Saturday, December 31, 2016

Looking Back, Seeing Love

As you take time to look back at the year behind you, our wish is that you would bask in your success. Each one of you has worked very hard to bring more love into your lives. Whether you have done so through joyful pursuit, or angry outbursts, because you desire better treatment, we know that what lies beneath all things, all feelings, all efforts, is love. Love is ever-present – in your old year, your new year, your old you, your new you, in every breath, and every ever-changing "now."

Love is what lives inside of you and gives you life. Love is what is trying to surface through the the veneer and shell of illusions and lies that try to tell you you are unloved. Love is trying to break through the misunderstandings between you and others and is trying to guide each and every one of you to connect with your heart of hearts.

So as you look back at your proud moments, celebrate! You have allowed love to break through the icy surface of fear and thaw those areas within that were once frozen! You have found the inner light and become the sun that shines upon the hearts of others and brings it warmth into a world in need.

As you look back at your not-so-proud moments, be compassionate with yourself. You were trying. You were seeking love. 

Perhaps you got ill this year. Your body was trying to gently whisper... "Listen, love is trying to reach you and through misunderstanding you were a little blocked to its flow." 

Perhaps you went through a breakup this year and love was whispering, "I have better for you. You tend to settle for so much less than I would give you." 

Perhaps you lost someone this year and are feeling sad. Even there love is whispering in your heart, "I have not left you, for I cannot leave you. My form changes, but my existence is ever-present for you, in all of creation. Your loved ones rest in the truth of their greater being and are with you now in ways that are so glorious and beautiful you cannot even imagine."  

Perhaps you didn't turn into the person you wanted to be at this time last year. Love is whispering, "Its OK. It's now. We have eternity and I'll never give up on you."

Dear ones, Breath! Receive! We love you. The love that gives birth and life to all creation and to you, right here, right now in this breath is trying to bubble up from within you, embrace you, and pour itself into the hearts of a waiting world – a world that has, in may ways, forgotten its nature, forgotten to nurture, forgotten that connection is more important than correction, and that the illusions of your differences are nothing more than a quilt that is the grand, glorious, and beautiful cloak of God. 

Happy New Year! Celebrate the Love that lives within you, no matter how it has been expressed in the passing year. Our wish for you in the new year is that you can each experience the beautiful and breathtaking truth of your being, and allow this Love to guide you in every breath of your life. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Celebrate the light within

As so many of you celebrate your holidays, we in the heavens celebrate your love. For just a few days there truly is greater peace on earth. There are more moments spent with family, friends, or alone in quiet repose. There is generosity of heart and spirit. There is greater compassion for your fellow man, and a realization that you are all one human family. Even those of you who are alone, are dropping into your hearts, admitting as you slow down for just a few days, that you too would like to feel the vibration of love. Humanity is kinder to one another, to the animals, and more aware of the fabric of love that holds you all as One.

You can bring this feeling with you beyond the holidays. You can take the Christmas spirit, the light in the lamp, and light in your hearts into every single day of your life.  

Pick just one thing you like about the holidays, dear ones, and write it down. Place it where you can see it all year long and resolve to bring this quality into your life more often. Perhaps you will express your love for family and friends more often. Perhaps you will not withhold your generosity. Perhaps you will take time for self in silence, cozy up on the couch more often, and make meals that give you joy. Perhaps you will volunteer a bit more often, enjoy the simple pleasures and create new traditions. Whatever it is, take the present of love from the holidays and gift it unto yourself all year long.

We celebrate Christmas every day, for every day we see the Christ light within being birthed in human hearts. It is this time of year that you see love more clearly. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and no matter what you celebrate, a blessed and holy season of light to each and every one of you.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Free to be

Each one of you is free in each and every moment of your lives. We know you don't always feel this way. You say, "I want to go on vacation and I can't afford it." "I want to help this person but I don't have the means." "I want to speak my mind but I'd lose my job." "I want to walk away from a relationship but I can't support myself." "I want to know I will be secure but I'm not in control of the politics." "I'd like to rest, but my holiday to-do list is way too long." The list goes on...

However this is not the type of freedom that we are talking about. You may not be free to "do" certain things in your life, but you are always free to "be" whomever you want in any given moment of time. You are free to be filled with faith and love, kindness, hope, and inspiration, or you're free to ignore those realities and focused on being victimized, upset, harried, hurried or fearful. 
You get to choose. And by choosing who you are "being" you begin to create your experience. Who you are being sends out a beacon of energy to the universe that says, "This is who I am and this is who I want the world to reflect back to me." So if you send out a vibration that says, for example, "I am a loving person worthy and deserving of love in return," you'll receive that vibration back. If you send out a vibration to the world that says I'm a loving person and the only way people will see and love me, is if I take care of them first," then that's what you'll get back. If you send out a vibration saying, "the world is a beautiful place and I love being here in spite of its challenges," you'll get that echoed back to you. If you have a vibration that says, "I have a lot to do but I am at peace in the present moment," this will be your reality.
Your freedom dear ones, comes not from the freedom to "do" anything you wish, but rather in your freedom to "be" in any vibration you wish to embody in the given moment. You are like a radio that gets to tune itself, choosing the station you broadcast and therefore the listeners that you attract. 
Bring the light of the season forth within you. Allow it to shine from your bright and beautiful hearts. Be the love that you truly are, and allow your problems and challenges to be lovingly dissolved by the power that creates universes and gives you the free will to choose what you will embody in each breath. You are always and forevermore... free!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Birthing love

There exists within each of you, a beacon of truth. Like the Star of Bethlehem guiding the wise men to the manger, this truth guides you to give birth to the Divine light within you. Birth is the moment at which something which (or in physical childbirth, someone who) has been growing within you chooses to reveal itself to the world.

Take a deep breath. Ask yourself, "How is the love within me wanting to be birthed into this world?" Trust the very first answer you receive.

Does love want to reach out and help a friend? Call a loved one? Express itself through quietly decorating your home? Through having gatherings and cooking wonderful food? Through writing cards, sharing presents, feeding the poor, expressing your creativity, learning a new skill, playing with your children... or your animals? Does love want to express itself by having you take better care of yourself, rest, go get yourself a cup of coffee, or tea? Does love tell you to end a relationship, or beginning a new one?

Trust what you feel, hear, see, or know, no matter how large or small the answer might seem, for although worldly actions appear to have scale, love is the same energy, no matter how humbly or grandly it is expressed.

There are so many ways, dear ones, so many billion, trillion, gazillion ways that love wishes to be birthed into this world. Each one has value.

Ask this question frequently throughout your days, and the light of your truth will guide you to give birth to that very beautiful, precious, and unique love that is always growing and expanding within.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Release yourself to adventure

Release yourselves to the adventure of life! We have spoken a great deal lately about releasing yourself from expectations. Can you imagine the freedom if you release life from expectations and instead just enjoy each day for the gifts it offers? Can you imagine having your plans and desires but also being open, as a child is, to the adventures of life? Can you trust, as a child does, that the Divine loves you and wants the best for you?

As you approach your holiday season, so many of you have so many plans! This is wonderful! You anticipate creating loving gifts, love celebrations, loving gatherings with one another. We love the love with which you plan and dream of your celebrations! However, so many of you have a tendency also to slip into stress. When you forget the love behind your plans and presents, then life ceases to be an adventure and becomes a burden.

Suppose you very much want to find the perfect present for someone you love. You discover you cannot afford it. Or you cannot think of something. Or the store is out of what you wanted to purchase. You don't have as much time as you need to make it... there may be a whole host or reasons why you cannot fulfill your original loving intent. Instead of fretting and getting upset, and feeling badly, be open to the adventure of life! "OK God! You created me and inspired my intention to gift this person I love. You know my situations, my finances, and my time. You know the heart of the one I love. Guide me to the perfect present." In surrendering to the loving adventure in life, you will be guided to something that delights all involved, although it may look nothing like you originally planned.

Suppose you very much want to enjoy a celebration with family but then you discover a cantankerous family member is going to be present. You can sigh with resignation and decide your fun is over before it begins. You can brace yourself and prepare to do battle. You can close up and slog your way through the meal. Or you can open to the loving adventure of life. "Dear God, this person is a challenge for me. Change them. Change my heart. Change the situation... but please help us find a way to love and interact with kindness during my celebration." In so doing you open up to the miracles life has to offer. 

Believe dear ones, that God loves you. The Divine wants to help you create a harmonious and loving experience of life – for yourself and all involved! Open to the adventure. By all means, have your expectations, make your plans, express your desires, but also be open to the dance, to the unexpected, to the miraculous possibility that life has to offer. You never know... just possibly the Creator might just want better for you than you can dream!