Saturday, January 31, 2015

Play is important

We know so many of you work so very hard, whether it be to labor at a job, to work around the home, or working upon your inner self. While we certainly encourage such labors of love, we also know that there is great value and balance to be found in the energy of play.

When you play you are not concerned about a result. You are not concerned about what you will or will not produce. You are only concerned with doing something that gives you a joyful experience in the moment. For some play is very quiet… reading a book, a private game of cards, time spent silently on the patio sipping a cup of tea. For others play is quite lively - dancing, hiking, singing or laughing with friends. For some play is creative - making things, cooking, crafting, doing art, writing music. For some play is solitary, and for others social. It does’t matter what form your playfulness takes, it simply matters that you are enjoying the present moment and completely unencumbered by a need to produce.

This week, take a little time to ask yourself? How can I add some play to my life? Am I willing to do something only for the sake of joy and without any need to produce a result?

We encourage this, dear ones. When you play you are present. You are connected with life in some fashion. You feel secure. You embrace the vibration of joy. You are free to see things differently and find new solutions to your life’s real challenges because when you are present, we can get our messages through to you more easily. You relax. Your bodies unwind. Your health improves. You can go back to your “real” work refreshed, renewed, and with more love. In a sense, to play is to pray this prayer, “Dear God, with my energy rooted in the moment, and rooted in joy, I know You, by the very design of your creation, will send me even more joy. Thank you!”

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Love is everywhere

Turn your sights to love this year dear ones! Allow yourself to receive the vast and beautiful expressions of love that are available in every single moment of your life. Look outside at creation. You are loved. Take a sip of water. You are loved. Feel your hands, your lungs breathing, your heart beating… you are loved. Look at the spectrum of beautiful colors. You are loved. Listen to music that uplifts you. You are loved. Look in the eyes of an animal or a child. You are loved.

Look at the shelter around you. You are loved. Look at the food upon your plate. You are loved. Look at the fact that we are writing to you via this newsletter and aware of each and every one of you as precious, beautiful, cherished souls upon the earth. You are loved.

Dear ones, never is there a moment when you are without love. We know there are times when you are without human love, and we know that as normal, healthy human beings, you deeply desire these connections. However, even without human love, you have Divine love… in all things, in all places, anywhere you look you can find it.

This week take a bit of extra effort to look for the evidence of love all around you. The more you seek it, the more you will find it. The more you find it, the better you will feel. The better you feel, the more you will feel love, for love wants to circulate through the universe, into and out of each beautiful, beating human heart.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Light Illuminates Darkness

There are great joys to be experienced all around you. Humanity has conditioned you to seek out what is wrong, but heaven encourages you to seek out what is right. Many of you would ask us, "But how can we ignore the darkness? How can we ignore what is wrong? How can we ever change if we do not look at the problems in our world." Dear ones, we are not suggesting you ignore the world's problems, but rather that you acknowledge them and then immediately set your sights upon a solution, about what is good, true, and right with the world. For in truth your vibration creates a deep and lasting change. The only thing you leave upon this earth permanently... is your love.

In practical terms, if you don't like something where you work, by all means think of several solutions. Approach your boss or co-workers and tell them what they are doing right first. Then kindly and gently suggest change. If they don't listen to you, have tried, and more importantly, you have loved. If you want to change a situation that is unjust, rather than yelling and complaining about the injustices, acknowledge them and immediately set up about encouraging others to help you find a solution.

If you don't like your life as it is now, acknowledge that, but then in the very next breath focus on what you would like to create! Focus on that which you can be grateful for. Pray for the next step to take to create a better reality.

Dear ones the light does not ignore the darkness. The light bears witness to the darkness then, by its very presence, illuminates the very same. Likewise your light and your love cannot ignore the darkness in the world. You see it. You feel it. You know what you like and what you do not. But in the very next breath you can focus on bringing your light, your love, your ideas, your truth, indeed God's light, God's love, God's ideas... into the situation. You will not always succeed in changing the world, but you will succeed in changing the vibration. And as more and more souls embrace a vibration of love your world will slowly but surely begin to transform.

Light cannot support darkness. Truth cannot support lies. So by all means, acknowledge all you see, but in th very next breath, send love, however you are guided to do so into the darkness. Breathe life into stagnant situations with your love.

You will never changed a human being simply by changing their mind. You will help them change, by touching their hearts. Be the love that you are dear ones. This is the most powerful reality you can create.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

You are perfect!

Happy New Year! Happy New Year of embracing love! Happy New Year of valuing yourself and your own beautiful point of view. Happy New Year of knowing there is nothing you must do to earn love because you are already loved beyond measure! Happy New Year of being free to be yourself!

Dear ones we celebrate you. We celebrate the beautiful light coming onto your planet, stirring everyone up. This light is inspiring great passion in human hearts. It will not be easy this year to pretend you are something you are not. It will be a year when you find yourself being more honest with yourself and one another, a year where you feel compelled to speak up without fear, a year where you stop caring so much what everyone else thinks and decide that if God created you this way, then you are perfect as you are. It is a year of being free to "BE" the bright, beautiful soul that you already are!

It is a time to stop trying to "improve" yourself and to just love yourself. It is a time to stop trying to "release" your past, and instead, embrace it. It is a time to stop worrying about whether your thoughts and feelings are "right or wrong" and to realize they just are.

You are all part of the love of God, breathed into 7 billion different human forms and so many others within creation. You are part of One Love, One beautiful kaleidoscope of reality. There is nothing wrong with you. You are either enjoying the experience of being "you" or fighting it. You are either loving all that arises within, and thereby transforming it into higher spaces or you are judging it.

This year, dear ones, give yourselves permission to be who you truly are! Give yourselves the freedom to think your thoughts without judgment, to feel your feelings without censure, to speak (with compassion) but always with great honesty. Give yourselves the freedom to be the soul God created you to be.

Each one of you is as precious, special, and unique as a musical note within a symphony, a color in the vast spectrum of beautiful reality, a drop of water in the vast and majestic ocean. Each one of you is perfect even as you grow into a greater experience of love with each passing day.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Align with love

Already you are three days into 2015. Are you sticking to your resolutions? Have you even made any? Here in the heavens we aren't concerned about that at all. We love you exactly as you are. If resolutions are important to you we will assist, but what we care about more than anything else, is assisting you in experiencing and sharing Love in your daily lives. If it is loving to go to the gym and work out, then do so! If you must beat yourself up to get there, find a different form of movement! Whatever it is you resolve dear ones, or not, do so with love.

Treat yourself with gentle kindness this year. Treat yourself as if you are a precious being, beloved by God, for indeed you are. If you knew that when you looked in the mirror, God was looking through those eyes, what would you say? How would you treat yourself? For whether you realize the truth of it or not, God is looking through your eyes, and every pair of eyes upon your planet earth. God is in you, around you, and in all beings, whether they realize it or not.

So this year, when you look in the mirror in your own eyes, strive to see God's love looking back at you. Strive to focus on the truth of your being whether or not you feel it. No matter what you feel or how you look can you say, “I am the love of God fashioned into a human being. God’s love lives within me. God’s love breathes through me. I choose to embrace that truth. I choose to look for that love in my own eyes. I choose to ask for that love to rise up within me, and fill me. I choose to look for that love and light in all others as well."

Dear ones, aligning with God – aligning with love – will give you a joyous experience of life in the coming year, no matter what everyone else is choosing. It is in that reality that you have best access to your guidance, your inner power, and the God given abilities that your soul wishes to express this lifetime. Choose love dear ones. Choose truth. Choose, no matter what you see upon the surface in yourself, in others, or in the news, to believe that love that lives within and beneath all things. Set your sights there, dear ones, and your year will be a beautiful experience of abiding in grace.