Saturday, October 31, 2015

Never the end

We know many of you celebrate a very playful holiday called Halloween. You delight in all things scary and spooky. You make fun of things that would normally find you running in fear. Like little children you embrace the dark and the light and find amusement within it all. In a way, dear ones, for just a day, you are embracing life as we do.

We do not fear death because we know there is no death. We do not fear loss becausewe know there is no loss. When you lose someone on earth, we welcome them home in the heavens. When someone is released from, what we consider to be a rather beautiful but limited life on earth, they are freed into an expansive, glorious existence in the heavens. Yet we would not rush a single one of you into the heavens because we know earth, although a very tough school, offers opportunities for creating and finding the most exquisite, deep, and beautiful forms of love.

If only you could see through our eyes, you would see that even in the darkest times exist the most beautiful opportunities for deep and glorious love! In the most challenging times exist the most amazing opportunities for faith. In every darkness dear ones, you have a chance to discover that you are the light! The light lives in you. In the challenges, bring love to the surface. Be that little candle burning inside of your pumpkins! Be the bright light in the face of the darkness. Be the kind soul amidst the unconscious ones, the positive force of upliftment in a world that loves to gossip, the one who refuses to criticize and berate themselves when they make a mistake... the one who refuses to believe that death could ever possibly be the end.

We know you miss your dear ones in heaven, but if only you could feel their reality you would feel nothing but joy for their freedom, their expansion, their awareness, and their birth into an even greater love. Sit with them, perhaps today as so many of you celebrate your Halloween. Take a few moments and shut your eyes and breathe deeply. Ask the angels to help you feel the presence of a dear one in heaven, be it a family member, an animal, a friend, or perhaps just someone you admire from history. We will make sure that only those invited are around you! Ask to feel their love, their light, their joy, their energy wrapped around you in a kind embrace... and maybe just maybe dear ones, your contact with the "deceased" (or as we would say, with those souls fully alive!), will be a beautiful and inspiring experience.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

God breathes for you

Take a breath dear ones. Stop and feel the air flowing into your lungs. Drink your fill for there is more than enough to go around. Relax. Allow the air to leave of its own accord and as it does, simply intend that any frequencies that no longer server you be carried away with it.

If you did this exercise, you just focused upon a miracle. Thee are millions of miracles that occur in every moment of every day of your life. There are millions of miracles in every inch of your body, in every firing of your nerve cells to think just one conscious thought, in every breath, in every beat of your heart. Thousands of cells and processes must be coordinated, timing must be impeccable, just for these simple things in your human body to function; things that most of you necessarily take for granted. Dear ones, if the creator can cause you to breathe and cause your heart to beat, can you imagine how beautifully this same force of love can orchestrate the coordination of your dreams?

You do not control your breathing, or your heart beat. You trust in them. Try to apply this same level of trust to your life. You have prayed for help. You have aligned your energy with a desire. Then dear ones, the entire universe is working to bring you what you have asked for... or better. You do not try to hurry up your heart beat. You do not try to force air into your lungs. You receive. You allow. You surrender...

This week, whenever you find yourself concerned about how you will make something happen, how you will create something, or how you will manage something you must handle, first pray for the loving outcome you desire. Make sure you are aligned with this outcome. Are you speaking positively? Thinking positively? Or are you negating your prayers with fear and negativity? In truth every word, every action, every thought is a prayer in that it sends an energy out into the world which draws like unto itself. If you have prayed and if you are aligning your energy with your desire then dear ones, relax. God is breathing for you, keeping your body alive, running the stars in the heavens, and coordinating the perfect solutions for your lives. As you believe, so shall you receive.

Breathe... drink from the source of life itself with every breath, taking in the energies you need to live, to love, to thrive. Release the air and allow what you do not need to gently leave. There... you have just participated in yet another miracle.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

You are among family

Celebrate because you are here on the earth, among friends, among family! In truth, everyone is your family. You have millions of brothers, sisters, children, mothers, fathers, aunts, and uncles, cousins, just waiting to be discovered.

The person behind you in line might be a long lost loved one from another time or a soul you knew in the heavens.

The "stranger" you help is one of God's children too, a perfect divinely created being there to help you grow and learn more about your light, as surely as you are helping them.

Dear ones you are never alone upon this planet earth! It is impossible. If you feel lonely, take a walk in a public place and smile at strangers. Sit in front of your internet and connect with souls of like mind in so many different places and website. We here in the heavens love the fact that you can connect with one another so easily and while we understand there are certainly misuses of your computers, so many more of you are using them to find one another, to share ideas, and to share possibilities, dreams, and visions.

Allow yourself to connect with one another, no matter how you feel compelled to do so, for it is in your connections with "seeming random strangers" that you find family! Perhaps you will find a friend for life or maybe a friend for a few seconds. In any case, in these instances God touches God, life touches life, and your heart finds joy in the meeting of a kindred spirit.

Smile at one another, dear ones. Start conversations. Connect with life and one another. Love... and your human family surrounds you at all times.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Listen to loving impulses

The creator of the universe is constantly guiding you. We are constantly guiding you. We are not trying to "bend you to our will" but rather to help you live in love and coordination with the entirety of creation! The creator wants creation to co-exist in a dance of peace and harmony... a dance of love.

The squirrels do not check their calendars to see when to gather the acorns for the winter. They simply wake up one morning in the Fall and feel a sense that it is time. They sense where to go, where to dig, where to nest. They are guided. The birds that migrate do not talk about their route or their schedules. They simply follow the impulse within that says fly! They are guided together, to spend the winter in warmer places. The trees do not get a memo telling them it is time to release their fruit, or their leaves. They are simply impulsed within their very nature to do so. You, dear ones, and all of humanity receive similar impulses guiding you where to go, what to say, what to do in order to live in the kindest way – in your own lives and in cooperation with the entire universe. You receive loving direction all the time.

As angels, we are here to help you notice these impulses from the Creator. We whisper words that you may hear in your minds, we amplify the feelings that guide you, we sometimes draw things, people, places to your attention in a loving way. We send signs when we can, and we even guide others to help guide you. We labor in love, dear ones, to help you live more loving lives.

So when you have a loving impulse to do something, say something, or be somewhere, take a chance and heed that impulse. See what happens. Your inner compass will never steer you wrong. You will know it is your inner compass, when the guidance is loving and kind, and resonates with your being. For in truth the creator wishes for you to be more of who you really are, and to experience the joy of being in harmony with creation!

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Stop judging yourselves

Celebrate the fact that you are alive. You didn't have to be here upon the earth. You didn't have to stay. You chose life and you chose this school called earth. You bravely chose to embark upon a miraculous journey of learning about the depth and breadth of the love from which you are made. Here upon the earth you can learn to love more deeply than anywhere else in the cosmos because, in truth, it is most challenging.

Upon your earth, it is easy to forget that you are all made from the same love. You are all created with the same sense of reverence. You are all welcomed home with the same tenderness at the end of your lives, and simply asked one question, "What have you learned?" You stand in the light and love of the Divine after this life and view your words and deeds relative to that love. You know instantly where your heart was open and where you might have done better, but you are not judged. You are loved. Your life is illuminated by truth and you have opportunity to learn.

So while you are upon the earth, strive not to judge yourselves. Strive instead, when you feel you could have done better in any given situation, to simply ask yourself, "What have I learned? What could I have done better? How might I be more true to my own heart, while being lovingly kind and honest with others?" Judgment serves no purpose. In our eyes there is not right and wrong, good and bad. There are only loving and unloving behaviors, lessons learned, and lessons missed. We see even the most unloving behaviors as simply the misunderstandings of a soul striving to find the light in a very unevolved fashion. Would you say a child is wrong for their mistakes, or would you simply help them learn? Would you call this child bad because they don't know any better, or would you kindly help them see a better way to behave. The angels and God, guide you, always, through love. We cannot judge you because we know who you really are. We know what you are striving to experience, no matter how that is expressed.

So dear ones, stop judging yourselves. Stop criticizing yourselves. Stop making yourselves wrong for so-called "mistakes" and "flaws" and simply make a commitment to treat yourself with kindness. Congratulate yourselves for what you have learned. In this fashion you will grow kindly, gently, gracefully... in love.