Saturday, March 26, 2016

Waves of light

Celebrate! There is such an incredible light and love streaming into your planet earth at this time! This is catalyzing great change and certainly inspiring great chaos as the denser energies that once laid dormant are now being completely stirred up.

No longer can you harbor emotions you have not yet been willing to deal with. No longer are people able to easily remain silent when they feel the stirrings of their hearts... or their hurts. No longer can the darkness exist in secret, because dear ones, "All that is hidden shall be revealed!"

If you threw open the windows and let sunshine and breezes flow in a room that had been dark, dusty, and dormant, you would create all sorts of chaos before things settled into a new and better state of being. So too, when the amount of light and love that is now flowing into your planet you are seeing a stirring of hearts... and hurts, unlike any before.

Be gentle with yourselves. You will all be feeling feelings you previously ignored. You will feel a re-igniting of passions and dreams, perhaps even a re-igniting of frustrations and fears that you will not ever get what you want. You will feel more opinionated than usual, less tolerant of unkind behaviors, and more apt to make sudden changes.

Be kind to yourselves. The energy to create your dreams is much stronger than ever before, but so too, the energy to create your fears. Choose your focus wisely. When you awaken in the morning, give thanks! Imagine the best possible day. Ask your angels and the Divine for help in everything you wish to accomplish. The minute you have a negative thought, counteract it by committing to the best possible outcome!

Imagine great waves of love carrying you towards that which you focus upon! The waves are stronger for loving focus, weaker for fearful focus, thankfully, and completely stirring up those with no soulful focus. As if you were on a beach, poised and ready to surf, these waves want to carry you to the shores of love! So be vigilant of your thoughts dear ones. Aim them towards your dreams, your peace, your joy, you love.

Divine Love is with you, always, and indeed with God all things are possible. You don't have to know how to fulfill your hearts desires. You only have to know that the Divine does.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Love is trying to help

My dear friends, the entire universe is conpsiring to love you. The entire universe is attempting to bring love to the surface in your lives to create a more loving reality. Just as the sun always shines, love always attempts to make itself known.

There are, however, many on your planet who filter this love through their fear, pain, sadness, and unwillingness to embrace a kinder reality. Even those individuals can be the ones who help to awaken a greater love in your life. When you are around the unloving, you are forced to love and care for yourselves more.When you are around those who lie you are forced to be more truthful to your own heart. When you are around those whose pain spills over into your life, you feel your own pain too... and in feeling it, you bring it to the surface to be healed. Love is indeed working at all times.

So next time you face a painful circumstance or an unpleasant person ask yourself, "How is love attempting to surface within me, for me first, in my life, for my life?" and then dear ones you will see those areas where you have opportunity to love yourselves more. In loving yourselves, you create a loving life, and in creating a loving life you share more love with the world.

Believe in the sun behind the clouds, dear ones, and believe in the Love that is always there for you, just waiting to be revealed.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

God breathes...

Imagine dear friends that God breathes love through the universe at all times. This love is meant to flow to you, within you and through you. If you do not love yourself you block this breath. If you don't receive gifts of love from another that resonate with you, you block this breath. If you feel loving towards another, even a stranger, and do not share it in some way, you block this breath. And whenever energy is blocked, pain, stagnation, and dis-ease result in life and sometimes even in the body.

You were created to be living incarnations of love. This is what is meant by the phrase that you are created in the "image and likeness of God." You were not created in the form of a human-looking God... you ARE the human forms created as an image of the loving Presence of God. You were designed to allow love to flow to you, within you and through you. You are here upon the earth to remember this indelible connection with the loving source that creates you with each breath. You were meant to receive, embody, and share love.

In practical terms, this can be practiced quite simply. When someone gives you a genuine compliment, breathe it in. Receive it. Say, "Thank you," and share the love back. If someone offers to help you and you feel it is genuine and you need the help, don't refuse it. Say thank you. Bless the giver by being a grateful recipient. We are not suggesting you receive gifts offered "with strings attached," if that is what you feel. We are not saying you must receive everything offered. However, so many times you are offered help or assistance and because of fear, pride, lack of self worth or other artificial reasons, you decline. And then dear ones, you cry unto the heavens and ask us why you must manage life all alone. We love you. You were never meant to handle life alone but you must use your free will to be willing to believe we can send you help, and then to receive.

In practical terms this also means that when you have the impulse to love, please do. When you have the impulse to say something kind to someone, do so. When you have the impulse to joyously help or give do so. We remind you that only when you have the impulse to joyously give should you give. Giving out of duty, pity, or a sense that you have to in order to be a good person is not really giving from love at all. Giving from joy is allowing the breath of God to flow you knowing the time, energy and resources will be there. Giving from duty is drawing from the energy within you alone, and you will eventually "burn out" if you insist on doing so.

Let the breath of God flow to you, within you,and through you. Do not block the flow of genuine love in your lives. This is the love that does not have to be manufactured by your ego. It does not have to be forced. You do not have to "try" to feel this love. It is naturally there. When you naturally want to receive or naturally want to give, this is Diving Love, beckoning you to become One with it, to let it flow and to partake of its blessings. Just as a river nourishes all that grows along its channel, this Love – real Love – nourishes you even as it flows through your heart and your life.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Each moment is a gift

Every moment of your life is precious. Don’t waste it in worry. Don’t waste it in fear, anger, or anything less than what gives your heart joy. We know human life is not easy. We know there will be times when you are worried, fearful, or upset. But even in these moments dear ones, you can add love. You can comfort yourself. You can pray. You can remind yourself that you are not responsible for the entire universe nor can you, even with the best of intentions, control anyone else’s choices. You can, however, choose love. You can choose joy. You can, no matter what, choose to look for the gifts and blessings in each moment.

There are so many things around you to remind you that you are loved. The sun rises each day to warm you and give you life. The created designed such a vast and magnificent universe! You can rely on the planets revolving around the stars in patterns that are predictable enough to grow the food on your tables! That same creator can surely handle your life. Give your problems in faith to the Divine that loves you. Give you worries and fears to the Divine. Unburden your hearts every night before bed by talking to the very Love that breathes life into you. You are cherished beyond any human ability to comprehend.

Life is happening now. Each moment is precious. Look for the gifts, the miracles, and the blessings. Look for the goodness in human hearts. You are all doing your best. Picture your dear ones happy, healthy, abundant. Picture the best possible outcomes for your life. Each moment is a gift. While life may feel tedious and burdensome at times, here is the heavens some day, you will see each moment’s value and precious beauty.

We love you dear ones. This moment, in our conversation with you is precious to us. Now is all we ever have. Right now, breathe deeply… we are holding you all very tenderly in our hearts