very same light that burned in the lamp, the very same light that burns brightly in your sun, and indeed within and beneath all of creation!

Can you fathom this? You are nothing less than the stars. In your heart is the manger, the birthplace of light into this world. In your heart is the light that is never extinguished. In your very own heart is the love that cannot be erased or eradicated by a chaotic world... for love dear ones, lives eternally within you.

So this Christmas, this Hanukkah, remember that YOU, dear ones, are the ones that we celebrate. It is your light being birthed with every conscious breath, your light burning brightly with every kind thought, that we in the heavens find to be so remarkable, so miraculous, so beautiful. In a world that often forgets what is of value, you remember. In a world that often forgets that we are all One in the Divine love, you seek to remember. In a world that often feels that struggle is the only way to survive, you are striving to remember that, In Love, you thrive.

Dear ones you are a gift and blessing upon this earth, and we celebrate you! May you and your families enjoy sweet peace, incredible joy, and the miracles that the human race is so apt to believe in more easily during this season.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Stretch Time

n this season of love and celebration, many of you feel as if you do not have enough time to do all the things your heart desires. And yet dear ones, if you slow down, you can stretch time. If you remain present you can get so much more accomplished, and you can do it with love. If you choose to focus on the task at hand, doing it with love, and only doing it with love, then you will be filled with the energy of creation that is flowing through you! You will have more energy. You will be able to accomplish more. And best of all you will feel the joy of the season.

It is better to do less with more love, than more with less love. It is better to be present than to give presents. It is better to say, "I choose to give my loved ones my love in all that I do," than to give them things without love. It is better to attend only those functions that your heart can joyously anticipate, than those functions that your mind dreads. It is better to send greetings with love, or send none at all.

Dear ones, this is a season that celebrates light coming into the world, burning miraculously bright, illuminating temples and mangers, hearts and souls. This is the season in which love is meant to rise up and be rebirthed within your very own heart! The Christ light lives within you! The oil burning miraculously in the temple symbolizes the endless light within your soul. You are none less than love, and this is the season to embrace that reality more than ever before.

By focusing upon your tasks with love, you give yourself the gift of love as well. You give yourself the gift of feeling the joy of the season, of feeling your very own love for the dear souls whom you love in your life. There is no greater gift you can give yourself than to feel the true essence of your being rising up from within and flowing into the world. In this reality time stretches out joyously, if not literally, making room for all that delights the soul. Be here. Be now. Embrace the moment and give both yourself and the world, the greatest gift of all... the gift of your soul's loving Presence.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

The real gift

Celebrate the season! It is a beautiful time upon your planet earth during the holidays, when the vibration of love becomes so much stronger. You think about those you love. You plan to share with those you love. You dream of times that you loved. And some of you even love by missing those you love who are with you now only in spirit.

In any case dear ones it is also a time to love yourselves. It is very important that, as the year comes to a close, you treat yourselves with kindness. As you gift others, make the gifting process and act of love for yourself. Buy your gifts when you're feeling the love. Get only what is within your means and if nothing is within your means, share your heart. Share sentiments of love. Share kindnesses, gifts, talents. Giving stuff is fine if you enjoy it, and if it is truly an act of love, but if not, it is better to live honestly.

Give Presence with your presents this year, or better yet share the Presence of your own spirit all year long. For you, dear ones are a gift to those you love. Your bright spirit is irreplaceable, unique, precious, special in every way. There is no one else on earth exactly like you! Strive, as you go throughout your holidays, and throughout your life to avoid comparisons. It doesn't matter if you give a gift as expensive as one given to you. It doesn't matter if you give a gift to someone who gifts you. It doesn't matter if you send all those cards, or bake all those cookies, unless you feel that it is also an act of love – for yourself and for the receivers! For gifts given in love are true presents. Cards sent with authentic sentiment have a lovely resonance when they are received. Treats baked or things built with love convey a beautiful energy. Give love this holiday season, no matter what you choose to carry its energy to the receiver.

And dear ones, give to yourselves first. Give yourselves a few minutes a day to sit in peace, breathe, and receive our love and assistance. Give yourself the gift of self care. Give yourself the gift of kindness to yourselves, and then the light will rise up within you and gift the world.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Expect the best

"Expect the unexpected," is a common phrase upon your earth. We would say, "Embrace the now, Anticipate the Best!" for in truth dear ones, if you anticipate the best you tend to draw yourselves towards it! If you understand that all things are truly possible with God, then rather than bracing for disappointment, you will joyfully look forward to the surprises and assistance on the path ahead.

God loves you! We love you! We celebrate your presence upon the earth. We celebrate your eternal being. We celebrate when you ask us for assistance because you are using your free will to love yourselves and ask for help. We want to give you the present of Presence over the holidays... the presence of love, the presence of joy, the presence of grace. Allow us please to help you!

We know you are busy during the holidays but everything would go so much more smoothly if you would start and end your day with the Divine. Take a few minutes each morning. "Dear God, Dear Angels, this is what I would like to accomplish this day. Please help me. If you have other plans, dear God, help me trust that you really do know what you're doing with my life and the universe, and that you love me. Help me trust that my desires will be fulfilled in the most perfect way at the most perfect time. Thank you." And then dear friends you go about your day, trusting that you will receive all the help you need and that when something does not look as you think it "should" there is always a greater reason.

You are SO very loved in the heavens. You are celebrated. We see you as gifts upon the earth dear ones. Ask for help. Allow us to assist you, even in finding the simplest things - the perfect present for a loved one, the ingredients for your cookies, the energy to write your holiday cards...and if you do not have these things, trust, trust, trust, that we are loving you in ways you cannot yet understand.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Give thanks for you

As so many of you approach your holiday of Thanksgiving we give thanks for all of you! With or without a holiday, every day is Thanksgiving day in the heavens! We are grateful for our existence, no matter what dimension we exist within. We are grateful for your existence. We know that each of us contributes to all others and as we witness your courage upon the earth we are inspired to assist you even more. We love you more than you can possibly imagine.

It takes courage to incarnate upon your earth. You are enrolled in a very difficult school here, a reality in which the sense of separation from the Source is very deep. You are eternal souls having a human experience and if you could truly embrace that reality, then you would live in a state of love and gratitude for all of life – what you judge good, what you judge bad, and everything in between. For in truth every soul upon the planet is just like you in that they are striving to remember their true nature, just as you are. Every soul is pure at its essence. Every soul is innocent at its core. You are too.

So, as so many of you celebrate a holiday of gratitude, take time this week, if only for a few moments to appreciate yourselves. Appreciate the courage it took to come to earth. Appreciate the beautiful soul that you are. Appreciate that you are striving to feel and share more love upon the earth. Appreciate your talents, and those things you think you have done well. Appreciate the beautiful relationships. As well, if you are willing, you can also appreciate those moments you felt you did not do so well, because you have learned. You can appreciate the most painful relationships because they taught, or are teaching you how to love yourself and acknowledge your own beautiful light more.

See if you can spend just one hour of your life appreciating yourself and everything around you. It will create powerful, massive shifts in your energy field that will allow the heavens to assist you even more. Practice gratitude for yourself daily - perhaps taking a few minutes before bed to appreciate all you've done well, all you've learned, and all that you are. Dear ones, gratitude is love, and it opens the door for even more grace and joy to pour into your lives! Happy Thanksgiving Day or we would say, Happy Day to give thanks... every day!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Peace in surrender

As you begin your holiday season we wish you a deep and lasting peace. Peace, dear ones, is always there for you. It arises when you can accept life as it is, surrender to what is in front of you and inside you right in this moment, and know that within you lies the power to change direction in the very next

Surrender to life and know that there is a reason for everything. Whether you like what is in front of you or not, whether you are rushing or relaxing, whether people are acting as you wish or not, practice saying to yourself, "There is perfection in this moment. There is love to be found or expressed in this moment. I give thanks for this moment." Then, dear ones, your very next word or deed will be based on love, trust, and an acknowledgment that you are and always have been deeply and dearly loved.

It is absolutely fine – and often best – to change your circumstances! If you are not happy, by all means, make different choices. Try to see life a little differently. Try to allow for your so-called "negative feelings" and love yourself through them until they dissipate. But always, recognize that there is perfection. If someone cuts you off in traffic, there is perfection. You get angry. There is perfection. You realize you need more sleep so you are not so prone to reacting. There is perfection. You go home instead of running errands and you are saved from an accident. There is perfection. There are so many reasons for everything that occurs in your life and as human beings, in linear time you cannot possibly see all the reasons, interactions, and possibilities that arise from every single choice that every one of you makes. Suppose you ignored your feelings in this case. You ran your errands. You got into an accident. There is perfection even in this. You will learn. You will listen to your soul's whispers the next time. There is perfection.

Dear ones, peace comes when you can acknowledge the perfection in the moment and make the most loving choice in the very next. In this fashion you stop resisting life, you learn, you grow and, you deepen your ability to find and express love. In so doing you place yourself in a vibration where life becomes easier, kinder, and more gentle.

Peace, dear ones. It is already here for you, just waiting to be acknowledged.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Infinite possibilities

A few weeks ago we talked about the beauty of the miracles present in each moment. Miracles are simply what humanity calls things that the mind cannot explain. Dear ones if you can only fathom this - your minds can comprehend only what they have been exposed to and what they can imagine. The mind of God however has access to every conceivable possibility of every single relationship between every single person and aspect of creation, in every single moment! Can you imagine? Because of this SO many "miracles" are possible for each and every one of you. So many paths can unfold in each moment... so many possibilities.

If you can imagine, at this very moment, you stand with an infinite variety of possible futures waiting for you to choose them. Choose the best! Align your thoughts with love. Alight your feelings with love, at least with love for yourself. Accept yourself as you are now. Even if you are upset, love yourself through it and then you will be so much more able to love others. If a child came to you upset you would hold the child, hug the child, comfort the child and then gently guide them into a greater reality. If you love yourself kindly even in the most difficult emotional times, then you give the entire universe energetic "permission" so to speak, to love and comfort you as well! If you say, "Well here I am. I am doing my best in the moment. I know better is possible, but I choose to be kind to myself. I choose to acknowledge that I wish to do better. I choose to ask the universe to send me healthy comfort and kindness to help me move into a better space." Well then, dear ones, you have just chosen the best possible path in the moment... given who you are right here and right now!

Of course there are even better paths! Paths that are ripe with love. Suppose you are upset at someone else, and you are able, authentically to pray for compassion. Suddenly you realize the person you are upset with is human too. They are doing their best in the moment. It may or may not be very evolved, but it is the best they know in the moment. You start to pray to see them through God's eyes. Suddenly you see a struggling soul, a wounded soul. Suddenly compassion arises. Suddenly you are sending even those who have upset you love. Can you imagine the possibilities for love that you have opened up for yourself? You may never want anything to do with this individual again! You may heal the relationship entirely. You may walk away and trust the Divine to fix things in right timing. There are SO many possibilities!

Supposed instead you are not upset. You simply have a dream and you have no idea how this dream will occur. The Divine knows. The Divine knows infinite ways the path can unfold. Choose the most loving authentic thing to think, say, and do now and you will find yourself automatically on a path to your dreams, or better! This will be the case whether you see them or not, whether you logically understand how things can work or not. You do not have to answer your own prayers dear ones :) The Divine is fully capable!

So dear ones, do not limit your future only to what you know "can be" accomplished. The Divine knows so much more. The Divine sees infinite possibilities. Just choose love... now, and now, and now again.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Never the end

We know many of you celebrate a very playful holiday called Halloween. You delight in all things scary and spooky. You make fun of things that would normally find you running in fear. Like little children you embrace the dark and the light and find amusement within it all. In a way, dear ones, for just a day, you are embracing life as we do.

We do not fear death because we know there is no death. We do not fear loss becausewe know there is no loss. When you lose someone on earth, we welcome them home in the heavens. When someone is released from, what we consider to be a rather beautiful but limited life on earth, they are freed into an expansive, glorious existence in the heavens. Yet we would not rush a single one of you into the heavens because we know earth, although a very tough school, offers opportunities for creating and finding the most exquisite, deep, and beautiful forms of love.

If only you could see through our eyes, you would see that even in the darkest times exist the most beautiful opportunities for deep and glorious love! In the most challenging times exist the most amazing opportunities for faith. In every darkness dear ones, you have a chance to discover that you are the light! The light lives in you. In the challenges, bring love to the surface. Be that little candle burning inside of your pumpkins! Be the bright light in the face of the darkness. Be the kind soul amidst the unconscious ones, the positive force of upliftment in a world that loves to gossip, the one who refuses to criticize and berate themselves when they make a mistake... the one who refuses to believe that death could ever possibly be the end.

We know you miss your dear ones in heaven, but if only you could feel their reality you would feel nothing but joy for their freedom, their expansion, their awareness, and their birth into an even greater love. Sit with them, perhaps today as so many of you celebrate your Halloween. Take a few moments and shut your eyes and breathe deeply. Ask the angels to help you feel the presence of a dear one in heaven, be it a family member, an animal, a friend, or perhaps just someone you admire from history. We will make sure that only those invited are around you! Ask to feel their love, their light, their joy, their energy wrapped around you in a kind embrace... and maybe just maybe dear ones, your contact with the "deceased" (or as we would say, with those souls fully alive!), will be a beautiful and inspiring experience.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

God breathes for you

Take a breath dear ones. Stop and feel the air flowing into your lungs. Drink your fill for there is more than enough to go around. Relax. Allow the air to leave of its own accord and as it does, simply intend that any frequencies that no longer server you be carried away with it.

If you did this exercise, you just focused upon a miracle. Thee are millions of miracles that occur in every moment of every day of your life. There are millions of miracles in every inch of your body, in every firing of your nerve cells to think just one conscious thought, in every breath, in every beat of your heart. Thousands of cells and processes must be coordinated, timing must be impeccable, just for these simple things in your human body to function; things that most of you necessarily take for granted. Dear ones, if the creator can cause you to breathe and cause your heart to beat, can you imagine how beautifully this same force of love can orchestrate the coordination of your dreams?

You do not control your breathing, or your heart beat. You trust in them. Try to apply this same level of trust to your life. You have prayed for help. You have aligned your energy with a desire. Then dear ones, the entire universe is working to bring you what you have asked for... or better. You do not try to hurry up your heart beat. You do not try to force air into your lungs. You receive. You allow. You surrender...

This week, whenever you find yourself concerned about how you will make something happen, how you will create something, or how you will manage something you must handle, first pray for the loving outcome you desire. Make sure you are aligned with this outcome. Are you speaking positively? Thinking positively? Or are you negating your prayers with fear and negativity? In truth every word, every action, every thought is a prayer in that it sends an energy out into the world which draws like unto itself. If you have prayed and if you are aligning your energy with your desire then dear ones, relax. God is breathing for you, keeping your body alive, running the stars in the heavens, and coordinating the perfect solutions for your lives. As you believe, so shall you receive.

Breathe... drink from the source of life itself with every breath, taking in the energies you need to live, to love, to thrive. Release the air and allow what you do not need to gently leave. There... you have just participated in yet another miracle.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

You are among family

Celebrate because you are here on the earth, among friends, among family! In truth, everyone is your family. You have millions of brothers, sisters, children, mothers, fathers, aunts, and uncles, cousins, just waiting to be discovered.

The person behind you in line might be a long lost loved one from another time or a soul you knew in the heavens.

The "stranger" you help is one of God's children too, a perfect divinely created being there to help you grow and learn more about your light, as surely as you are helping them.

Dear ones you are never alone upon this planet earth! It is impossible. If you feel lonely, take a walk in a public place and smile at strangers. Sit in front of your internet and connect with souls of like mind in so many different places and website. We here in the heavens love the fact that you can connect with one another so easily and while we understand there are certainly misuses of your computers, so many more of you are using them to find one another, to share ideas, and to share possibilities, dreams, and visions.

Allow yourself to connect with one another, no matter how you feel compelled to do so, for it is in your connections with "seeming random strangers" that you find family! Perhaps you will find a friend for life or maybe a friend for a few seconds. In any case, in these instances God touches God, life touches life, and your heart finds joy in the meeting of a kindred spirit.

Smile at one another, dear ones. Start conversations. Connect with life and one another. Love... and your human family surrounds you at all times.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Listen to loving impulses

The creator of the universe is constantly guiding you. We are constantly guiding you. We are not trying to "bend you to our will" but rather to help you live in love and coordination with the entirety of creation! The creator wants creation to co-exist in a dance of peace and harmony... a dance of love.

The squirrels do not check their calendars to see when to gather the acorns for the winter. They simply wake up one morning in the Fall and feel a sense that it is time. They sense where to go, where to dig, where to nest. They are guided. The birds that migrate do not talk about their route or their schedules. They simply follow the impulse within that says fly! They are guided together, to spend the winter in warmer places. The trees do not get a memo telling them it is time to release their fruit, or their leaves. They are simply impulsed within their very nature to do so. You, dear ones, and all of humanity receive similar impulses guiding you where to go, what to say, what to do in order to live in the kindest way – in your own lives and in cooperation with the entire universe. You receive loving direction all the time.

As angels, we are here to help you notice these impulses from the Creator. We whisper words that you may hear in your minds, we amplify the feelings that guide you, we sometimes draw things, people, places to your attention in a loving way. We send signs when we can, and we even guide others to help guide you. We labor in love, dear ones, to help you live more loving lives.

So when you have a loving impulse to do something, say something, or be somewhere, take a chance and heed that impulse. See what happens. Your inner compass will never steer you wrong. You will know it is your inner compass, when the guidance is loving and kind, and resonates with your being. For in truth the creator wishes for you to be more of who you really are, and to experience the joy of being in harmony with creation!

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Stop judging yourselves

Celebrate the fact that you are alive. You didn't have to be here upon the earth. You didn't have to stay. You chose life and you chose this school called earth. You bravely chose to embark upon a miraculous journey of learning about the depth and breadth of the love from which you are made. Here upon the earth you can learn to love more deeply than anywhere else in the cosmos because, in truth, it is most challenging.

Upon your earth, it is easy to forget that you are all made from the same love. You are all created with the same sense of reverence. You are all welcomed home with the same tenderness at the end of your lives, and simply asked one question, "What have you learned?" You stand in the light and love of the Divine after this life and view your words and deeds relative to that love. You know instantly where your heart was open and where you might have done better, but you are not judged. You are loved. Your life is illuminated by truth and you have opportunity to learn.

So while you are upon the earth, strive not to judge yourselves. Strive instead, when you feel you could have done better in any given situation, to simply ask yourself, "What have I learned? What could I have done better? How might I be more true to my own heart, while being lovingly kind and honest with others?" Judgment serves no purpose. In our eyes there is not right and wrong, good and bad. There are only loving and unloving behaviors, lessons learned, and lessons missed. We see even the most unloving behaviors as simply the misunderstandings of a soul striving to find the light in a very unevolved fashion. Would you say a child is wrong for their mistakes, or would you simply help them learn? Would you call this child bad because they don't know any better, or would you kindly help them see a better way to behave. The angels and God, guide you, always, through love. We cannot judge you because we know who you really are. We know what you are striving to experience, no matter how that is expressed.

So dear ones, stop judging yourselves. Stop criticizing yourselves. Stop making yourselves wrong for so-called "mistakes" and "flaws" and simply make a commitment to treat yourself with kindness. Congratulate yourselves for what you have learned. In this fashion you will grow kindly, gently, gracefully... in love.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Reveal yourself to life

Reveal yourselves to life dear ones. Allow people to see who you really are. So many spend so much time attempting to fit in, please others, and live up to such a huge variety of expectations that it is easy to lose oneself. It is easy to disconnect from your own hearts as the mind attempts to mold you. It is easy to try to "earn" love instead of simply being yourself and allowing those who love you to come forth. Dear ones, if you could be comfortable being your authentic selves, you could receive so much more assistance from life and your angels. You would receive the echo of the love that you give yourself from the world. If you are comfortable with yourself, you will attract others who are as well.

The authentic self is not something you "figure out" and then strive to "become." The authentic self is who you truly feel like being in any given moment. Some moments the authentic self is angry. Some moments you are bursting with love! In truth there is always a deeper, more loving self trying to emerge, but rather than trying to be what you are not yet... try to only be, in each moment, who and what you are... right here, right now.

What if you are not being your most loving self? Then dear ones, we would say, love yourself anyway. Allow yourself your feelings. If you need someone to talk to, talk to your angels. We may be invisible, but we hear you and love you no matter what is going on inside of you. You can always cry upon our shoulders, vent out your frustrations to us, and allow us to simply nurture you and send you love. If you could choose to love yourselves in this fashion, you would pass through "negative" emotions so much more quickly. You could avoid passing them on, taking them out on others, and instead you would find yourself feeling energized, more loved, and more loving.

If you cultivate the habit of coming to your angels, exactly as you are, without pretense, you will receive more love and assistance than you might ever imagine. We see who you really are. We love you. Can you love yourself no matter what? Try it, dear ones... it will bring you closer to heaven.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

We see your light

Celebrate your beautiful souls for each and every one of you has a place, a purpose, and a reason for being upon the earth. Whether you are in public, traveling the world, raising a family, quietly living your life, or sitting in a dark corner contemplating suicide, you are all made of the very same light.

When we look at you, we do not see your circumstances as any representation of who you really are. We do not see your shape, size, thoughts, feelings as any indication of who you really are. We do not see your "contributions" or your "faults" as any indication of who you really are. For we, in the heavens, know that each and every one of you is made from the very same light, as is the entirety of creation. Each and every one of you is a spiritual being, fashioned from nothing less than Divine love, having an experience here on earth as a human being. Each of you, no matter what is going on in your lives, is pure light.

Your circumstances, thoughts, feelings, etc. do not make you better or worse, because in truth you ARE love. They simply help you either experience this truth or help you avoid it. So when you find yourself in difficult times remind yourself, "I am light. I am love. I am simply not having that experience right now." Return to that truth again and again. Have compassion for yourselves. Treat yourself with kindness. If God showed up at the door how would you treat the Divine? God's love lives in you and gives you life. How must you now treat yourselves?

Dear ones, we never see you as anything less than you truly are, and for this reason we can never do a thing except love you, help you, seek to awaken you to the magnificence of your true nature. We know that as you awaken to this reality, you will treat yourself, and therefore all others in a much more loving way... and in so doing, you can create, at least in your own life, a little bit of heaven on earth.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Self love isn't selfish

Self love is not selfish dear ones! Self love is an acknowledgment of the beautiful Divine love that creates you, a state of living in truth, a life in which you say, "Yes," to God, "Yes" to self, "Yes" to the universe. It is a state of being in which you acknowledge the fact that you were created by a Love so pure and powerful that you could not possibly be flawed in any way.

You are having human experiences. You are learning, growing, and sometimes, in your human terms (not ours) failing. We do not see any of this as anything else other than an attempt to find your way back to truth. When you fall, get up and say, "I tried!" When you "fail," move on and say, "I tried! I am learning." When you see you could have done better in life, celebrate! You tried. You are learning!

Dear ones, in our eyes you cannot ever diminish the truth of your being! You cannot ever lose our love, God's love, or the love from which you are made. You can either feel it or not, connect with it, or not... but you can never lose you! You are amazing beings of pure light and you are all, no matter what, just doing your best trying to find your way back to that truth.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Tune your radio

You are all so much more powerful than you can possibly imagine. You have the entire universe at your disposal. You are like a radio that can tune into any station you like, any frequency, any number of "songs" that are sung by the Divine. It is your focus, your attention that selects the "station" and your emotional attachment that holds you in a space of receiving the same frequencies over and over.

This is good news! This means that with your focus and attention you can change the energies that you "tune" into. With your joy, your passion, your excitement, you can allow yourself to receive new frequencies, new energies, and therefore new possibilities into your life.

Think of one of your biggest complaints, either about yourself or life. Ask yourself, "How attached am I to keeping this complaint? Am I willing to do the emotional work to let it go? Am I willing to stop "tuning" into this sad reality, and focus on a better reality? Am I willing to give up this complaint in exchange for a happier life?" Be honest with yourselves. Sometimes complaints buy you companionship for many others share the same. Sometimes complaints are comfortably uncomfortable. They are familiar. They keep you in a reality that is known. And so although most of you would say, "Yes! I want a better reality!" it takes incredible honesty to look at whether are not you are willing to give up the familiar, the old, and the comfortably uncomfortable situations in which you exist.

When you get to a point where you are willing to give up the complaint, either about yourself or life, ask yourself next, "What reality would I prefer to create? What reality would I prefer to "tune into?" Imagine you are a radio, or a television and you can tune into any reality you like! Then using your imagination, take time each day to imagine yourself in this new and better reality. Imagine the best possible outcome! Imagine joy! Abundance! Ease! Grace! Love! And every time you catch yourself going back to your old reality, "tuning into" what you don't want, change again, and "tune into" what you do. This will take time, patience and practice! Allow yourself to feel the joy and the excitement of an imagined beautiful reality. For as many of you have heard, the universe does not distinguish between reality and fantasy - it reads and echoes back your energy - conscious and unconscious. The more consciously you "tune" your being, the more beautiful a reality you will create.

You are powerful dear ones. Allow yourselves to start "tuning into" better and happier realities. Do the work to create the lives you actually dream of. You have the power. Divine love and all that it encompasses is within and around you, flowing to you, through you, and from you.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

You are abundant

You are so abundant dear ones! You are connected to the source of all that is! All you want is love. Whether you want money in the bank, a new car, a relationship, underneath all of it, you want to experience love. Love comes in so many forms, in so many flavors! Love comes in the form of a beautiful sunset, and a beautiful marriage. Love comes in the form of a comfy home, and comfortable pillow. Love comes in the form of food that delights you, movement that energizes you and indeed in so many other shapes, sizes, and textures. Love is all around you.

So when you want something, stop focusing on how you will get it and start to pray that your energy be ready to receive it! "Dear God, Dear Angels, I want something in my life. Please work with me and prepare my energy to be ready to receive it!" We will help you dear ones. We will help adjust your energy so you, like a radio, are attuned to the frequency of that which you want to attract into your life. Sit, breathe, receive, allows us to work with you each day. This time, this reception of our love is far more productive that "spinning your wheels" trying to figure out how to "make" something happen in your life. Start, as in all creations, from the inside out.

If you had what you wanted tomorrow, are you ready? If you had what you wanted tomorrow, are you willing to give up the complaints and all that goes with them? If you had what you wanted tomorrow, can you see yourself differently - as someone who HAS rather than someone who doesn't? Ask yourself these questions, dear ones, and prepare yourself to receive. Then, believe. You will be guided towards all that you seek!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Love shifts

Everything in your life serves a purpose whether or not you can see it at the time it occurs. In every joy and every pain, there is reason, and the deepest reason beneath all things is that your soul is traveling towards a greater awareness of its union with God's love. There are deep layers to your being many of which are not present to your conscious mind. So you may say, "Oh yes, I know I am one with God's love," but in truth you do not yet feel it, experience it and have the joy of knowing it as a reality in which you find heaven on earth. This is the point and purpose of all things, and indeed of your life on earth - to return to the awareness and experience of your oneness with God's love.

So what do you do, in practical terms, when you find yourself in a challenging situation? First and foremost, do not beat yourselves up. Do not ask what you have done wrong. Dear ones, you have never done anything wrong in our eyes. You are simply growing. Far better to pray, "God return me to an awareness of love. Return me to knowing I am loved right here and right now, even in the middle of this challenge." Then dear ones, sit down, breathe and receive our love. Simply breathe and use your intention. Even the simplest act of being willing to receive love, allows us – the angels – to work with your energy field and to help attune you to the energies that will attract solutions, kinder situations, etc.

Be willing also to do the smallest self-loving acts for yourself no matter what the challenge in your life, for these affirm truth and help you, vibrationally, begin to shift your situation. You are not helpless dear ones. Tuning your beings into love, in any form, will help you change your energy and shift out of even the most challenging spaces. As some of you say, often, "The only way out is up," and we would add... "vibrationally speaking."

Saturday, August 15, 2015

You can love without liking

Last week we talked about finding the love in all things and all beings. We know this isn't easy, because this is not the way humanity is programmed. We say "programmed" because we know that your true nature is to see the light within every soul and every situation, but it is your cultural conditioning that teaches you to protect yourself and to survive.

This is understandable, and at times, humanly necessary. Children who are too trusting could easily find themselves in trouble, and yet dear ones, as adults you can discern without judgment, love without liking, and choose to focus on the light within an individual even if you choose to walk away. You will live a far happier and more powerful life if you strive to do so.

There is great confusion between judgment and discernment. We have said this before, but "Judgment says 'No right to be.' Discernment says, 'Not right for me.'" So when someone is acting in a way that you do not agree with, by all means we say, discern! Decide who and what belongs in your life. Get away from the offensive individual as soon as you can, or if you can't get away, at least make a decision to stay in your own positive energy rather than succumbing to the ill-behaved individual's desire for company in their misery. Ignore them, send light, work to remember that even within this wounded or unconscious soul there is a spark of divinity.

Likewise, there is a great deal of confusion between "love" and "like" on your planet. Love, in the heavens, simply means recognizing the divine spark within another. Like means having warm feelings towards another. You can love the soul without ever having to like the personality or the behaviors. Love the light within them, no matter how dim or hidden. Choose to believe in its presence. And yet you do not have to feel warmly about an individual. You do not have to want to be around them. You do not have to agree, accept, or even have anything to do with someone you don't like, but please dear ones, don't hate. Love the light within them, because no matter how awkwardly it is trying to emerge, it is the same light within you. As you focus on that light, sometimes you can actually, energetically, fan the flames of their soul.

So when we say find the love, we are not asking you to feel warm about everyone, nor to have everyone in your life. We are not asking you to put up with behaviors that do not resonate with your joy. We are not asking you to stay in situations that hurt or are uncomfortable to your spirit. We are simply suggesting that you will feel better, more powerful, and more in integrity with your own spirit if you can say, "Well no matter what anyone is doing, there is light in their soul trying to emerge, and I can love that light." Dear ones, then you will begin to see humanity as the angels do.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Looking for love

Celebrate dear ones! Love is always working to come to the surface in all being, all things, and all of the circumstances of your life. If you can adopt this belief, and if you cultivate a habit of looking for the love in all things your life will suddenly become a dance of love.

We know how hard it is to feel love when someone is upset. In truth they are simply trying to express themselves and their heart... admittedly in a very awkward way. We know it is hard to feel love when you are in pain, but even then the pain is a messenger, saying, "Somewhere, somehow you have strayed from loving yourself, being true to your own heart. Listen... your heart wishes to get your attention." We know it is hard to feel love when people die. Perhaps they have graduated from their lessons on earth. Perhaps they have volunteered to be teachers of awakening or compassion. Even there, love abides.

So try, every day to cultivate a habit of looking for love in all things, in all beings, in all situations. It is there, sometimes easily found at the surface – as in the case of beautiful people, places, and kind situations – and other times buried so deeply it may take prayer and creative thinking to see beneath the surface of an upset individual or a sad circumstance.

If you are willing to do this on a regular basis, your lives will transform. You will find yourself connected more deeply to the Creator and the creative forces in the universe. You will more easily begin to transform your challenges and difficult circumstances. You will be happier and more easily handle life's challenges. You will be living in the truth where the angels abide.

Saturday, August 01, 2015


There is perfection in all things, and never a need to worry! The worst that can happen is that you end up in glorious bliss in heaven, or you end up on earth letting go of control and finding you are deeply and dearly loved anyway. In truth, many of your worries and concerns are simply chances to learn greater faith and to learn to see the opportunity for growth when life presents challenges.

There is never once a time when you are not, in some way, at some level, creating or allowing for the circumstances in your life. We do hear you... "Why would I create pain? Why would I allow suffering? Why would I experience lack?" Dear ones it is only because your vibration, your energy is attuned to that particular experience. So when you find yourself in such a situation, stop worrying. Don't beat yourself up. Remind yourself that you are a powerful, infinite being, connected with the source of all love, resources, and inspirations. You are never alone.

Focus with great faith upon what you lovingly desire, rather than what you fear. Ask your angels to help gently and kindly remove any fears or unconscious patterns blocking you from having what you wish for. Sit and breathe for a few minutes each day and pleas allow us to assist you in changing your energy field. When your energy changes, your life changes. It is simply the law of cause and effect.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Don't try to fit and you will

So many of you on your planet earth have had times in your life where you feel alone or unloved. It is understandable dear ones. You have been programmed to believe that life must look a certain way, by a certain age, that you must be with certain people, make a certain income, and live a certain way. But in truth, there are just as many "successful" and "love filled" ways to live as they are beings on the planet.

Each of you came with a different desire to grow, a different desire to share, and a very unique and precious design. As you learn to accept yourself as you are, you will naturally find "your tribe." You will attract life circumstances that match your highest good and utmost joy. You will draw unto you all that is necessary to fill your cup and runneth over. The question is not, "Does God love you? Does life love you?" but rather, "Do you love your unique and precious self enough to allow this love into your life?"

A puzzle piece does not try to "fit" amidst all the other pieces. It simply finds it proper place and there it rests with the others that match. So too, dear ones, when you stop trying to "fit life" or "fit" an idea of how you think life should look, or "fit" into other's expectations of you, suddenly you come to life! You are a rose blooming among tulips or a tulip blooming among roses! Or a wildflower blooming amidst a field of waving grasses. When you allow yourself to be "you" then as we've said many times before, you allow the world to "see" you, and to love you as you are. Some will walk away, run away, and criticize you, but these are the ones that don't fit your life and don't support your joy anyway. Ignore them. Let them go! Release them unto their own unique path.

Dear ones, the greatest joy in life is not fitting in where you "think" you "should" but rather being who you are. In this fashion and in this energy, you naturally find yourself attracted to the people, circumstances, and things that support your soul's true expression and your true joy.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The fruits of your love

You have heard us so many times saying, "Listen to your heart now. Live in the present. Find the love now." We realize that this is confusing to some. How can you desire a future, while also living now? The answer is not so difficult. If you feel in your heart right now, that there is something you want to create, then by all means, you are living now. You are loving a dream now. You are loving a solution now. The dream or solution may not be here yet in linear time, but you are loving it now. You are willing to work for it now. You are present to your own heart now.

Say you want to go on a vacation. The thought arises in your heart now. In the present, you take great joy in working a little more, knowing that you are saving money for your vacation. You take joy in the preparations. Your anticipation of the future becomes part of your joy now. You choose to lovingly work "outwardly" now to have what you want later. The thought of your future vacation fills your "now" with love and joy.

However, suppose you find no joy whatsoever in working overtime, but you still want that vacation. Drop into your heart. Dear God I want the vacation but I don't want to work more hours. I guess I will have to grow, surrender, and deepen my faith in your ability to bring this to me. I will have to trust in right timing. I choose to lovingly work "inwardly" now to have what I want. The thought of your vacation and the anticipation of the miracles that will create it bring you joy in the present.

If however you say, "I don't want to work harder! I don't want to wait for the miracle! I want it now! Why can't I have it now?! I will not be happy until I have what I want! I guess I'll give up!. I guess God doesn't care!" we would lovingly tease you that you are simply throwing a tantrum. If you refuse to be happy until you have something external, then dear ones, you are simply in resistance to the point and purpose of your life on earth, and that is indeed a source of suffering.

To suffer now for the sake of joy later makes no sense to us at all in the heavens. To work towards a greater goal with love is beautiful. To suffer now because you are in resistance to growing spiritually is also sad for us to watch because you came to this earth to grow. To choose joy now, confident in the Creator's ability to assist you in realizing your dreams, is to live as the angels do.

Here is another beautiful example. A gardener does not feel that tilling the soil and weeding the garden is "suffering." The gardener realizes that these exhausting and less-than-exciting efforts are a labor of love, part of the greater dream about what he or she is growing and will be harvesting in the future. The gardener chooses a bit of effort "now" as part of loving his or her dream.

If however, a gardener were to say, "I hate tilling the soil. I hate weeding. I despise the effort it takes to grow a garden," then we would say, "Perhaps you do not love the garden enough to be a gardener. Take a step back and see what is true. "Do you need rest before you can feel any enthusiasm as work at your garden? Would you rather work at something else and hire someone to garden for you, and just go out and pick the fruits of their labors? Would you rather admit that you don't want to garden at all and go to your local grocery store?" We would ask this suffering soul to take a step back, a step inward really, and find their truth in the moment.

Furthermore, a gardener knows that at a certain point, after all their efforts, they must surrender and wait for the dream to grow. They cannot control it; they can simply prepare and create wonderful conditions for their dream to grow. They must both prepare outwardly, and trust inwardly.

So when you have a goal, a dream you love, a challenge you would love to overcome, work lovingly towards its realization, either outwardly or inwardly. If however, you feel no love in your efforts whatsoever, take a step back and ask yourself, "Am I just being impatient? Am I in need of rest, balance, or a little reassurance and comfort from my angels? Am I need of a new way of going about this?"

If you don't know the answer, or cannot find your own heart, pray, "Dear God, dear angels, reveal my heart unto me. Show me my truth. What is the deepest truth within me? Do I really want my goal? Do I really want to go about it the way I am? Do I simply need rest or assistance?" Show me my heart. Then take a breath. Breathe deeply into your heart and listen to the truth you feel deep inside.

Your dreams are worthy of your attention and efforts. To the degree you believe in the Creator's infinite ability to assist you, they will come about with greater love, ease, and grace. Work may be required, but not struggle dear ones. Joy can be found in even the greatest efforts if they are truly labors of love.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Love now...

Life can be so much easier than you have been taught! Love wants to pour into your life. Can you get out of its way? Can you release your mind's grip on the problems and challenges so as to create room for the solutions? Can you focus on the beauty you'd like to see in the future, and even better, the beauty around you right now?

We know you all have challenging circumstances in your life. We know you are all amazing creators and you didn't necessarily create these challenges because you wanted difficulty, but rather because you forgot to love yourselves somewhere along the way. So how do you create change right in this instant?

Suppose you have pain in your heart or your body. Can you choose to be kind to yourself right now, to comfort yourself in a healthy way, to make healthy choices for your body, not based on what you think but rather on what your body tells you? If you have emotional pain, ask your spirit, "What do I need for comfort?" – A hug from your angels? Help from a friend? A warm fuzzy blanket or a walk in nature? If you have physical pain, ask your body, "What are you trying to tell me? How can I help you feel better?" Be kind to yourselves. Do not fight your own emotions or bodies. They are the messengers from your soul. They show you the areas in which you are seeking greater love.

Suppose you want something to occur but do not know how to make it happen. See yourself in the desired outcome, allow room for the possibility the Divine might have an even better outcome, then choose to find what joy you can right now. Choose to love something about yourself "now." Choose to love something about life "now." Existing in a vibration of love now leads to more later.

Dear ones, you are all so very powerful because in truth you have the love of the Creator that wants to flow through your loving hearts into your lives. You open to this by choosing even the smallest loving thought, or the smallest loving choice. You can always find something or someone to love - a color, a piece or chocolate, the sky... someone in your past who helped you, someone you hope to be with but have not yet even met, a piece of art, a video on your internet, a beautiful photo, a great meal, a single flower growing up through a crack in the sidewalk that reminds you life springs eternal in spite of all odds... There is always something or someone to love... the face you see in the mirror perhaps? Yes you.

We love you so very much and we know that we are angels in heaven only because we allow the love of the creator to flow through us at all times, for feeling this love is indeed...heaven. And you can have this right there upon your earth, right now, and now, and now again...

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Free to be

Many of you on this list are celebrating your Independence Day and yet dear ones, here in the heavens we know you are always free! No one and nothing can ever have more control over you than you give them or it, either consciously or otherwise.

Most of you would never give your power or freedom away consciously. In most cases, it is something deep within you that allows you to feel controlled by life or others. There will always be people who want to control and manipulate you. Earth is a one room schoolhouse! In truth there are times when you have wanted to control others, even if that meant you wanted to force them to make choices to be happy or healthy that they didn't want to make! The greatest freedom of all is simply to be who you are in each moment, and you are love. You can love yourself as is. You can love others. You can love life! This is a freedom that can never be taken from you.

Whether or not anything looks the way you wish, you are free to love. If you are stuck in a job you don't like, you are free to love, and in loving you create a vibration that either corrects the situation you don't like or allows you to leave. If you are in a relationship you don't like and can't get out you are free to love. Love yourself at least. Choose to look at the light attempting to surface within the other. Love your life to the best of your ability and in that vibration things will shift or a door will open.

The freedom to love is the freedom to rise above circumstances that make you feel trapped. The freedom to love is the freedom to escape from the lesser vibrations of others around you. The freedom to love – yourself, other, and/or life – is the freedom to be the soul you are, no matter what your earthly circumstances.

Dear ones, you are and always have been free. Exercise your right to choose love, even if that means loving yourself when you don't feel so loving towards life :)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Choice in every moment

In every moment of your life you have a choice - to align with love or not. You can allow the rivers of grace flow through your heart and move with this energy, or you can try to control the flow, and therefore slow it down. In each moment you can allow God's grace to carry you towards a happier reality or you can try to control the outcomes of your lives. To trust "God" is to trust "Love" and Love wants to flow into every area of your life.

Suppose for example, you are not sure about how you are going to pay the bills. You can stress, worry, burn yourself out, or you can say, "OK God, what next? What now?" and then drop into your heart and do the thing you find in there right in this very instant. Suppose you feel, "Well I just want to take a nap, but I don't know how to pay my bills." Dear ones, take the nap. Trust that maybe while you are sleeping, God-given ideas will come. Maybe you will get the rest you need to work more. Maybe you will simply wake up with greater faith and in an energy where your angels can help you more easily.

Suppose you want a relationship in your life, be it a new baby, a friend, or a partner. You can make yourself do things that are not in your heart, or you can drop into your heart and trust the love that guides creation. The question is never ever whether or not God wants more love for you. God IS love. Divine love wants to rise up within you and spill into every area of your life. It is who you really are. Surrender to that. Perhaps you stop "trying" to have a baby, relax and just enjoy your relationship and suddenly your body allows for this beauty to occur. Perhaps you stop "trying" and get new guidance. Perhaps you stop "trying" to find a partner and instead simply enjoy your life wherein the right partner will appear. Surrender to what you truly feel is the most loving choice in each moment and you cannot help but attract more love, and in so many ways!

The illusions of control are so deeply entrenched in human reality. There is a notion that you must control your own true hearts desires or else you will not survive. There is a deep rooted belief that you must "get" others to love you by "earning" their love. There is a widely accepted belief that you must "protect" yourselves instead of remaining rooted in the security of God's love. And while of course, there are times you are guided to do things that help you survive, enjoy things that make you feel more attractive, and take precautions simply because you are praying and being guided to be safe, it is far more kind and productive to do these things based on love, than on fear.

If you keep choosing love, to the best of your ability in the moment, then your life will begin to transform. After all, Love wants to love you.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ask for help

The deeper you surrender in faith and trust to God's grace, the more magical your lives will become. You do not have to solve a single challenge on your own or figure out how to make a single dream come true without assistance. We, your angels are here for you as emissaries of God's love and the Divine itself lives and breathes within you, always guiding you through the whispers in your heart.

Yet human beings have a tendency not to trust God because subtly you may still believe that "God" or the "Divine" is a person outside of yourselves. People have disappointed you and so you fear the Divine may disappoint you. It is all too human to try to remain in control of how life must look. It is such sweet surrender to listen to your heart's guidance in the moment and enjoy your lives, while at the same time being gently carried forward. Dear ones, God cares about you. Divine love lives within you. There is no separation. You are part of something so much greater than your individual personalities. You are part of One, infinite, unending, constant Love.

So when you have a challenge, pray. Dear God, Dear Divine Source, Dear Angels, I give thanks for the perfect solution to this challenge. This would be my will, but if you have something better I surrender to that. When you have a dream, pray similarly. Dear god, Dear Divine Source, Dear Angels, I give thanks for you bringing me this dream in the perfect time and the perfect way, and if you have better in mind I gratefully accept.

You are never alone. You are never without love and assistance. Dear ones, don't attempt to live life on your own for this is like a cell trying to live without understanding it functions within a big beautiful body, and that this cell's well being and joy contribute to the well being and joy of the whole. You matter. Your problems matter. Your dreams matter. Believe and you will receive.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Just add love

Joy is your birthright, and joy is to be found in the moment when you accept that what is in front of you, right here, right now is exactly what your soul needs in this moment to learn more about love! This is a difficult concept for many. What if you have financial woes? What if someone has just hurt your feelings? What if you are in a miserable relationship or surrounded by family that does not understand you.

in those circumstances your human mind is likely to say, "I cannot be joyful. Life is not as I wish." Yet, at the very same time, your soul looks at these circumstances much as a child looks at a puzzle. The soul says to itself, "I am stuck in the moment, but if I just find a way to turn towards love, then I will learn, grow into greater truth, and create movement in my life! If I can just figure out how to bring love into this situation then it's going to be so much fun!.I can't wait to find the answer!"

We realize this sounds outlandish to the human mind which is programmed to label, judge, sort, and categorize life. But while the mind says, "How terrible," the heart says, "Opportunity."

Next time you find yourself in undesirable circumstances. pray and ask, "How can I bring more love into this moment." Say you have financial woes. Perhaps you can count your blessings, look at all you do have, express faith in abundance and tap into the vast reservoirs of gifts and talents you have within. Suppose someone has been unkind. Perhaps you can be kind to yourself, walk away, and "forgive them for they know not what they do," or at least make a determination to focus on anything kinder. Suppose you are in an unkind relationship or among unkind family members. Can you kindly walk away from their unpleasant behaviors or, if you are stuck in their presence, imagine allowing the angels to work through your heart and send them invisible light?

There are always ways to bring more love into the situation that will feel wonderful to you as well. This discussion isabout loving yourselves dear ones – allowing yourselves to feel love flowing to you, in you, and through you.

When you realize that you are instruments for God's light, God's love, and God's truth, life can become a playful game in which you seek to solve the puzzle of, "How can I bring love into this situation - for myself first, then for others?"

There will be times when you will be profoundly human and that is absolutely fine. Allow yourself to feel your feelings – even that is a loving choice. And if you fall away from love, get back in the game, and allow yourself to experience the love that is always there for you.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

The unfolding order

There is, in all things a greater order trying to emerge in the universe. There is purpose in all things, all actions, all events, even if you cannot see it at the time. There is a beautiful plan unfolding for your life if you will only trust your heart in each moment.

Dear ones, there are times when you cannot see around the next corner in your lives, when you don't know how you will solve a problem, or when you feel as if you've done something that does not work out the way you want. Take heart! When you do not understand, God does. When you do not see a purpose, God does. When you do not know why you listened to your guidance, God does. Your life is occurring now. Make choices that make you the happiest, that feel right to you now, that resonate with you now. Trust that honoring the choice that feels right, right now, leads to your greater future later, one step at a time.

An acorn cannot fathom towering over the earth hundreds of feet tall producing thousands more like itself. It cannot imagine the feel of the breeze in its leaves, nor the songs of the birds that will call it home. It cannot forsee the glorious life that will occur within and beneath it, and yet it grows, one day at a time, trusting in the greater order and majesty that will emerge. You too, can choose to grow one day at a time, trusting that if you listen to your heart, using your mind to support the desires therein, you too will grow into a greater and more beautiful understanding of yourself.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Love beneath all

Celebrate the bright, beautiful, and magnificent souls that you truly are. You are God's love poured in human form, having an experience of life on earth. You are here to remember love and your connection with love. You are here to see love, be love, and share love with the world. And Divine Love dear ones – as opposed to human love – does not always look the way you thought it would.

Divine Love it present whether you "feel" it or not, although you certainly feel wonderful when you are connected with this reality. Divine Love is not what you "do" although it is beautifully expressed in actions. Divine Love is not always "serving" others in the ways you learned to serve and Divine Love is not always agreeing with those around you.

Divine Love, dear ones, simply IS. Divine Love is the root of all existence. Divine Love takes shape in billions of forms - in universes, stars, planets, plants, animals, oceans, mountains, in you, in those you like and in those you do not. Divine Love is unseen substance from which creation is fashioned. To the degree that a being or a thing exists in its pure state - you will see the Divine Love radiating from within it.

This is why you see beauty and feel inspired in nature - because nature exists in its pure state of being. This is why you see love in the eyes of babies - because they have not yet learned to be other than who they are. This is why you see love in the wags and snuggles of your puppies and kittens, because they are simply being who the creator designed them to be.

You too are fashioned from Divine Love. When you are authentically being yourself, in any given moment, the world will see the Creator's love shining through you as well. If you cry when you are sad, those in connection with love will comfort you. If you express your truth kindly, those in agreement will find you and those who are not will decide if they belong around you or not. If you share your joys, gifts, and talents, those who celebrate love in its many forms will celebrate you.

As you begin to accept and honor all aspects of your being as Divine Love attempting to come to the surface, you will start to see yourself in an entirely new and different way. The world will sort itself out around you. Some will like what you have to offer and some will not. Not everyone likes chocolate believe it or not. Not everyone likes vanilla. Allow yourself to be yourself. Allow the world to shift and change around you. You will ultimately be left with those who love you exactly the way you are.

You are light dear ones. You are Divine Love. In truth nothing else exists. The question is not whether or not Love is present in all things, all beings, and in you... the question is only, "Are you experiencing this truth."

We leave you with a prayer...
"Dear God may the light of your love rise up within me. May I feel it in every aspect of my life. May I experience the bliss of my union with your love and may I be a beacon of this light in the world."

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Divine Synchronization

The entire universe is designed to operate in a harmonious dance of divine synchronization. If you listen to your heart's guidance, you will find yourself easily drawn to those you can assist or uplift and as well those dear souls who can assist and uplift you.

You are never alone and there is never a time when your needs are ignored. Look at all of creation! Ecosystems operate in a delicate and beautiful balance. Planets revolve precisely around stars which revolve in a graceful dance in the galaxies. Everything and every being in the natural universe is guided, cared for, and cherished in the heavens.

The human mind, however, loves to think of itself as separate. It is like a computer – a beautiful, amazing computer that you were gifted with upon your incarnation into this earthly life. It is a tool to be used, but not ever intended to be an authority over your heart.

So when you have a need or desire, before you even try to "figure out" how to handle or create it, stop and sit quietly. Breathe and focus on what it is you wish to create - perhaps a problem being solved, a challenge overcome, or an dream you would love to see manifest in your life. Place your attention there first. Then say a little prayer... "Dear God, Dear Angels, I love this reality I wish to create. I would like your help. Please guide me. Let me know the next step." Then sit and breathe and see if anything comes to mind. It might be a quick thought, words in your head, a feeling, or just a knowing. If nothing comes to your awareness, relax, there is nothing to do at this time. Enjoy your day! Give us your worries! The Divine will let you know when it is time to act. We will guide you and help you understand any energies you need to shift within your heart and soul to allow for this good to flow into your lives.

Dear ones you are an integral part of creation. Your needs matter. Your desires are born from the heart of God. And this same creator wants very much to help and assist you with the live you are being guided to live. In very human terminology... Stop stressing, start asking for more help from the heavens, and trust that you are loved and guided beyond anything you could possibly imagine.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Beyond the comfort zone

When you honor your heart's guidance, it is likely that at some point in your life, you will guided to step outside of your "comfort zone." An acorn cannot grow until it bursts open. A chick cannot mature within its eggshell. Flowers must burst from the bud and babies must leave the womb. At some point in your lives you will find yourself leaving what is comfortable and expanding into greater being.

For some of you this expansion is simple. Open your mind to a new thought, a new perspective. Try a new restaurant where you discover more that you love. Listen to your guidance and help a stranger. For others of you this expansion is a leap of faith. Release your fears and open to love once again. Quit your job and start a new one. Tell someone you care about what is truly important to you. Share a newly discovered talent or thought with the world.

Taking such risks and leaps of faith can feel frightening. The human mind that does not easily surrender control!. Yet the heart expands with delight, following such guidance with faith, knowing that it is connected to nothing less than the creator who coordinates universes! The heart knows that change is the nature of life, and growth into greater awareness is on the path of every soul on earth.

So when you feel guided to try something, learn something, leave something, talk to someone, or walk away... listen. When you feel guided to help someone or to ask for help... even if you are not comfortable doing so, give it a try. Listen to that still small voice within, the feelings in your heart and your gut, the thoughts that come so effortlessly to direct you. Listen in spite of the fears, as love has a way of leading you beyond.

An acorn cannot know its full glory until it releases the seed's shell. A baby cannot know and grow into their full potential until they leave the womb. And you, dear ones, can never know the full extent of the love and joy you can share and receive, unless you too are willing to listen to your hearts.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

A Mother's love

We are delighted today as so many of you celebrate your Mothers, for no matter whether or not they were the ones you wished they would be, it is because of their openness, that you are in the world today enjoying the gift of life.

A mother, dear friends, is a soul who is willing to open, surrender, and allow God’s love to flow through them in a form that they can only nurture to life, but never control. Being a mother is one of the greatest acts of surrender to love that is possible as a human being.

In this fashion, dear ones, you are all mothers - male, female, adult, and child - because you are all capable of opening your minds, bodies, and souls to be impregnated with God’s love, to allow God’s love to take root within you and grow… in any fashion that this beautiful love wishes to grow. And so today, on the day so many of you celebrate your biological mothers, make a decision that you too, will honor the energy of the Divine Mother, by being open, receptive, and nurturing to love.

Sit quietly for just a few moments, and pray, “Dear God, I am open to your love. I am willing to receive it in any form that you think will delight me, comfort me, heal me, uplift me, and nurture my soul. Allow love to take root in my heart and grow into the form it wishes to grow. Allow love to guide and shape my life.”

Happy Mother’s Day dear ones. If you are an earthly mother, we send you our deepest love and respect for it is through your willingness to be open that God’s love takes form upon the earth.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

The love beneath tragedy

There are times upon this earth where you join with others in solidarity with your tears. When you see those are affected by disasters, tragedies, and other events that seem so random, it is human nature to grieve and wonder why these things occur. We want to reassure you, it is not punishment dear ones. It is not a "balancing of karma," except in the most pure, energetic sense of the word.

Your mother earth loves you as her own children. She never has an intent to harm, but she is like a body in which you are the cells. Like a body there are times when pressures and toxic energies build up and must be released. If human beings do not resolve their conflicts with one another, and allow kind release of their own emotions, there is great deal of energy that gets pent up within her field - at times so much so that she must release this pressure through what you call disasters - earthquakes, storms, volcanoes. These are all natural ways of moving and releasing the energy that humanity has not allowed to move and transform into greater love.

These are not acts of cruelty, dear ones. These are acts of love. In each and every disaster denser energies are released and greater love is allowed to emerge. Temporarily, borders, barriers, and boundaries are put aside. Politics are put aside. Differences are put aside, as people join in a common bond of humanity to help and assist one another.

We know that through your human eyes, the massive exodus of souls and loss of human life appears tragic. We understand this, and we are therefore lovingly tending to, and attempting to comfort every soul who has been affected by the loss of a loved one. However, we wish with all the love in our hearts that you could see the love in the heavens, the great welcome, the parties being thrown for the souls returning home! When you lose them, they find themselves even more deeply immersed in the truth of the love from which you all originate. They find themselves among family, friends, angels, and loved ones in the heavens, able to guide and assist their dear ones on the earth even more strongly than before. We do not mean, in any way, to minimize the pain of human loss, but rather to gently remind you that there really is no loss in the greater scheme of eternity, no death, and certainly no tragedy, when seen from God’s eyes, that is without a greater wave of love upon your earth.

So yes, dear ones, grieve for those who have left, but more importantly focus on your prayers, assistance, and comfort for those who remain for they are the ones still in the tough classes here on the earth, still being the angels to show the world greater compassion, still working so hard to bring greater light to the human race.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Your lIves can change instantly

Your lives can change in a second dear friends. The minute you shift your energy, you shift your entire existence. Any problems, challenges, or frustrations you have will begin to be healed at the very moment you choose to focus upon love.

God does not look at the past except to help you learn from it. Your angels do not focus on your past. It is only your human conditioning that binds you to the past and makes you think that it will take time to make up for past "mistakes." We must, as angels, remind you that in our realms, nothing is a "mistake" but rather simply a learning experience. When you make a choice with an outcome you do not like, simply learn from it, love yourself, and move forward, for then we can assist you in creating a kinder reality.

So many of you hold on to unforgiveness towards yourself. Catch yourself. Stop being unkind to yourself. Simply ask yourself, "What did I learn? What will I do differently next time." Then celebrate dear ones, for each learning experience is one step closer towards joy, one step closer towards well-being, one step closer to feeling greater love.

We never look at your past with anything less than reverence, for we understand you are all students in this school called earth and the lessons are not always easy. We honor you, love you, and respect every moment upon the path of your growth into greater love. Give yourselves this love and respect too and you will grow so much more gracefully and joyfully.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Find the love

Celebrate! You are growing! There is fantastically powerful energy on the earth right now. Tap in, tune in, and focus on that which you love. Better yet strive to focus on love no matter what the situation you find yourself in.

Think of the most difficult person in your life. What can you love about them? Maybe you can love the fact that they have taught you to embrace greater boundaries, or learn new levels of discernment. Maybe they have inadvertently taught you to listen to yourself more kindly rather than blindly listening to others, or to trust yourself and your own feelings rather than blindly trusting others. Maybe they have caused you to reach deep inside and find new levels of patience, tolerance, and compassion - whether for them or for yourself. No matter how "awful" you feel this person is, you can find something to love there if you truly try. You can, if you choose, imagine the spark of Divine light within them, no matter how small and hidden, and acknowledge that they come from the very same source that you do.

If you are in a situation you don't like, ask yourself, how can I love it... if not like it? Suppose you are having trouble paying the bills. You can thank God for giving you an opportunity to increase your faith in miracles and the goodness of others. Suppose you have a health challenge. You can thank God for the miraculous healing in progress and your willingness to grow beyond the root causes. Suppose you want a new job but have no clue how to find one. You can thank God for putting desire in your for more and give praise in advance for the new job that is coming. In all cases, you can bring more love to the surface. In doing so, you transform, not only your heart but your life.

Dear ones we love you! We see love everywhere we look. We see the tough situations as temporary, the difficult souls as those who simply forgot. We know that in all cases, in all being, and in all things, there is love trying to surface. This is why we live in love! You can too. All it takes is practice.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Unconditional love from heaven

Most of you can barely comprehend the love we have for you in the heavens. You have learned about conditional love, love based on merit, or earning approval, but our love has nothing to do with these things. We love you because we know who you are in your deepest and truest being.

When you think you've make a "mistake," we know you have an opportunity for growth. You made a choice that led to an undesirable outcome and now you can create differently. When you are less than loving we know you're frustrated because you don't yet know how to be loving in certain situations. We can see only truth dear ones. We look beneath the surface and see the beautiful light and innocence in your hearts, always trying to emerge.

If you were to plant a seed, would you say to yourself, "I see only the hard shell. I see the seed buried beneath the dirt," or would you instead plant that seed and envision it growing into the flower or plant contained within it. Most of you would say, "Yes, I see the shell. I see the dirt. But I also see the beautiful blossoming of that flower that this seed will grow into. I envision the tasty vegetables or fruits that will come from the plant that this seed blossoms into. I see not only the tiny reality in front of me, but the vast and beautiful fullness within.

Now you understand dear ones, how we see you. We know your light. We know the love in your hearts. We know what you were designed to blossom into the loving souls that you are, while planted on this planet! And so we can do nothing less than love you, nurture you, and hold the vision for your most loving reality.

Imagine this love dear ones. Imagine that there are beings who will never ever criticize you, deny you love, make you earn love, but only encourage, guide, and gently give you suggestions when you stray from love. If you could fully receive this love, then you can give this love to others as well, and your world would indeed become a heaven on earth.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Desire vs. resistance

There is in your heart at all times, both desire and resistance to the very same. There is love and there is fear. It is your choice upon the earth to focus upon that which you love, and to use the power of your free will to overcome the fear and resistance to the very same.

For example, suppose God puts a desire for a vacation in your heart. You love the idea. You dream of taking time to relax at the mountains of the beach, but then in the very next breath the voices of doubt, fear, and resistance begin to negate your God give right to receive help and assistance from the heavens. "I have no time." "Everyone depends on me." "How on earth will I ever afford that?" Subtly, and no so subtly, the doubts negate the idea and the desire that God planted in your heart. It is here that you can exercise the power of your free will, and choose to align your mind with love, with a greater truth! "Dear God, you gave me the desire for this vacation. I trust in the right way and right time, you will provide the means, the pathway, and everything I need to enjoy it. Thank you God in advance for your abundance and grace." And then, dear ones, whenever the voices of doubt attempt to negate this desire, speak up! Speak truth. Align your hearts with love. If you cannot do so yourself, ask your angels for help.

For in truth, God wants to pour so much love, so much goodness, so much joy into your lives. Imagine someone you truly love... Do you not wish to give them all the joy they could possibly receive? Imagine dear ones a love so much greater that wants you to know It as well... for God wants you to know the love from which you are created and which continues to sustain you.

You have free will. You can open your hearts to love, align your minds with truth, or you can give in to the voices of fear, doubt, and resistance to love. Choose love dear ones. Speak up in the face of doubts and fears. There will always be voices, both inside and outside of yourself that want you to believe you must create and live your life alone. In truth you do not, you cannot, and you will not ever be without the love that wishes to reveal itself in so many beautiful ways in your hearts and lives. If you allow yourselves to be filled with this love, naturally you will radiate and share it with others.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dance with life

Release yourself from the bondage of expectations dear ones. By all means, have intentions, goals, dreams, desires, and wishes, but then release life and yourself from expectation and live now. Make the best and happiest choices you can make now. When life does not look as you expect, bless it anyway. When you do not feel as you expect, bless yourself anyway.

There is far too much time on earth wasted in resisting life. There is far too much energy spent wondering what "should" be, rather than dealing with what "is." There is so much agony over what "isn't going according to plan" rather than surrendering to a "higher plan."

So look forward to the unexpected! Allow yourself to get up every morning and pray. "Dear God, Dear Angels... this is what I would like to happen today. I ask for your help and release my expectations as to how this must look. I trust that everything that comes my way today is in Divine and perfect order." Then dear ones, live that way. No matter what happens, remind yourself, "I am loved. I can make the next most loving choice." In this reality you are dancing with love, flowing with life, free to move forward without resistance or attachment to how you think life must look.

This dear ones is freedom - the freedom to choose love in each moment. Try it this week. Allow yourselves to be free from expectation. Set your intentions. Pray for your dreams and desires. And then... dance with life.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Life on earth is a gift

Let there be a sparkle in your eyes and a gladness in your heart! You are alive! Life is on earth is a gift, a blessing, a precious opportunity to grow in your awareness and ability to connect with love. The planet herself is a miraculous being, a wonderful and loving soul who permits you, as any good mother does, to learn your lessons, make your choices, and grow in your awareness of love.
This week we encourage you to thank your Mother Earth - the soul of the planet upon which you reside. She is indeed a spirit incarnate. She feels you walking up her. She loves when you get along with one another. She feels your appreciation, your love, and even your concerns. She gladly takes the energies you wish to discard and gives you life affirming energy to sustain your human body.

Dear ones, your planet loves you very much. This week take some time to sit or stand upon the earth. Feel your feet deeply rooted into her soil, if only in your imagination. Feel her energy running up from the soles of your feet or coming up through the base of your spine, nourishing your spirit and giving your body life affirming energies. Take the time to connect with her spirit and thank her for all she gives you. Then take a breath and feel her love coming back into your heart. Breathe in her love and breathe out yours.

Commune with her in this fashion. Dear ones, your earth needs your love at this time, even more than she needs environmentalism, even more than she needs activism, even more than she needs studies and research... for all those things are wonderful and do help her physical form tremendously, but you, dear ones, the ones who live upon her can sustain her beautiful heart with your love. And in return you will feel an embrace unlike any you may have ever experienced before, for she too, loves you so very much.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

I am loved....

Take a deep breath. Everything in your life, right this second is just fine! Take another breath. Again, in this second everything is OK. You are sitting here, connecting with angels, taking time to read something that inspires your heart and soul. You are opening, in this instant to receive our love. Breathe again. Receive.

In truth we are always here for you. We never leave. Our love, as part of God's love, is constantly here for you. Breathe it in. Receive it. Dear ones, we, the angels, live to love you. We are with you at all times, just waiting to help pour the creator's love into your lives. It is your choice to ask, your choice to believe, your c choice to receive.

So take times throughout your day and breathe in with the intention to receive our love. Breathe deeply knowing you are loved. When you don't have solutions, God does. When you don't have resources, God does. When you don't have strength, God does. In all things dear ones, you are accompanied by all the help, wisdom, love, and guidance that you would ever need. Receive our love. Open to it. Believe in it, for as you do so, you allow us to help you, guide you, and uplift you.

This week dear ones, as often as you can, remind yourself, "I am loved more than I can possibly imagined. I am held in the arms of God and wrapped in the wings of angels. I am guided, loved, protected, and cherished. I open to receive this love in every area of my life." Then breathe us in dear ones. Breath in love.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Matching your new vibration

As you move into greater light, be kind to yourselves and one another, dear ones, for just as when you take the flashlight into the darkened room and see all the dirt and dust, so too when you increase your light - you will see all the areas in life where you have settled for less than the love you truly desire. You will find yourself sometimes getting irritable, uncharacteristically down, or resisting things that no longer suit you. While this is a normal and natural phase, the trick to happiness is to simply acknowledge these feelings and get on with creating a life that matches your new vibration.

Suppose for example, you have been putting up with less than loving behaviors from another. You learn, grow, and increase your light. Although the desire would be to love the world and yourself more, at first you may suddenly find yourself upset, intolerant, and irritable at these behaviors that once seemed "tolerable."

Celebrate if you feel this, but by all means, try not to take out your upset on the other person involved, for in reality, it was you that stayed in the situation, you that did not speak up, or you that gave up on finding a way to communicate. We are not, at all, suggesting that you "best yourself up," but rather that you remind yourself... "I had the power to stay in this situation and now I have the power to make different choices."

What is the most loving thing you can do? Vent in private? Burn off some steam? Have a loving conversation or maybe set some firm boundaries? Ask yourself dear ones, then make change. Your upset occurs simply because you have brought the flashlight into a darkened room and now you want to "tidy up!" You want to increase the light in your life and stop allowing the darkness to dim your light.

If you allow yourself a bit of healthy outlet, and then decide upon a loving course of action or change, the upset will diminish. The love will once again begin to flow. And you will see that you need never give your power away to another or to a situation, but rather must simply own your power to make loving choice.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Truth or illusion

In every moment there is truth or illusion. In every moment there is love or illusion. You, with the precious gift of free will, get to choose where you will focus, and therefore what you will be able to experience.

We know it is very challenging at times to see the love and feel the love that is all around you, and yet with a single act of willpower you can seek out something beautiful in all things, even in your own pain and anguish at times. Even within that is a desire for love arising within you. Even within that is a wish for better, for a kinder experience of life. Set your sights upon that. When life offers a challenge, by all means give yourself great compassion, but then allow yourself to acknowledge the love that is attempting to arise within you. You want help. You want comfort. You want to know that God's love is there for you. In all things, in all moments, in all phases of your life, you want to know that God's love is there for you. This love is as ever-present as the sun that shines behind the clouds, no matter how dark the storm.

So in any challenge dear ones, pray, "God I know you are there. Reveal yourself to me, even in this moment of challenge. Show me where to look for your love," and then release your expectations and attempt to find something good inside of your heart or even around you. In that small choice to seek truth and seek love, dear ones, you are ever closer to the memory that you cannot be separate from it.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Love is in control

There are many situations in life when you can be fairly certain of the outcome of your choices. If you do “X” you know you will get “Y.” If you touch a hot stove, you will burn your fingers. If you attempt a kind conversation with an unkind soul it is unlikely to turn out differently. If you plant roses and water them, they are likely to reward you with beautiful blossoms! If you get on the road with the right set of directions you are likely to arrive at your destination.

However, not everything in life is within your control, and most human beings find that a source of great agony. Instead, it can be a source of great joy! Rejoice! You do not have to control everything in your life! If you get in your car and find there is a detour on the road, or if you aim a certain direction in life and God steers you in a different one, rejoice! There is something better than you even dreamed or imagined. Trust, dear ones. Trust that you can make wise choices, based on what you know, but when you choose from the heart, then you will be assured of the best possible outcomes in life.

It is human nature when you “hit a detour” to feel you have failed or life has failed you. Your heart guides you into a relationship that doesn’t work and you start to give up on every finding love. Your heart guides you into a business partnership but it doesn’t go the way you want and you start giving up on the vision you had for your career. Instead dear ones, trust. Trust that the power that moves the stars in the heavens is taking you on a journey where the only destination IS love, self expression, joy, and an abundant experience of life.

Keep your heart open. Keep listening to your heart. In almost every fairy tale and archetypal myth, there is a grand vision at the beginning, unexpected twists and turns of fate, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and then a wondrous and beautiful plan emerges until the main character finds himself or herself arriving at a happy ending. If you keep trusting in God, in life, in love, and in your own heart, then you will have not just a happy ending, but a happy life that continues on into eternity.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

You abide in love

Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you who celebrate it! We are so happy when we see humanity taking time to celebrate love. In our realms, our existence is a celebration of love, for we live and abide in a state of knowing that love is the substance from which we are all made and the substance which joins us all together in a beautiful dance of creation.

So today as you go throughout your day, take time to look around and realize that whether or not you are in love with anyone in the human sense of the word, you are indeed, “In Love" – living and abiding in a creation that was designed to show you the best and most beautiful of all that you are. Look at the sun! This is the light inside of you. Look at a flower. This is your heart blossoming. Look at the diversity of colors in the rainbow. These are all the choices and possibilities that exist within you. Look at a mountain or a solid rock. This is the strength within you. Dear ones, all around you, you can see “you” - the deepest, and truest essence of who you are, the same stuff that you are made of, simply fashioned into different forms.

Breathe… think of something beautiful. How is the essence of this thing or being a part of you? Breathe again… think of something or someone you love. How is the essence of this thing or being a part of you. Breathe one more time… think of something you don’t love so much, or someone you don’t love so much. What is inside of them that perhaps you have not learned yet to be gentle and kind to within yourself?

Love is calling you in everything you see, whether it be the beauty or the less than beautiful. Everything in creation is made of love, everything in creation is attempting to remember love, and everything is beckoning you to feel this love, to summon it up from within you, and to realize there is nothing else beneath it all.

Look around you dear ones. Breathe in all the love that is there for you. Now, after you read this, shut your eyes, and feel our love, for we are there for you too. We see you as nothing less than divinely created beings, beautiful lights upon your planet earth, souls working so diligently to remember who and what they are. Happy Celebration of love dear friends. May you always feel the Love you abide within.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

To feel love let it flow

In this month of love remember to not only seek out an experience of love but also to share that experience with one another, for as you give simple loving kindnesses, you draw the creative force of love to you and through you.

As you smile at a stranger, it is not just your smile, but God’s smile. As you comfort a friend it is not just your comfort, but God’s love reaching through you. As you take time to take care of yourself a little bit more, you are allowing God to care for you as well.

With each simple act of love and kindness you align your mind, body, heart, and soul with the Creator. So if you want to feel loved, be loving, genuinely. If you cannot find it within you to give love to another, then at least choose to be loving to yourself, for it is simply the vibration of love in any form at all that beings to put you back into the experience of resting in the arms of a loving creator.

Each of you wants to experience love in every moment of every day. As human beings, however, your conditioning has taught you to resist love. You want to take a moment and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, but you feel you must rush to get on with the day. You want to call your family or text a friend but you fear you will have to stay in the conversation too long. You want to feel loving towards someone who hurt you but you fear this will open the door to more pain. Dear ones, have your coffee or tea. Text or call and say, “I only have a moment but felt like saying hello.” Feel loving towards those who hurt you but simply don’t allow them back into your life if they haven’t changed.

In each moment, you have a choice, and a chance, to feel the love of the Creator flowing to you and through you. In each moment you have a chance to align yourself with the very thing you are seeking, the very thing you came to earth to remember. It is here for you, always and forever, right now.