Saturday, July 04, 2015

Free to be

Many of you on this list are celebrating your Independence Day and yet dear ones, here in the heavens we know you are always free! No one and nothing can ever have more control over you than you give them or it, either consciously or otherwise.

Most of you would never give your power or freedom away consciously. In most cases, it is something deep within you that allows you to feel controlled by life or others. There will always be people who want to control and manipulate you. Earth is a one room schoolhouse! In truth there are times when you have wanted to control others, even if that meant you wanted to force them to make choices to be happy or healthy that they didn't want to make! The greatest freedom of all is simply to be who you are in each moment, and you are love. You can love yourself as is. You can love others. You can love life! This is a freedom that can never be taken from you.

Whether or not anything looks the way you wish, you are free to love. If you are stuck in a job you don't like, you are free to love, and in loving you create a vibration that either corrects the situation you don't like or allows you to leave. If you are in a relationship you don't like and can't get out you are free to love. Love yourself at least. Choose to look at the light attempting to surface within the other. Love your life to the best of your ability and in that vibration things will shift or a door will open.

The freedom to love is the freedom to rise above circumstances that make you feel trapped. The freedom to love is the freedom to escape from the lesser vibrations of others around you. The freedom to love – yourself, other, and/or life – is the freedom to be the soul you are, no matter what your earthly circumstances.

Dear ones, you are and always have been free. Exercise your right to choose love, even if that means loving yourself when you don't feel so loving towards life :)


Salty Girl said...

Hello Ann!! Love the post and totally understand. I,too, had to give up a lot of my foods due to health issues and turned it around to become a holistic health coach to help those who need guidance. I transitioned when it wasn't popular to be gluten free so had to teach myself. So thank you again for this reminder of all the "free" this gas we do to guide ourselves to better places internally.
I was wondering if i missed the recipe? I was very interested in trying it. I apologize if I missed it in the article. You ROCK!!!! ��

Ann said...

Hi Sally! Oops - I put this in the newsletter, but not in the blog! Enjoy! Hugs and love to you too!

2 cups thick greek yogurt
1 big ripe banana
1 cup pitted ripe cherries (or raspberries)
1/2 c unsweetened cocoa

Blend well, taste. Add honey if its not sweet enough for you. I like it as is. Pour into mini muffin tins, candy molds, or popsicle molds. Freeze, loosen with a little warm water. Enjoy your frozen treats!