Saturday, April 04, 2015

Desire vs. resistance

There is in your heart at all times, both desire and resistance to the very same. There is love and there is fear. It is your choice upon the earth to focus upon that which you love, and to use the power of your free will to overcome the fear and resistance to the very same.

For example, suppose God puts a desire for a vacation in your heart. You love the idea. You dream of taking time to relax at the mountains of the beach, but then in the very next breath the voices of doubt, fear, and resistance begin to negate your God give right to receive help and assistance from the heavens. "I have no time." "Everyone depends on me." "How on earth will I ever afford that?" Subtly, and no so subtly, the doubts negate the idea and the desire that God planted in your heart. It is here that you can exercise the power of your free will, and choose to align your mind with love, with a greater truth! "Dear God, you gave me the desire for this vacation. I trust in the right way and right time, you will provide the means, the pathway, and everything I need to enjoy it. Thank you God in advance for your abundance and grace." And then, dear ones, whenever the voices of doubt attempt to negate this desire, speak up! Speak truth. Align your hearts with love. If you cannot do so yourself, ask your angels for help.

For in truth, God wants to pour so much love, so much goodness, so much joy into your lives. Imagine someone you truly love... Do you not wish to give them all the joy they could possibly receive? Imagine dear ones a love so much greater that wants you to know It as well... for God wants you to know the love from which you are created and which continues to sustain you.

You have free will. You can open your hearts to love, align your minds with truth, or you can give in to the voices of fear, doubt, and resistance to love. Choose love dear ones. Speak up in the face of doubts and fears. There will always be voices, both inside and outside of yourself that want you to believe you must create and live your life alone. In truth you do not, you cannot, and you will not ever be without the love that wishes to reveal itself in so many beautiful ways in your hearts and lives. If you allow yourselves to be filled with this love, naturally you will radiate and share it with others.


Sunny said...

Hi Ann,
Can we say that all of our desires come from God?
Aren't most of our desires looked down at in spiritual script, because they are ego based?
I get confusing inner messages and mostly feel guilty for some of my desires because I fear they are ego based.

Ann said...

The root of all desires come from God. We desire love and our egos often filter that into desires that are less than loving but if we stop, be present with our hearts and ask, "Ok, what is the real desire here" then you find the God-based desire for you to experience love. For example, you may want a new pair of shoes and that is how you are interpreting love in the moment, harmless enough.. so you'll get help, but if you want someone in particular say, in a relationship, who doesn't want to be in one, the real desire is to be in a loving relationship and God will help w/that. Hope that helps. Just want what you want and ask for "that or better" as higher power always knows best :)