Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dance of head & heart

The Creator never intended for you to struggle. You were never designed to handle a challenge or manage your human lives alone. You were not given dreams to taunt you, nor were you given the power of higher thought to control you. Instead you were meant to acknowledge the heart, to use your minds to figure out how to support your dreams, and to exist in a beautiful dance between the two. You were designed to live in harmony within yourself... and with the rest of creation.

Sadly, this is often not the case upon your planet earth. The mind has usurped the heart's power. Like a bad marriage, in which one partner thinks him or herself to be of more value than the other, a relationship with yourself in which the head negates heart is never pleasant. Nor conversely, is a relationship where the heart dreams but ignores the head, productive either. You were meant to live in a beautiful balance between the two.

So when you have a dream, by all means learn what you need to learn! Do what you know to do! But then dear ones, when you feel you do not know the next step, when you have "run out of options" as you like to say, when you start to lose faith in yourself, or when you begin to tire, or lose passion for what you are doing... Stop. This is not the time or place for the mind to take charge, because now it will simply start to make itself busy by finding reasons to fear, reasons to push you, or reasons to fail. Instead, this is the time, once again, to drop into the heart.

Ask yourself a simple question, "Heart what do you want to do now?" or 
God what do you want for me in this moment?" The answer will almost always be simple and feasible given the reality around you. 

Your mind may say, "Well I'd like to go on vacation now but I can't afford time off because I have get this business going," or "I can't afford it because I lent someone money and they didn't pay me back... and that just goes to show you can't trust anyone... " ... and down you go! 

The heart will say, "I think I'd like to go for a walk. Call a friend. Shut my eyes and envision the best. Get a glass of water or eat, so I can restore my energy. Look at vacations to fuel my dreams and give me incentive to work. Exercise a little. Go somewhere. Call someone." ... Simple things 

The heart gives you guidance that is easily achievable in the moment. Your guidance is often so simple that the head negates it. "That can't be of value! How can resting help my career when I have so much to do! I don't have time to exercise, eat, meditate... Taking a little time for recreation can't get me closer to my goals!" The head can always find "good" reasons to negate the simple guidance of the heart. 

Nonetheless, we ask you to experiment listening to your hearts. The creator may be motivating you to do something to change your energy where we are allowed to help you more clearly. You may be guided to do something that relaxes your mind enough so we can get through with new ideas. You may be guided to go somewhere that seems unrelated to your dreams, so you can meet someone who will help you. 

You are never alone. You are always loved. You are always guided. If you allow us to help you through your belief in Love, then we would be honored to assist – to help you hear your own hearts, follow your dreams, and live lives so much more joyful than you could even imagine.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

If you can't change your situation....

Each and every moment of your life is rich with possibility. In every breath you get to choose how you react to life, what will think, and what you will do in the very next moment. The possibilities are endless! The opportunities for love and kindness are beyond imagination! If you could see reality as we do, you would never ever feel trapped in your life's situations. From our perspective in the heavens,we can see how each and every choice you make, in every moment, in every breath, gives you an entirely different different future.

Say, for example, you feel trapped in a job you do not like. You have to pay the bills to support your family. You don't have time to go to school. You've tried to find a new job and you don't know where to turn. Now, from a human perspective, that might look as if you have no other choices. However, you do have choice, dear friends! 

You can change your vibration even when you can't change your situation!

You can go to work every day saying to yourself, "I hate this job! I can't stand these people. My life is terrible." In that very sad reality your mind will continue to look for all that is terrible about this job. You will continue to attract terrible situations, unkind people, and you will spiral into a vortex of negativity, very much like a tornado, drawing all sorts of unwanted situations into your life.

Alternately, you can say to yourself, "I do want a better job but I'm thankful I have a paycheck. I'm thankful this job allows me to have heating and air conditioning, or food on the table. These aren't the nicest people, but at least we're not at war. At least I am safe. I do want so much more for my life. I'm going to focus on creating more. But for now I'll give thanks for what I have."  

In this reality, dear ones, you do not waste one ounce of your precious life energy spiraling into the exhausting vortex of negativity. You allow yourself your feelings of wanting more, and yet you seek the things about your current situation that you can bless. 

You start to dream about your ideal job. You raise your vibration and suddenly, you are no longer playing by human rules. You are living "in the world but not of it." Suddenly you open your heart, mind, body, and soul to miracles. Suddenly a friend calls out of the blue and recommends that you check out a job opportunity. Perhaps you get transferred, promoted, or given a bonus. There are so many possibilities that open up for you when you seek to see love and bring love in any given situation... even while creating more.

Dear ones you are not trapped... ever. Even when you can't change your situation, you can change your vibration... and in this reality you allow Divine grace and miracles to flow into your life. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Your sacred point of view

There is a very loving energy in the world right now that is encouraging all of you to bring your hearts to the surface. For some this is easy. You have worked hard to be authentic, to be honest with yourself, and to communicate with honesty to others. 

For a large number of souls however, this is not so easy. If a person has not yet learned to look inside of their own heart and find what is truly there, the feelings may erupt, as a volcano does, in bursts, and spurts, and even come out in ways that don't directly reflect the deeper truth within.

For example, say a person asks their partner to help out and the partner explodes in anger. In reality he or she is simply frustrated, overwhelmed, and wants to help but feels exhausted. If they could communicate this with love – "I'd love to help you but I'm exhausted now. Can I do this later?" – then greater intimacy could be achieved.

Or take another example. You share your heart or point of view with someone and they immediately attack you or make you wrong. In reality they are trying to voice their opinion but are afraid of simply sharing it. Perhaps they were not heard as a child. Perhaps they were made to feel 'stupid.' Perhaps they desperately need someone to agree with them to feel valuable on this earth. If they could voice their true feelings rather than simply their thoughts, then even if you disagree, you'd have a deeper understanding of one another. 

Dear ones, agreement is never necessary for love. However, if you want to grow closer to those who fit your life and gently move away from those who don't you will have to dig deeper, get to know your own hearts more, and then voice those beautiful hearts with love and compassion. Everyone has a right to their point of view. Everyone is exactly where they need to be to grow into the next level of understanding and love... including you!  

So rather than making others wrong, or making yourself wrong, allow everyone, including yourself, a unique and sacred point of view. 

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Gentle whispers

There is within each of your hearts, at every given moment in time an impulse from the Creator, a gentle whisper that says, "I love you. I care about you. I know your needs. This is where I am guiding you." 

It comes as a the most subtle desire for rest, the craving for a food that you might not normally eat, the urge to pick up the phone and call a friend. It comes as a force of motivation that suddenly has you feeling inspired and passionate to get something done, learn a new skill, or leave an activity you once felt guided to do. 

This whisper in your heart might turn into words you didn't expect to speak, or sometimes, a sudden feeling to stay silent and listen. It might come as a feeling of sleep overcoming you, or an unease in your body that demands release through movement.

These are simple things dear ones –  simple urges, passionate inspirations, subtle messages from the soul, and yet these simple whispers of guidance can dramatically change your life. The Creator knows, in every breath, the state of all of creation. The Creator knows how to harmoniously orchestrate the dance of the stars, the beating of your heart, and even the tiniest details of your life and heart's desires. 

You are loved. You are not alone. You are not subject to the whims of fate or the dictates of a capricious "god"... rather you are loved, cherished, and guided in every breath, every moment of your lives. Listen to the whispers in your heart dear friends. Streams of grace await you. 

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Loving when you don't like

Last week we spoke of coping with violence in your world, the kind you see on your news that does not affect you directly. This week we wish to apply the very same principles to the less than kind behaviors that do affect you personally. How do you handle the verbal attacks of those around you, and those souls that seem to require an argument? How do you deal with those unwilling to compromise?

If you have heard our messages for some time, you already know that the answer is love. Love is not always "like." Love is not always feeling "good" about a person or a behavior. Love as we define it, is simply an acknowledgment of the spark of light within a soul, and a recognition that each soul – no matter how wounded, no matter how stubborn, not matter how unkind, is doing their very best, ultimately, to feel loved... whether they realize it or not.

There are some souls who ask for love in kind ways. They reach out for help honestly or they shower kindness upon others to feel that flow of love through their very being.

There are other souls who are far less conscious. They reach out for love by attacking you with their words, or creating arguments. "Join me in my anger and pain," is what they are really crying out. "See my pain. Feel it with me." They do not even know this is what they are after. And while it would be much more evolved of course. to say "please help me find a way out of my pain," sadly they do not even believe that is possible. Frequently they do not believe anyone would care about what is really buried in their hearts and so they have disconnected from the very same. These are the souls who need your love, even when they do not merit your attention. You can turn away from them and you can refuse to dignify their darkness with your light, but try not to hate them. Pray for them instead. Send them light, and ask for the upliftment of their souls.

There are other souls who are unwilling to compromise with you – family members, co-workers... those you cannot walk away from and must deal with. These souls are crying out for love in one of two ways. Either they are following their inner guidance and asking you to trust that they know what they are doing in their own lives, or they are stubbornly clinging to a perspective out of a desperate need for acknowledgment and validation. In either, case, let them be. Back away from the disagreement. Pray for a loving course of action for yourself that does not involve their agreement.
The world needs your love dear ones. The hurting souls need someone, if even in a distant silent way, to acknowledge their light and pray for them. Don't dance with, or dignify their darkness. Instead, remove yourselves from painful situations and disagreements when you can, send the wounded ones your light and prayers, and know that their painful behaviors are not about you.

In doing so you are choosing to embody your deepest, truest most loving self. You become, literally, "in the world but not of it," – a light and a beacon of hope on this earth.