Saturday, July 15, 2017

Your real purpose

Never in your life are you without purpose. While there is great value in "seeking your purpose" know that your real purpose here on earth is to see love, be love, and express the love that sources you in each breath. It really is that simple. In the moments you are doing this, you will feel that your life is joyful, meaningful, purposeful, and expansive. 

While having a role you love, performing actions that feel 'significant,' or leaving a legacy may be expressions of your deeper purpose (to see love, be love, express love), they are not required to live a life that feels meaninful and rich with purpose. 

You can humbly garden all day, and still find a purpose in being at peace. You can watch the clouds and feel that your purpose is to embrace stillness. You can help one person by opening a door and know that your life had meaning this day. You can take one small self criticism and turn it to love, and know that there is great purpose in that act for your soul.

Try not invalidate yourself simply because you have not found an "activity" that makes you feel purposeful. Breathe... you have a purpose in that, for now you are part of the ecosystem on planet earth, feeding the trees and receiving the oxygen they provide. Breathe again... you have just shared your energy with all of creation and you are taking in the energies of all creation. There is purpose.

Look around you. Find one thing that looks like love to you – a color, an object, a person. Shut your eyes now. Feel your heart. Think of one thing to love about yourself. Now perform your next action with great love. See how simple this is? You have just seen love, been love, and expressed love. You are living on purpose.

Dear ones, in our eyes you are all equal. From the vastness of the mountains, to the lowest single-celled form of life you are all made of the very same love. Each one of you fits perfectly in the intricate web of existence, and none of you are ever without purpose. 

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Put a little love in your life

Change, dear ones, is inevitable, and it is also a great gift to you. Can you imagine if everything remained stagnant upon your earth? Even if you found yourselves in the best of times, you would eventually get bored. Thankfully, when you find yourself in difficult times, as your saying goes, "This too shall pass." Even your bodies are temporary. Nothing lasts but your eternal soul and your experiences. The only constant in the universe is Love.

"So what then is it all worth," so many of you ask? Why should I do anything if it isn't going to last? You can feed the poor and help them grow in self-worth but there will be more poor in generations to come. You can heal the earth to a degree but you have no control over what others do in the future. You can cook yourself a glorious meal tonight and you'll still have to make breakfast tomorrow... Thinking from a human perspective, it might just seem pointless.

This is why, dear ones, we urge you to labor, always, in love. When you labor in love, although you creations might not last, the love you put into them will. Love is eternal. Love is remembered. Love impacts lives, and helps souls evolve into greater understanding of their nature. So if you feed the poor with love, they feel loved. They grow. If you treat yourself with love, you feel loved. You grow and evolve. If you build the most magnificent building but do so without love it will crumble and you will have nothing to show for it, but if you build a shack with love, this will be something you carry with you as a huge accomplishment for eternity!

Dear ones, do your smallest tasks with love. Brush your teeth with love. Wash your dishes with love. Speak to the strangers at the grocery store with love. Do your work with love and if you can't love it, love yourself enough to pray for work you can love. Love the light within all human beings if even if you don't like them. Challenge yourself to put as much loving energy as possible into each and every one of your interactions. 

If you comb your hair with love, you will feel no less loved than if you were stroked by a lover. You have the capacity to allow love to flow in every moment, every breath, in everyday life. You have the capacity, dear ones, to live and labor in a love that lasts for all eternity. Make today meaningful. Go do something and do it with love.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Embracing perspectives

You are all looking at one another through the windows of your own perspectives. You are all simply trying to figure out who you are in the mirrors of life. "What part of the Divine puzzle am I," you ask. You learn the answer, in part, by observing others and learning what resonates and what does not.

You have the power to live in a very expansive and beautiful reality, or in a very limited, contracted, and narrow reality. You can enjoy learning about other people's perspectives or you can waste your precious life force making them wrong and judging them.

We are not saying you must dance with every human being or agree with every perspective. Far from it. 

We are simply suggesting you become the observers of life, rather than its judges. When you observe life, you see as a child sees, and as God sees. You witness what is going on around you with wonder. You don't say, "This shouldn't be! That is wrong! How could they think that way!" You say instead, "That's fascinating. I like this and I don't like that. I agree with this and not with that."  You own your own perspective, without having to make anyone else's wrong.

When you are open to other perspectives, you become very much like a child at a zoo. You watch all the different creatures and their different behaviors with a sense of wonder and fascination. You become curious. Why do people act the way they do. Why do they think the way they do? What do I like? Rather than judging you observe. You learn about the world around you. You learn about those different from you. You learn about yourself too as you start to acknowledge your own preferences. You like some. You don't like others. You don't have to feel guilty or even justify your feelings. You just move along and spend more time with those you like. 

In this fashion you can also observe human beings without any judgment. You can have your likes and dislikes without any need to feel guilty or justify your preferences. You can love the light within all people, while not liking the personalities and behaviors of some. You don't have to judge them, make them wrong, or condemn them. Would you need to condemn or judge vanilla if you preferred chocolate? Of course not. You could simply say "I love ice cream but honestly prefer chocolate" Likewise you can say, "I love the light that lives within all human beings but some drive me nuts so let me shift my focus to those I find more agreeable."

Dear ones your world is an amazing hub of diversity in the great scheme of creation. It was meant to be that way. The light that lives within you takes many different forms upon your planet earth. Love that light. Love the fact that it is expressed in so many different ways. Then allow yourself, without judgment or justification to simply move towards those with whom you resonate and away from those you don't. In this fashion, you free your soul to simply "be" and find its natural fit in the greater scheme of life.  

You are chained to those you judge. You are spiritually free when you allow all souls, including yourself, the right to be.