Saturday, February 27, 2016

I choose now...

It is easy to think that your future is affected by your past situations. If you got in debt yesterday you may feel it will take you a long time before you can enjoy abundance. If you were sick last week, you may feel it will take you a long time to recuperate. If your heart was broken yesterday you might believe that there is no hope for you in future relationships.

While it is human to project the past upon the future, we in the heavens experience an entirely different reality. We live in an eternal now, and we know that the past exists only insofar as we bring it with us. In each moment, in every breath, dear ones, can you fathom that your entire existence begins again. Your state of mind, heart, and emotions right now dictates what you will experience next. And you can change this in the very next breath.

Take a moment right now. Acknowledge all you have been through in your past. The pain, the joy, the challenges. You do not have to think of every incident, but just allow a summary, so to speak, to bubble up with your awareness. Bless each incident as you remember it. Think of it as something that shaped you, must as wind and rain shape the mountains, but no longer exist. You have been carved and chiseled by challenges, built up by joy... and yet dear ones, none of those circumstances exist in this moment. All that remains is the you that you wish to be, right here, right now.

Take a breath and as you do so, remind yourself, "As of this very moment, I get to choose who I wish to be. I get to choose, via the gift of focus, the energies I want to call into my reality. I can see sunshine or rain. I can see opportunity or dead ends. I can see possibility or futility. I can see pain, or I can see hope. I can see abundance or I can see lack. It is my choice." Now, summon your willpower by breathing deeply into your solar plexus, that area just above the navel and imagine you are drawing in light. You are drawing in truth. You are drawing in the deepest, most profound, and beautiful aspects of yourself. Using your willpower now, ask your heart, "What would you like me to focus upon." Trust the first thing that arises within.

Maybe your heart wants to you to focus upon yourself with compassion. Maybe it wants you to focus upon the sunshine. Maybe it wants you to focus upon the fact that although your entire body hurts, the tip of your nose feels quite nice! Maybe it wants you to focus upon the home you sit in, in spite of financial difficulties. Allow your heart to guide you. "Heart, what would you have me focus upon." Ask this throughout your week. Use your willpower to shift your focus according to your heart's guidance. After all, it knows best how to create each present moment, and how to guide you into kinder, gentler, and more loving futures.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Those loving feelings

Never ever can you have a "wrong" feeling. There are only feelings that feel good, and feelings that feel bad. There are feelings that expand your soul, and feelings that cause you to contract. In every case, however, your feelings are attempting to guide you to love yourselves more kindly.

So no matter what you are feeling, take a breath, and first of all, accept yourself, as you are. Give yourself the gift of compassion. Today I am happy! Today I am sad. In this moment I am angry. I am tired. You cannot find the love within you unless you give yourself love and compassion first.

Then ask yourself, simply, "Joy / Anger / Sadness / etc... how are you trying to teach me to be kinder to myself?" Joy might say, "Yes, more of this please!" Sadness might say, "I need a hug dear angels, dear friend, dear spouse..." Anger might say, "I really want better treatment. I must treat myself differently / change my behaviors / set a boundary."

In no circumstance ever do we suggest you blame a feeling on another human being. Others trigger these feelings, but these feelings are inside of you. They are always, at some level – whether obvious or not – a cry for more love. So bless even those who inspire sadness or anger, for example, because they are exposing areas in your soul that need greater love. Perhaps the greater love is to reach out; perhaps to walk away, but in each case you have been forced to look at something inside of yourself that was not previously loved and now wishes to be loved.

Your feelings aremessengers from the soul. Pay attention to their messages and they will dissipate into a greater light. Ignore them and they will spiral beyond their original usefulness. Everything, dear ones, ... absolutely everything, is conspiring to reveal more love.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The heart knows...

There will always be challenges in your life. There will always be "interruptions" to your plans. There will always be the mundane details of life that seem to distract you from your goals and dreams. You, however, are given power and authority over your time, your spirit, and therefore the energy that you put out to the universe. Will you be a transmitter of peace or chaos? Disbelief or faith? Victimization or radiant power? It is up to you.

When "life" seems to get in the way of the life you want to live, stop. Ask yourself, "Is it absolutely necessary that I handle this interruption, this challenge, this distraction right here and right now?" Many of you would automatically say, "Yes! I must." Ask yourself once again... "Must I really handle this now? Or is my heart telling me there is something more important in the moment?"

Your culture has become very fast paced and interrupt driven. Urgency is built into the culture. Nonetheless, we in the heavens know that you have eternity to experience everything your heart and soul might desire. There is no such thing as urgency in the heavens. There is only one blessed and holy "now" and "now' again.

Say you wake up and want to work on a project near and dear to your heart. You want to play with your children, read a book, create something, work on a business, get your home organized, file your recipes, or whatever it is that you wish to get done. Suddenly the phone rings. Your rush to answer it, you find out someone is in need. Now you think you must drop all your plans and rush to the rescue. Or suppose you are in the middle of your project and you discover something is broken and needs to be fixed. Or you suddenly remember you promised to do something else at this very moment. What do you do in each of these cases?

Well dear ones, you have choice. If the phone rings you can pick it up, or not. If you know someone is dying, you might want to pick it up! However in most cases you can simply take a moment and ask, "Do I feel like answering now or do I feel like proceeding with my project?" Maybe you will miss the call as you check into your own heart. Trust that. You will have time to check in with your heart's guidance and you can always call back. Trust your heart. Trust it knows what is best for all souls involved.

Say that something breaks. Do you need it repaired right now in order to continue on with your life? If not ask your heart to tell you when to get it handled. Say that you remember you had promised to do something for someone else. You forgot... perhaps God had other plans. Can you call, apologize and reschedule, or do you feel like redirecting your day?

These are simple examples, but your life is built upon these small choices. These small choices add up to a larger experience of life. Drop into your hearts dear ones. If there is something you wan to accomplish trust that you may be guided to ignore "interruptions" unless those very "interruptions" can help you get in the right energy or receive the right help to achieve your intended goals.

Ultimately there is only one goal... to love your life! The heart will always guide you to love. Trust it. And from now on, consider "interruptions" to be chances to listen to your own heart and make choices in alignment with your so

Saturday, February 06, 2016

The glass & water

You have a saying upon your earth, "Better to see the glass half full than the glass half empty." We agree ! There is so much to celebrate upon your beautiful planet earth. We would also add... "Better to see and celebrate the glorious glass and the wonderful water!"

Can you imagine that sand is melted to make your glass? Furthermore, can you imagine that the very water that your glass holds, may have once been the water in the ocean that held the sand that became the glass!

It is a breathtaking experience to contemplate the simplest things upon your earth! In doing so you will gain great appreciation for all of life. The sand was once rocks tumbled by the ocean. The rocks may have been worn by winds and rains before they tumbled into the sea. And so dear ones, the water shaped the rocks that got tumbled by the water, then became the glass that held the water... and so on life circulates in all its magnificent forms, much as you do.

Breathe now and take in life itself. The breath you breathe has traveled through winds and seas, been inhaled by people centuries ago and then exhaled, breathed in by trees and exhaled once again. The water on your planet connects all of life. The air connects all of life. You cannot ever be alone! Energetically you swim in a sea of love, and even physically you are woven together by the simplest elements of water and the air you breathe. Breathe in. Imagine you are taking in all the frequencies that will support your health, vitality, joy, and well being. Exhale... imagine you are releasing all that does not serve you... for in truth it may serve someone else.

Now if you are willing, get yourself a glass of water. Hold it in your hands and contemplate the miracle before you - this water may have been in oceans, rains, geysers, and glaciers. It may have traveled by river, streams, or steam. It has seen things you will not even imagine in this lifetime. It has been in the air and in the ground. It connects you with life. Bless this water. Thank it. Intend to take in all the energies that can serve you in joy at this time. Then sip your holy water slowly and intentionally, taking in the force and diversity of life itself.

See how you feel...

Dear ones, we love you. We know that you are never separate from one another, never separate from creation itself. We know you are woven in a beautiful tapestry of life, a web of love that connects you all. You cannot do anything in isolation, and you can ever ever be alone. Even the angels weave through your being, right here, and right now, as you read our words. Shut your eyes for a moment and drink in our love too, as much as we willingly and joyfully drink in all that you are too.