Saturday, June 27, 2015

Choice in every moment

In every moment of your life you have a choice - to align with love or not. You can allow the rivers of grace flow through your heart and move with this energy, or you can try to control the flow, and therefore slow it down. In each moment you can allow God's grace to carry you towards a happier reality or you can try to control the outcomes of your lives. To trust "God" is to trust "Love" and Love wants to flow into every area of your life.

Suppose for example, you are not sure about how you are going to pay the bills. You can stress, worry, burn yourself out, or you can say, "OK God, what next? What now?" and then drop into your heart and do the thing you find in there right in this very instant. Suppose you feel, "Well I just want to take a nap, but I don't know how to pay my bills." Dear ones, take the nap. Trust that maybe while you are sleeping, God-given ideas will come. Maybe you will get the rest you need to work more. Maybe you will simply wake up with greater faith and in an energy where your angels can help you more easily.

Suppose you want a relationship in your life, be it a new baby, a friend, or a partner. You can make yourself do things that are not in your heart, or you can drop into your heart and trust the love that guides creation. The question is never ever whether or not God wants more love for you. God IS love. Divine love wants to rise up within you and spill into every area of your life. It is who you really are. Surrender to that. Perhaps you stop "trying" to have a baby, relax and just enjoy your relationship and suddenly your body allows for this beauty to occur. Perhaps you stop "trying" and get new guidance. Perhaps you stop "trying" to find a partner and instead simply enjoy your life wherein the right partner will appear. Surrender to what you truly feel is the most loving choice in each moment and you cannot help but attract more love, and in so many ways!

The illusions of control are so deeply entrenched in human reality. There is a notion that you must control your own true hearts desires or else you will not survive. There is a deep rooted belief that you must "get" others to love you by "earning" their love. There is a widely accepted belief that you must "protect" yourselves instead of remaining rooted in the security of God's love. And while of course, there are times you are guided to do things that help you survive, enjoy things that make you feel more attractive, and take precautions simply because you are praying and being guided to be safe, it is far more kind and productive to do these things based on love, than on fear.

If you keep choosing love, to the best of your ability in the moment, then your life will begin to transform. After all, Love wants to love you.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ask for help

The deeper you surrender in faith and trust to God's grace, the more magical your lives will become. You do not have to solve a single challenge on your own or figure out how to make a single dream come true without assistance. We, your angels are here for you as emissaries of God's love and the Divine itself lives and breathes within you, always guiding you through the whispers in your heart.

Yet human beings have a tendency not to trust God because subtly you may still believe that "God" or the "Divine" is a person outside of yourselves. People have disappointed you and so you fear the Divine may disappoint you. It is all too human to try to remain in control of how life must look. It is such sweet surrender to listen to your heart's guidance in the moment and enjoy your lives, while at the same time being gently carried forward. Dear ones, God cares about you. Divine love lives within you. There is no separation. You are part of something so much greater than your individual personalities. You are part of One, infinite, unending, constant Love.

So when you have a challenge, pray. Dear God, Dear Divine Source, Dear Angels, I give thanks for the perfect solution to this challenge. This would be my will, but if you have something better I surrender to that. When you have a dream, pray similarly. Dear god, Dear Divine Source, Dear Angels, I give thanks for you bringing me this dream in the perfect time and the perfect way, and if you have better in mind I gratefully accept.

You are never alone. You are never without love and assistance. Dear ones, don't attempt to live life on your own for this is like a cell trying to live without understanding it functions within a big beautiful body, and that this cell's well being and joy contribute to the well being and joy of the whole. You matter. Your problems matter. Your dreams matter. Believe and you will receive.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Just add love

Joy is your birthright, and joy is to be found in the moment when you accept that what is in front of you, right here, right now is exactly what your soul needs in this moment to learn more about love! This is a difficult concept for many. What if you have financial woes? What if someone has just hurt your feelings? What if you are in a miserable relationship or surrounded by family that does not understand you.

in those circumstances your human mind is likely to say, "I cannot be joyful. Life is not as I wish." Yet, at the very same time, your soul looks at these circumstances much as a child looks at a puzzle. The soul says to itself, "I am stuck in the moment, but if I just find a way to turn towards love, then I will learn, grow into greater truth, and create movement in my life! If I can just figure out how to bring love into this situation then it's going to be so much fun!.I can't wait to find the answer!"

We realize this sounds outlandish to the human mind which is programmed to label, judge, sort, and categorize life. But while the mind says, "How terrible," the heart says, "Opportunity."

Next time you find yourself in undesirable circumstances. pray and ask, "How can I bring more love into this moment." Say you have financial woes. Perhaps you can count your blessings, look at all you do have, express faith in abundance and tap into the vast reservoirs of gifts and talents you have within. Suppose someone has been unkind. Perhaps you can be kind to yourself, walk away, and "forgive them for they know not what they do," or at least make a determination to focus on anything kinder. Suppose you are in an unkind relationship or among unkind family members. Can you kindly walk away from their unpleasant behaviors or, if you are stuck in their presence, imagine allowing the angels to work through your heart and send them invisible light?

There are always ways to bring more love into the situation that will feel wonderful to you as well. This discussion isabout loving yourselves dear ones – allowing yourselves to feel love flowing to you, in you, and through you.

When you realize that you are instruments for God's light, God's love, and God's truth, life can become a playful game in which you seek to solve the puzzle of, "How can I bring love into this situation - for myself first, then for others?"

There will be times when you will be profoundly human and that is absolutely fine. Allow yourself to feel your feelings – even that is a loving choice. And if you fall away from love, get back in the game, and allow yourself to experience the love that is always there for you.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

The unfolding order

There is, in all things a greater order trying to emerge in the universe. There is purpose in all things, all actions, all events, even if you cannot see it at the time. There is a beautiful plan unfolding for your life if you will only trust your heart in each moment.

Dear ones, there are times when you cannot see around the next corner in your lives, when you don't know how you will solve a problem, or when you feel as if you've done something that does not work out the way you want. Take heart! When you do not understand, God does. When you do not see a purpose, God does. When you do not know why you listened to your guidance, God does. Your life is occurring now. Make choices that make you the happiest, that feel right to you now, that resonate with you now. Trust that honoring the choice that feels right, right now, leads to your greater future later, one step at a time.

An acorn cannot fathom towering over the earth hundreds of feet tall producing thousands more like itself. It cannot imagine the feel of the breeze in its leaves, nor the songs of the birds that will call it home. It cannot forsee the glorious life that will occur within and beneath it, and yet it grows, one day at a time, trusting in the greater order and majesty that will emerge. You too, can choose to grow one day at a time, trusting that if you listen to your heart, using your mind to support the desires therein, you too will grow into a greater and more beautiful understanding of yourself.