Saturday, April 30, 2016

Be natural and the world will fit

There are many facets to the beautiful diamond of you! There are many aspects of your human nature that long for fulfillment. As you begin to bring your true nature to the surface in life you start to shine! You are happier, healthier, and your life begins to readjust itself to bring you people, circumstances, and situations that "fit" you.

Have you ever seen someone wearing a beautiful suit of clothes, but one that doesn't "fit" them properly? The clothing looks wonderful but they don't look wonderful in it! Or perhaps you have purchased a suit of clothes that you admired, but one that never quite fit you... and in so doing, every time you put it on, you may wish it looked better but it doesn't. You are uncomfortable in it, and therefore never as attractive in that suit of clothing as you wish. In reality, you all look better when you feel better! You look happier when your clothing, and when your LIFE fits you!

Try, for one day only to catch yourself, trying to "fit" the world. Try to catch yourself when you are agreeing with someone and you do not. Try to be more honest or at least silent. Try to see when you are wearing, eating, doing something that doesn't feel 100% wonderful and natural to you. See if you can find something more wonderful and natural. Are you watching programs you enjoy? Reading material on your INTERNET that thrills you? Going about your business in an order that feels natural to you?

Dear ones the more you can return to your natural state of being, the happier, healthier, and more empowered you will be. When you are you, the world will fit around you! What doesn't suit you will fall away, and what does will be drawn unto you as if by magic.


Anonymous said...

In knowing the truth you will be set free. Your life will take on new meaning. You will connect to a Godhead of love and direction. Your path shall be laid out. It's the journey not the destination. We are present today and the sun is beautiful and light. The colours and beauty of nature in all aspects of life give us courage to face another day. We are united in a quest to be messengers of the Most High. God works through People, places or situations. Lessons are hard but the treasure is just that. A diamond. The treasure that has many facets. Some are floored but even those are beautiful in their own right. You will know the meaning of the word Peace. In your connection you will show to be a beacon to the world. Know thyself and be free. Free to choose your own destiny, your own life, and a connection to the Spirit of Love. That's God as we understand Him X