Saturday, January 21, 2017

Be as you are

Celebrate! There is great movement upon your planet earth. You are finding your hearts, your voice, your dreams, and desires. Just as the sun thaws the ice of winter, so too Divine love is thawing those energies frozen in human hearts. It is nearly impossible anymore to "stuff" or "hide" your feelings. It is very difficult to deny your dearest dreams.

This is a time on earth where it is imperative to keep the energies within you in motion. It is as if waves of love are washing over you, trying to move the heavy energies through you, trying to wash more love into your lives, and move you towards you dreams. You can allow this energy to create movement within you, or you can resist it. Resisting it, however, is becoming increasingly painful. You could no longer hold back the movement of the ocean, than you can hold back the love seeking to wash into your life. If you try, it is exhausting. 

Start with the simplest act. Admit to yourself how you really feel, right here, right now. If you are upset, stop trying to pretend you are not. If you are sad, stop trying to "get over it" and make peace with this moment's sadness. If you have a dream that you don't know how to achieve, admit that you want something in your life that seems unreachable. If you are tired, admit you want rest and an easier life. If you are lonely, admit you want companionship. Admit your feelings of fear, resignation, frustration, and hope. If you are happy, admit that you want the goodness in your life to keep on growing and going. Stop judging your feelings dear ones, and simply acknowledge them. 

When you judge yourself you push love away.
 When you accept yourself, exactly as you are, you allow love to move you.

Then, breathe. Imagine you can give us your denser feelings for "recycling." Imagine you can share your joy with us to help light up the earth. Imagine you can give us your dearest dreams and allow us to assist. After all, all these feelings and dreams are energies. Together, we can breathe love into the denser ones and turn them to light. We can share the lighter ones with all of humanity. We can broadcast your dreams to the universe to aid in their fulfillment!

By giving loving expression to the feelings and dreams within you, through the simple act of acknowledgment, you keep these energies in motion. You make room for transformation. You avoid becoming stagnant and stuck. You open up to receive assistance. 

While we know it is always wonderful to have a human being understand your feelings, if you can't find one you trust, tell us! We are with you dear ones. We love you. We hold sacred space for ALL that arises within you and want to help you transform the dense energies, celebrate the energies of light, and assist in making all your dreams come true.


Gunnar said...

Dear Angels and Ann. Thank you SO MUCH. So inspiring, needed this♥♥♥
Love and Light♥


Ann said...

Love you Gunnar!

Anonymous said...

My mom died 5 months ago and my brother died a year ago yesterday. I try not to cry. But the sadness is overwhelming. They were my world. I have no one to talk to. I will try to ask my angels for help. Because out of the 6 people in my family only one brother is left. God has taken the rest. I am ashamed to admit it but I am angry at God for taking them. I have stopped talking to him. I think you are saying that it's ok to feel the way I do for now. I am looking for a friend that will listen and support me through this terrible time. I will try and ask my angels but I am cynical. Sorry for the long post. Blessings

Ann said...

I am so sorry for all your losses. There's just nothing easy about that. And its normal to be angry at God. We were all raised to think of God as a judgmental controlling "guy in the sky" but thank heaven that is not it. God is an ever present force of love that creates each soul and allows them free will over their journey including when they live and die. Most aren't aware they have these choices - they are made in the spirit realm. It is absolute ok to be upset however. I've been in the light and it accepts everything in you in ways that are so far beyond human its hard to describe. While we miss our loved ones, they're in a love so deep its incredible. Its not easy being here on earth. Even the angels say it is the toughest school in the universe. Give your angels a try here...ask the to bring you soul family and see who shows up. Big hugs and sending love your way.