Saturday, June 27, 2015

Choice in every moment

In every moment of your life you have a choice - to align with love or not. You can allow the rivers of grace flow through your heart and move with this energy, or you can try to control the flow, and therefore slow it down. In each moment you can allow God's grace to carry you towards a happier reality or you can try to control the outcomes of your lives. To trust "God" is to trust "Love" and Love wants to flow into every area of your life.

Suppose for example, you are not sure about how you are going to pay the bills. You can stress, worry, burn yourself out, or you can say, "OK God, what next? What now?" and then drop into your heart and do the thing you find in there right in this very instant. Suppose you feel, "Well I just want to take a nap, but I don't know how to pay my bills." Dear ones, take the nap. Trust that maybe while you are sleeping, God-given ideas will come. Maybe you will get the rest you need to work more. Maybe you will simply wake up with greater faith and in an energy where your angels can help you more easily.

Suppose you want a relationship in your life, be it a new baby, a friend, or a partner. You can make yourself do things that are not in your heart, or you can drop into your heart and trust the love that guides creation. The question is never ever whether or not God wants more love for you. God IS love. Divine love wants to rise up within you and spill into every area of your life. It is who you really are. Surrender to that. Perhaps you stop "trying" to have a baby, relax and just enjoy your relationship and suddenly your body allows for this beauty to occur. Perhaps you stop "trying" and get new guidance. Perhaps you stop "trying" to find a partner and instead simply enjoy your life wherein the right partner will appear. Surrender to what you truly feel is the most loving choice in each moment and you cannot help but attract more love, and in so many ways!

The illusions of control are so deeply entrenched in human reality. There is a notion that you must control your own true hearts desires or else you will not survive. There is a deep rooted belief that you must "get" others to love you by "earning" their love. There is a widely accepted belief that you must "protect" yourselves instead of remaining rooted in the security of God's love. And while of course, there are times you are guided to do things that help you survive, enjoy things that make you feel more attractive, and take precautions simply because you are praying and being guided to be safe, it is far more kind and productive to do these things based on love, than on fear.

If you keep choosing love, to the best of your ability in the moment, then your life will begin to transform. After all, Love wants to love you.


mike said...

Hello Ann, How do you drop to your heart and let the love flow? what does that mean?
are you focus on to love? or you put your awareness in to the heart?

Ann said...

Hi Mike, I literally focus on the energy center in my heart, as if I am talking to an intelligence contained in the light within it. I literally say to myself, "Heart, what is the most loving thing I can do now?" and then I get a thought or a feeling, and as long as it feels good and right I trust and do that. The heart energy center is where we receive our guidance from God. It comes via feelings, thoughts, and urges to do or say things that feel kind and loving. Sometimes it might even be a cry for comfort. For example, suppose someone is not nice to you and you ask your heart, "What is the most loving thing I can do in the moment?" I once got the answer, "Stop thinking about this person and go get a starbucks!" Sometimes its simple, comforting, and kind.

Sometimes it makes no sense in the moment.For example I have a client who was recently guided to do some charity work. It was what was "in her heart" when she asked for the most loving thing she could do for her life. It has nothing to do, logically, with what she is trying to create. But we both know she's going to meet someone in this charity work to help her with her other goals. Hope that helps - great question.