Saturday, November 28, 2015

Expect the best

"Expect the unexpected," is a common phrase upon your earth. We would say, "Embrace the now, Anticipate the Best!" for in truth dear ones, if you anticipate the best you tend to draw yourselves towards it! If you understand that all things are truly possible with God, then rather than bracing for disappointment, you will joyfully look forward to the surprises and assistance on the path ahead.

God loves you! We love you! We celebrate your presence upon the earth. We celebrate your eternal being. We celebrate when you ask us for assistance because you are using your free will to love yourselves and ask for help. We want to give you the present of Presence over the holidays... the presence of love, the presence of joy, the presence of grace. Allow us please to help you!

We know you are busy during the holidays but everything would go so much more smoothly if you would start and end your day with the Divine. Take a few minutes each morning. "Dear God, Dear Angels, this is what I would like to accomplish this day. Please help me. If you have other plans, dear God, help me trust that you really do know what you're doing with my life and the universe, and that you love me. Help me trust that my desires will be fulfilled in the most perfect way at the most perfect time. Thank you." And then dear friends you go about your day, trusting that you will receive all the help you need and that when something does not look as you think it "should" there is always a greater reason.

You are SO very loved in the heavens. You are celebrated. We see you as gifts upon the earth dear ones. Ask for help. Allow us to assist you, even in finding the simplest things - the perfect present for a loved one, the ingredients for your cookies, the energy to write your holiday cards...and if you do not have these things, trust, trust, trust, that we are loving you in ways you cannot yet understand.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Give thanks for you

As so many of you approach your holiday of Thanksgiving we give thanks for all of you! With or without a holiday, every day is Thanksgiving day in the heavens! We are grateful for our existence, no matter what dimension we exist within. We are grateful for your existence. We know that each of us contributes to all others and as we witness your courage upon the earth we are inspired to assist you even more. We love you more than you can possibly imagine.

It takes courage to incarnate upon your earth. You are enrolled in a very difficult school here, a reality in which the sense of separation from the Source is very deep. You are eternal souls having a human experience and if you could truly embrace that reality, then you would live in a state of love and gratitude for all of life – what you judge good, what you judge bad, and everything in between. For in truth every soul upon the planet is just like you in that they are striving to remember their true nature, just as you are. Every soul is pure at its essence. Every soul is innocent at its core. You are too.

So, as so many of you celebrate a holiday of gratitude, take time this week, if only for a few moments to appreciate yourselves. Appreciate the courage it took to come to earth. Appreciate the beautiful soul that you are. Appreciate that you are striving to feel and share more love upon the earth. Appreciate your talents, and those things you think you have done well. Appreciate the beautiful relationships. As well, if you are willing, you can also appreciate those moments you felt you did not do so well, because you have learned. You can appreciate the most painful relationships because they taught, or are teaching you how to love yourself and acknowledge your own beautiful light more.

See if you can spend just one hour of your life appreciating yourself and everything around you. It will create powerful, massive shifts in your energy field that will allow the heavens to assist you even more. Practice gratitude for yourself daily - perhaps taking a few minutes before bed to appreciate all you've done well, all you've learned, and all that you are. Dear ones, gratitude is love, and it opens the door for even more grace and joy to pour into your lives! Happy Thanksgiving Day or we would say, Happy Day to give thanks... every day!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Peace in surrender

As you begin your holiday season we wish you a deep and lasting peace. Peace, dear ones, is always there for you. It arises when you can accept life as it is, surrender to what is in front of you and inside you right in this moment, and know that within you lies the power to change direction in the very next

Surrender to life and know that there is a reason for everything. Whether you like what is in front of you or not, whether you are rushing or relaxing, whether people are acting as you wish or not, practice saying to yourself, "There is perfection in this moment. There is love to be found or expressed in this moment. I give thanks for this moment." Then, dear ones, your very next word or deed will be based on love, trust, and an acknowledgment that you are and always have been deeply and dearly loved.

It is absolutely fine – and often best – to change your circumstances! If you are not happy, by all means, make different choices. Try to see life a little differently. Try to allow for your so-called "negative feelings" and love yourself through them until they dissipate. But always, recognize that there is perfection. If someone cuts you off in traffic, there is perfection. You get angry. There is perfection. You realize you need more sleep so you are not so prone to reacting. There is perfection. You go home instead of running errands and you are saved from an accident. There is perfection. There are so many reasons for everything that occurs in your life and as human beings, in linear time you cannot possibly see all the reasons, interactions, and possibilities that arise from every single choice that every one of you makes. Suppose you ignored your feelings in this case. You ran your errands. You got into an accident. There is perfection even in this. You will learn. You will listen to your soul's whispers the next time. There is perfection.

Dear ones, peace comes when you can acknowledge the perfection in the moment and make the most loving choice in the very next. In this fashion you stop resisting life, you learn, you grow and, you deepen your ability to find and express love. In so doing you place yourself in a vibration where life becomes easier, kinder, and more gentle.

Peace, dear ones. It is already here for you, just waiting to be acknowledged.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Infinite possibilities

A few weeks ago we talked about the beauty of the miracles present in each moment. Miracles are simply what humanity calls things that the mind cannot explain. Dear ones if you can only fathom this - your minds can comprehend only what they have been exposed to and what they can imagine. The mind of God however has access to every conceivable possibility of every single relationship between every single person and aspect of creation, in every single moment! Can you imagine? Because of this SO many "miracles" are possible for each and every one of you. So many paths can unfold in each moment... so many possibilities.

If you can imagine, at this very moment, you stand with an infinite variety of possible futures waiting for you to choose them. Choose the best! Align your thoughts with love. Alight your feelings with love, at least with love for yourself. Accept yourself as you are now. Even if you are upset, love yourself through it and then you will be so much more able to love others. If a child came to you upset you would hold the child, hug the child, comfort the child and then gently guide them into a greater reality. If you love yourself kindly even in the most difficult emotional times, then you give the entire universe energetic "permission" so to speak, to love and comfort you as well! If you say, "Well here I am. I am doing my best in the moment. I know better is possible, but I choose to be kind to myself. I choose to acknowledge that I wish to do better. I choose to ask the universe to send me healthy comfort and kindness to help me move into a better space." Well then, dear ones, you have just chosen the best possible path in the moment... given who you are right here and right now!

Of course there are even better paths! Paths that are ripe with love. Suppose you are upset at someone else, and you are able, authentically to pray for compassion. Suddenly you realize the person you are upset with is human too. They are doing their best in the moment. It may or may not be very evolved, but it is the best they know in the moment. You start to pray to see them through God's eyes. Suddenly you see a struggling soul, a wounded soul. Suddenly compassion arises. Suddenly you are sending even those who have upset you love. Can you imagine the possibilities for love that you have opened up for yourself? You may never want anything to do with this individual again! You may heal the relationship entirely. You may walk away and trust the Divine to fix things in right timing. There are SO many possibilities!

Supposed instead you are not upset. You simply have a dream and you have no idea how this dream will occur. The Divine knows. The Divine knows infinite ways the path can unfold. Choose the most loving authentic thing to think, say, and do now and you will find yourself automatically on a path to your dreams, or better! This will be the case whether you see them or not, whether you logically understand how things can work or not. You do not have to answer your own prayers dear ones :) The Divine is fully capable!

So dear ones, do not limit your future only to what you know "can be" accomplished. The Divine knows so much more. The Divine sees infinite possibilities. Just choose love... now, and now, and now again.